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  1. PhoeNicks

    Isf Airbag recall

    Thanks Colin, that clears it up then. Of course, I should have thought about howmanyleft. Only 12 cars? I thought it would have been at least double, considering there are around 200 ISFs in total. I'll have another ponder through that website. I like the fact these are rare, but it's also shame because I'll likely not see another on the roads up here. We should have an 'F Map' so we can see where Fs are based around the country. Might make meets easier 😁 I used to have an Alpina, these were rare but turned out there were loads in Aberdeenshire. Mine comes out of hibernation next week. I said to myself I'd try and run it over winter, but I refused to do it in the end. I've been driving a 2.8 V6 4Motion Passat and I think I've forgotten how enjoyable driving can be!
  2. PhoeNicks

    Isf Airbag recall

    Hmm, they had the car last year, twice in fact. I wonder why it wasn't done then. SCB, interesting that yours in a 2013 too. I'd been wondering how many more there were.
  3. Letter came through the post this morning. Handily it's in for a service next week so it will get dealt with then. I've not got the letter to hand, but apparently there is some concern about broken mechanism fragments causing driver and passenger injury if faulty. Anyone else get this?
  4. PhoeNicks

    Winter tyre switch

    Ooh old skool - digital dash? Last time I saw a Senator it was white and the two blokes inside pulled me over for supposedly driving too fast. I got a lecture until the driver realised I'd sat on his hat when I got in. Instant ticket - oops! (I was 17, nuff said). I'm currently driving the old family winter hack (4Motion Passat) while the ISF is tucked up for winter. It doesn't get stuck in the snow, but it's a handful in the ice. Thinking ahead to next winter, what brand of winter tyres are recommended? I run Michelin 4Ss for summer. Thanks.
  5. Ha, I thought that too. I assume it's a mock up or Photoshop. I figured the ISF would be my last V8 saloon. Though I also said that with my M5 and S5 (coupe). I just can't get enough of the sound and silky smooth power delivery. I'm pretty sure this time it will be last for me however, there isn't much else out there anymore. Emissions and manufacturers are killing them off now. I might be abke to still get one in an SUV down the road, but that's not ideal. I'd be surprised if Lexus even have a v8 in the range for any of their models by the time the new ISF comes around. No-one really wants them anyeay, just us dinosaurs 😁
  6. Bien sur: 58905-53120-C0
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a try in the new year then. I'm in no rush, so don't mind it taking a while to arrive. I just didnt like that £47 of the cost was in import taxes.
  8. Guys, inbetween recovering from too many mince pies and mulled wine, I've decided I'd like to replace my leather center armrest lid with an Alcantara one. I've found the part number and verified it by searching this very forum. The sticking point is with delivery and import tax from the US, it's looking like £264. Hmm. I know I could just get it recovered, but I like the idea of a genuine Lexus item. Can these things be sourced by UK dealers any cheaper?
  9. Terrible news. The damage looks too extensive to me for a worthwhile repair, unless you know someone in the trade who could do it for you cheap. But then would you wantvto drive it afterwards? You'd also have a hard time selling it privately once you disclose the repairs. Not sure the is250 route is worth the effort or cost either, unless you are very handy with a spanner. I don't know your situation with the insurance, option 1 for me would be negotiating a decent settlement and buying another ISF. If that wasn't possible I would store the car and use the parts to build a Westfield/kit car. Hmm that's got me thinking actually. At least you walked away from this. Something to remember.
  10. Ouch. Now that I've seen the interior, my can-do attitude to repair such a damaged car would vanish. New headlights, new front seats, dash? $$$$$ I'm out 😁
  11. PhoeNicks

    2019 rcf review?

    That's a real shame about the GS. I've only driven the old C63 and the new C63s. They are both torque monsters and feel very fast from low revs. The 5.0litre in the RCF (same as the ISF) needs more time to wind up. Higher up the rev range the AMGs and the Fs feel similar, neither feels like it will or can change direction like an M4, but they don't feel overly nose heavy either. The AMGs 'felt' faster to me as they are more aggressive and sound louder. They look very premium inside due to the more conventional interior layout, but there isn't more quality. I think it's really down to a more cohesive feeling of 'This is a weapon, it will go stupidly fast'. I didn't think the steering was all that great in the AMGs, nor the ride which was very firm in both, more so in the old car. And neither is very subtle, in looks nor how the sound. Horses for courses, but if you want a car with blunt performance and noise, that looks mean and shouty, you'll not buy a Lexus over the AMG. But then, that's exactly why I don't own an AMG.
  12. PhoeNicks

    2019 rcf review?

    I should have perhaps been a little more specific in my post. You alluded to it anyway; the RCF isn't trying to sell itself to buyers looking at M3s and C63s. Those buyers will buy those cars because that is exactly what they are after. However Lexus is still aiming to sell the RCF to the sort of people who will consider other German models. This is how they are pitched and priced. All the other manufactures have realised that they have to change tact and we've seen them reduce weight, engine sizes and improve economy. By doing this you'll get a byproduct or better handling, but this may not be the primary aim. Lexus buyers may not care about sports car handling, but the will care about running costs and perceived value for money. I want Lexus to do well, I think the RCF is so close already, but as I originally stated, the next one needs changes to keep up with other brands. At the end of the day, Lexus are in this to sell cars. I would like to see them bring out another ISF, I think that has been missing from their F line-up for some time. Actually they'll need a new GSF now too, but I haven't seen much speculation about either. Atm its only the RCF thats keeping the F brand alive.
  13. PhoeNicks

    2019 rcf review?

    Lexus need to get into the right decade with the satnav at least. The Japanese know technology if nothing else, so why is this area still lagging behind ze Germans? The current gen RCF is still a desirable car, but Lexus are going to have to up their game (and down the weight) with the next one, if they really want to compete with the German marques.
  14. No experience of the kumhos, however I've a spare set of the original fit Bridgestones looking for a new home 😁
  15. I once flagged down a gritter and made him stop so my new (to me) car didnt get peppered. Id done it before i even realised how bizzarre it must have seemed. He did stop though, possibly out of confusion. Its been unseasonably warm this year and only now feels like winter is setting in. My first in several years without a quattro Audi, which just refused to get stuck in the Scottish snow. The ISF is skittish in rain, so I'm going to have to find an alternative if/when it snows. I'm not going down the winter tyre route though, I love my shiny paintwork too much.