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  1. My local garage, Boroughbridge Auto Services, has just found me a complete stainless steel system for £600 +VAT. No idea where from, but he sourced and fitted it in 24 hours. Hope this helps.
  2. Unfortunately, I bought it from a near-bombsite operation in Bradford without any workshop facility and who seemed to know very little about Lexus cars and cared less. I certainly wouldn't trust him to perform any sort of repair! As it now turns out, the matter is not as bad as it seemed, and has now been resolved for the time being at least. Many thanks for your thoughts though.
  3. HELP!!!!! I bought an RX400h about a month ago. It had a new MOT with advisories for the balljoint covers on the rear suspension. When my garage checked it they found that the bushes on the rear trailing arms (at the chassis end) were worn to the extent that it would fail its next MOT. It seems that the bushes are integral to the trailing arm and are not sold separately, so that to mend the fault the whole trailing arm assembly has to be replaced. HOWEVER, they could not remove the trailing arms because the bushes at the hub end into which they fit were corroded solid, even though the actual rubber portion is unworn. As penetrating oil has not worked, they suggest that the only way to free the arm is to use heat on the bush which will ruin it. As THAT bush is integral with the hub assembly, I am facing the possibility of having to buy two complete hubs and two complete trailing arms, probably costing well into four figures, just to replace two worn rubber bushes! Does anyone have any suggestions which might help? Many thanks.