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  1. For sale: Precision LED interior bulb kit for Mk2 IS (2006-2013). Comes with interior fitting kit/tools. Note- includes LED reverse lights which are quite expensive. Item Condition: New, bought from PrecisionLED in the US. Price and price conditions: £90. Can post recorded delivery for a small fee. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  2. Lovely colour for an Alfa, I think that would be my choice too. We should probably have a wee area for ex-F owners, there's a few about now, myself included. I think it would be interesting for ex owners to share feedback on the cars that replaced their F cars. Always fascinating to hear someone's thoughts when they've come from a familiar basepoint.
  3. For sale: A complete set of ISF Alloys, with part worn Bridgestones fitted (6mm rear and 4mm front remaining) and another new (unused) set. Comes with original center caps and wheel bolts Item Condition: VGC. They are in the original Lexus Titanium colour and have not been refurbished. The OSF wheel has very a minor scuff on the leading edge, but in general they are in excellent condition. Price and price conditions: £1250 ono. Happy to negotiate and include delivery for a forum member. Extra Info: These are advertised elsewhere. Pictures: Contact Details: Nick via pm Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Negotiable
  4. M3s and M5s aren't the only ones, Porsche Boxsters and the 911s, even the AMG C63 6.2 has issues (head bolts). All great cars but you need to sink ££££s into them under the guise of corrective or preemptive maintenance. The ISFs/GSFs and RCFs appear immune here, almost boringly so by comparison. Recently after seeing a couple of lovely and cheap (relatively) 997.1 Porsches and after reminding myself of all the associated engine concerns and checks, I remembered how if feels not to have a monthly engine fund, or a list of the next several preemptive jobs that would be needed to prevent my engine from eating itself during a morning commute. Sometimes I miss having an M car, but I don't miss the bills.
  5. Really useful to know Lee, I think this is the route I'm going to take also. Let us know how you get on.
  6. Makes Ferodo Ds2500 pads seem cheap in comparison and they are arguably one of the best pads out there.
  7. Looks a lovely GSF... I've been keeping an eye out for these but there are so few and the ones that appear for sale are either silly money of the other end of the country. To give you some perspective, I was looking at a low mileage 15 plate BMW F10 M5 and at 36k it makes the GSFs for sale look very expensive. Shame because I think the GSF suits me better.
  8. It is rather odd... its probably over engineered in some way for what looks like a bit of plastic. I tried to source one in the states when I was doing a front end refresh... Still the guts of £400 and that was before shipping. Mine is still like new so I didn't bother in the end.
  9. The badge simply allows the sensor to pass signals through it. The sensor itself is behind the grill. Doesn't explain why the badge is £500 but there you go.
  10. Ha, I can see a Scottish meet on the cards!
  11. My wife isn't insured on my ISF or any of my previous cars. I thought this was standard behaviour among owners? 😁
  12. Haha, well done on having two coupes! I hope my wife is as understanding when it's my turn. Interested on hearing how the SC and the RCF compare/contrast.
  13. Does anyone know if its simpler with the HDD nav? I assume it's just a USB update, but I haven't found any info so far.
  14. Looks an honest enough car, far better than most of the recent UK car ads if I'm honest. I wish normal car buyers understood these cars better, they'd understand what great value they represent. I am slightly questioning the thinking behind importing this car though, he must have got it cheap. Back in the days when we used to buy imported Evos and Subarus, it was because they were models you couldn't get here.
  15. I wanted to post 'group buy' but I also have a new born to consider. She's 3 weeks old, I'm going to claim sleep deprivation 😋