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  1. PhoeNicks

    2 sets of ISF wheels for sale

    Quite a different look to the standard 10 spokes. Did you just fancy a change? I quite like the third style but I've never seen any up for sale.
  2. No experience of the kumhos, however I've a spare set of the original fit Bridgestones looking for a new home 😁
  3. I once flagged down a gritter and made him stop so my new (to me) car didnt get peppered. Id done it before i even realised how bizzarre it must have seemed. He did stop though, possibly out of confusion. Its been unseasonably warm this year and only now feels like winter is setting in. My first in several years without a quattro Audi, which just refused to get stuck in the Scottish snow. The ISF is skittish in rain, so I'm going to have to find an alternative if/when it snows. I'm not going down the winter tyre route though, I love my shiny paintwork too much.
  4. PhoeNicks

    possible purchase

    When I got my warranty, the dealer said they needed to inspect the car if it was outside of 3 months from the previous warranty expiring and them having last seen the car. Best phone and check.
  5. Enjoy the new car. Got mine in July and I still love it. I Should have got one earlier!
  6. PhoeNicks

    Post your Pics

    Looking good Dan, I like the rear boot spoiler, nice and subtle. Wait... a 3 bucket method, what dark sorcery is this??
  7. PhoeNicks

    New GS F owner

    Hi there, car looks great and I'm loving the colour of the seats. I chose an E36 M3 Evo over the breadvan at the time, but often wish I had just gotten use to the smaller cabin. They do sound awesome however.
  8. I think the main issue with PPF is the cost. The old film could look tatty after a while, but with the new self healing stuff this wouldn't be so much of an issue. However to cover your bonnet, wings and bumper, well it's likely to cost the same as a front end respray. Like I said, for the right car and under the right conditions I'd go for the film. Just as a side note regarding paint hardness - Clark said my paint was all original but was surprised as it was quite thick and very hard. He assumed it would be soft and easy to correct, but it wasn't and took far more effort. I don't know if this applies to just USB, but I wouldn't have thought so.
  9. Having recently had Clark @ Polished Bliss correct my paint properly and ceramic coat it, I am fully away that if I use the car daily (that's what's it for) the paint is going to pick up imperfections. Short of covering every panel with self healing protection film - which is very expensive - I've gone as far as I am prepared to go (coating wise) to protect the paint. I'll still park strategically in the works car park, but im going to stop worrying about my paint, or looking at it under a microscope after every journey. Life is too short. Maybe when I get a classic or weekend car, I'll look at the film again, but for now I'm just going to enjoy driving 😎
  10. PhoeNicks

    Post your Pics

    Pete, what seats are those? They look really good and supportive. Liking your steering wheel also, that's not the original outter rim though, is it?
  11. I had a quick look at this the other day, and I couldn't get the standard 19s as winters with the same brand front and back. This was with black circles with whom I normally purchase all my tyres. Was I being special?
  12. Ah, I have some competition in the shiny stakes. Looks 'well 'ard' in black 😎
  13. Good find Paul, I was thinking about this vid tonight. Funny that the points Clarkson makes fun of (the gearbox and exhausts tips) are totally normal these days. I think he was being overly harsh as the ISF was way ahead of its time. Still enjoy watching it, even if I should have bought the M3 lol.
  14. Interesting point Pete re the loneliness of the modified scene, ive experienced this before when buying new cars that didn't have the knowledge or products available in the UK. Luckily in this case we've got you blazing a trail for us👍 Good to know re H&S, I'll need to have a good think about my options. Cheers.
  15. Thanks Pete, I'll definitely come your way re modifications. I have to be careful when I look at or read about your beast... far too helping to follow suit. Interesting note about the AOS. Does this only affect modified cars or standard too? I'll check out the US forums this week. Yeah I've been bad for wobbles in the past, however the ISF is my first decent all rounder that has the power to make it really fun. Do you rate the H&S system quality wise then? I've read a lot of feedback on them recently, but there's also much that is mixed; some examples show really poor workmanship, like it was just rushed. Ive been looking also at Jap systems but the price with import duties and carriage make them pricey. Need to think really hard on this as the build and finish looks stunning.