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  1. I wouldn't go from an RCF to an 997 for a daily, these are old cars now, the youngest being almost 10 yrs old! Apart from reliably concerns, the tech is really really old too. For a comparable model 911, you'd be looking at a 991.
  2. 981 Porsche Cayman S. Nothing wrong with the ISF, the Porsche opportunity came along unexpectedly and I'd always fancied one. It's a shame I couldn't have run both, but that idea didn't float well at home. I already know that I want to return to a Lexus F car once I need slightly more practicality again (rear seats).
  3. Always take your pride and joy to a specialist, its what these guys do day in, day out. The guys at the dealership at best will have had some training, but they won't be experts. I had my ISF's paint corrected and ceramic coated, not only did it look amazing with the sonic blue paint, I also detected no stone chips over a period of several month's daily driving. I went a step further with my Cayman and had PPF applied. It starts getting expensive here so depends how particular you want to be. PS the added benefit is the cars become rediculously easy to clean, especially if you get the wheels ceramic coated too!
  4. It can be improved by adjusting your bass/trebble/fader settings. Unless it was reset, it will be set to my preferences. Funnily enough I thought it was underwhelming when I first got it too. It is a a very dated looking system, however it does have all the functionality you would want bar something like apple carplay; HD jukebox, Bluetooth audio, DAB, CD multilayer, I think it even plays DVDs. It also has a USB stick socket in the glove box, I used to run a mini 64gb stick in there with my entire music collection. Pretty good for a '13 car, designed back in '08. In comparison I was disgusted by the sound options in newer Porsches; you don't get any of that as standard. If you want to improve the sound quality, you'd need a new amp and perhaps some better speakers, I'm sure the tech has moved on lots. I looked into it briefly, but it was looking quite expensive and honestly, in the end I was more interested in changing the exhaust and hearing that V8!
  5. The car is on its original wheels. I know there was an optional style released which may have become the standard fit in the US... The guys here can here can help you out on the trivia...
  6. The plan was to get a toy for weekend fun and run the ISF during the week. In the end that plan didn't make as much sense, especially when factoring in the arrival of our first child. We have another family car too, so I had to let the ISF go. Sad really because I'd invested quite a bit of time and effort to get it the way I wanted. They are fabulous cars; reliable and understated. The colour left an impression too. No, no issues at all. It was serviced by Lexus Edinburgh in March I think, sailed through its Mot also. Like I said, great cars and it will be missed. My toy is definately a bit lacking in the comfort and smoothness categories...
  7. Yes. I had a full paint correction done and ceramic coating applied. The Bodywork and wheels should be blemish free...
  8. Glad to see someone has finally decided to save her languishing on a dealers forecourt. Once their pricing became more realistic anyway. You will enjoy her, she's had a lot of love 😎
  9. Just over 24k. Look back through my posts and you'll see the work I carried out during my ownership.
  10. This is my old car and although the dealer wanted silly money initially, the car is as good as it gets. Fully serviced by the same dealer since new and I spent quite a bit of time and money making it perfect (I'm my eyes anyway).
  11. For sale: Precision LED interior bulb kit for Mk2 IS (2006-2013). Comes with interior fitting kit/tools. Note- includes LED reverse lights which are quite expensive. Item Condition: New, bought from PrecisionLED in the US. Price and price conditions: £90. Can post recorded delivery for a small fee. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  12. Lovely colour for an Alfa, I think that would be my choice too. We should probably have a wee area for ex-F owners, there's a few about now, myself included. I think it would be interesting for ex owners to share feedback on the cars that replaced their F cars. Always fascinating to hear someone's thoughts when they've come from a familiar basepoint.
  13. For sale: A complete set of ISF Alloys, with part worn Bridgestones fitted (6mm rear and 4mm front remaining) and another new (unused) set. Comes with original center caps and wheel bolts Item Condition: VGC. They are in the original Lexus Titanium colour and have not been refurbished. The OSF wheel has very a minor scuff on the leading edge, but in general they are in excellent condition. Price and price conditions: £1250 ono. Happy to negotiate and include delivery for a forum member. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  14. M3s and M5s aren't the only ones, Porsche Boxsters and the 911s, even the AMG C63 6.2 has issues (head bolts). All great cars but you need to sink ££££s into them under the guise of corrective or preemptive maintenance. The ISFs/GSFs and RCFs appear immune here, almost boringly so by comparison. Recently after seeing a couple of lovely and cheap (relatively) 997.1 Porsches and after reminding myself of all the associated engine concerns and checks, I remembered how if feels not to have a monthly engine fund, or a list of the next several preemptive jobs that would be needed to prevent my engine from eating itself during a morning commute. Sometimes I miss having an M car, but I don't miss the bills.
  15. Really useful to know Lee, I think this is the route I'm going to take also. Let us know how you get on.