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  1. If it's been fitted correctly then yes, it will have stopped the drain - but it will also stop everything else too. Every time you switch it back on you'll have to reset the windows, sunroof, radio, clock etc., and, of course, while it's off the alarm and immobiliser will be off too. These things are really meant for situations where you may be putting the car into storage for months on end.
  2. When I had a triple bypass operation a few years ago the hospital general policy was no driving for 6 weeks. However, surgeon trumps hossy and he said 8 weeks, so 8 weeks it was, with no requirement to inform DVLA. The GP had no say in it whatsoever. If it's been a hospital case I would call the consultant's secretary and ask them for the consultant's view as he'll be the lead, possibly only 'trumpable' by DVLA. Seizures are notifiable to DVLA. A friend of ours, 62 years old, had a 'Nocturnal Seizure', just one, and it was the one and only seizure of any kind that she's ever had. Her
  3. I have no idea who 'Never_shoots_blanks' is but he's only ever made that one post from almost 11 weeks ago and never been back. I missed his post at the time or I would have told him how to do it. I don't know what he's on about, saying that you can't "get a child's hand into the terminal location in the fusebox and no croc clips would fit it". It sounds like he was trying to get the croc clip 'on' the terminal, which admittedly would be difficult because it has a sort of 'plastic box' around it, like in this photo: That bolt terminal you can see there isn't actually
  4. You'd know if it was - we had ours converted to run on LPG and a very small mod I did was to remove the cig lighter to enable easier phone charging. If I was going to do that now I'd use a socket with incorporated voltmeter to keep an eye on the battery.
  5. First of all, Android all day long. I hate Apple products but that for another day. Secondly, a while ago I was introduced to the Xiaomi range of phones and I can honestly say they are fantastic. You can either go straight to their own website or keep your eyes on Hot UK Deals where some great deals pop up. Xiaomi are never going to set the world alight and there are undoubtedly better phones out there, but these are phones with a budget price tag that are built to the quality of, and perform like, some of the best mid
  6. Usually that's correct but not in this case. My battery negative has two or three leads coming off it so to measure the total quiescent current I would need to clamp round all of them. Of course, it's just semantics really because it could be one big thick one or it could be three smaller ones, it doesn't matter - all are connected to the same negative battery post.
  7. The only thing I can think of, although it's very unlikely, is that it's written into an EEPROM or something, a bit like a computer motherboard has a BIOS that can be flashed, instead of writing it to volatile memory like RAM that will be lost when it powers down. As I said though, I really can't see it being that so Ocam's Razor says that you just didn't leave the battery disconnected long enough.
  8. Disconnect the battery again for about 10 minutes to see if it was just a one-off transient thing.
  9. Complete guess as I've never looked, is there not a filter behind the intakes at the foot of the seats?
  10. Then with the greatest of respect, you must be doing something wrong my friend. Thousands of people, including myself, have got it working perfectly but admittedly it isn't always plain sailing. It would be highly unlikely to be faulty hardware but there are many different versions of the cable driver software out there, as well as the other thing, so I'd suggest that you spend an afternoon on Google to see what you can find. Although I did finally get it working on Win 10 64-bit it did take two or three hours of faffing about; so much so that when it finally worked I can't remember
  11. The RX is bigger in both physical size and engine capacity (cc) so you'd think the NX would be better on fuel but from what I've read the difference is minimal and hardly worth bothering about. Unless you're a nervous driver and/or would have trouble with the larger size of the RX, for me it would be RX all day long.
  12. As you rightly say, there are two sides to this - the Techstream software and the cable drivers. Because Techstream is pirated when obtained in this way the admin/mods don't allow any discussion of that so you'll just have to persevere by using Google if your conscience allows it. Again, Google is also your friend when it comes to installing the cable drivers but it is very worthwhile because once done, you could then legitimately buy a block of time to use Techstream from Lexus, eg, €5 + VAT for one day if you wanted to. Which version of Windows are you trying to install it on?
  13. Good post Mike but I think it's only for the later versions. I know that for the RX at least, it's only applicable to the series 4, from 2015 onwards. Some models can even do it by pushing and holding the lock and unlock buttons on the key fob for a couple of seconds, or something like that. It doesn't apply to mine so I didn't pay too much attention to it.
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