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  1. I've never had air suspension so I'll let others with more experience answer your question, but with the eye-wateringly expensive price of spare parts for the system many people convert to traditional coils instead. Have a read of this thread:
  2. Yes, I think you can, subject to the Lexus dealer doing an inspection first.
  3. It's impossible to say because FM broadcast stations don't have a great range, so you may find a free spot but 10 miles down the road it's occupied. If you ever listen to BBC Radio 2 you'll know that when they do a station ident they always say "BBC Radio 2 on 88 to 91 FM." That's because it's a national station but it can't just broadcast on one frequency due to other stations in other areas already occupying parts of that frequency band. In your area it may be on, say, 88.7MHz but 10 miles down the road it could be 89.6MHz.
  4. Then the radio station will swamp your little transmitter and you'll have to change the frequency.
  5. Let me put it this way - "There will be an indicator in the dash and a ride height button, plus one in the boot"
  6. There's a reset procedure to go through if the 12V battery is ever disconnected. You don't specifically mention them but I'll bet the windows and sunroof are also not operating properly either. I can't remember the reset procedure but it'll be in the owners manual (available to download from Lexus if you haven't got one).
  7. You still haven't said whether your car has Hill Hold or Hill Start Assist. My car has the latter and the owners manual states that it does not work on very steep hills.
  8. They actually turn more blue/purple as they get older. If they start at, say, 4000K then by 5 years old they may be 5 or even 6000k. Just replace with new ones and you'll see a hell of a difference. EDIT: Obviously got those figures wrong way round - if they start at 6000k they'll drop from there over time.
  9. Hi Col and welcome to the forum. Looks to be a very nice car you've got there, so enjoy driving her
  10. All you do is press the brake pedal down fully and at some point in the travel you'll hear a beep and the TRC light will flash, which means that Hill Start Assist is activated. I don't know what happens if you have Hill Hold as my car doesn't have it.
  11. Depends which system you have as 'Hill Hold' and 'Hill Start Assist' are two different things. My 2013 RX450h has Hill Start Assist and requires that you still keep your foot pressed on the brake pedal. If you take your foot off the pedal, after a second or two the HSA will cancel and the car starts to creep forward - this is how it's meant to work, so that the car doesn't roll back in the second or two between releasing the brake pedal and depressing the accelerator. The Owner's Manual also states that this will not work on very steep hills. Hill Hold, which my car is not equipped with, will do as it says on the tin and hold the car in position on a hill.
  12. Our November 2013 (63 plate) RX450h Advance had 33k miles on it when we bought it for just short of £25k in February last year (now has 48k on the clock).
  13. Almost all Lexus onboard navigation systems are about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. They are completely counter-intuitive, clunky, and really not fit for purpose. I used to use a TomTom and could get that set up with my destination and actually be driving before I had even completed inputting my destination in the Lexus nav. However, even my TomTom has now gone the way of the Dodo and I tend to use Waze on my phone. Maps are always up to date, easy to follow, easy to set up and use and, possibly the best bit, they can be updated with live traffic info from other Waze users within two minutes of something happening, as you'll see from the photo below. I feel your pain as do many of us on here but I'm afraid it's the only option if you wish to remain sane.