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  1. Well, yes. It's only like asking if they can be independent if employed by the OP - one or other party has to get the independents involved somewhere along the line. To the OP - you've been the victim of bad workmanship and an insurance company that doesn't care about its customers. You could try to fight it but how much time, effort and hair can you stand to lose, not to mention that you could still be fighting it at this time next year if they decide to drag it out. Cut your losses and just have the repair done yourself and put it down to experience. I had a little prang a couple of months ago and went to the Lexus approved bodyshop for a quote, thinking that if it was reasonable enough I'd pay it myself instead of getting the insurance involved (no other vehicles or persons involved in said prang). My flabber was well and truly gasted when they said £1,660. I did a bit of looking around and found a guy who usually works on restorations. His work is impeccable and he's done a couple of E-type Jags, MGB GTs and much more, including some military vehicles and he's currently doing the bodywork on a Hillman Tilly. He said that if I can wait until he's finished that, he'll do my repair for £700 - you'll not be surprised to learn that I'm waiting patiently
  2. Of course you should - your next one may never be hit so the problem won't arise again. My car is also a 2013 (63 plate) and shows no such problem. Just be sure to change insurers when you change car.
  3. Yes it does, or it can be bought as a stand-alone check for about £60 (about €68) and as long as everything is alright, it gives you one year of cover.
  4. I can't remember what to search for but I'm sure someone else will help, but there is a topic about this very thing in this forum. The top bearing can indeed be replaced and the person who created the topic even gave details of where to order them from if I remember correctly.
  5. Peter's right about the video. Even dash cameras have to blank the screen so that they don't distract the driver. You're probably not driving it correctly then. Driving hybrids is all about anticipation so that you get the most out of the regenerative braking. The 'normal' hydraulic brakes aren't really used very often and brake pads last much longer because of it.
  6. I used a 3M Headlight Restoration Kit to get rid of the oxidation and then used a UV-resistant clear lacquer top coat to seal it.
  7. Sounds like the gearing has siezed. Take the glass out and strip it down to see what's going on - if you're lucky it'll just need some lubrication.
  8. With the greatest of respect, that's just rubbish. Yes, it's a Lexus, but it's still just 'a car' and any reputable and trusted garage/mechanic does this sort of thing on a daily basis. If the OP's local trusted garage happens to be a Lexus/Toyota specialist then all well and good, but if not then it's no biggie.
  9. No guarantees that your car will be the same but on every car I've had they usually just pry up using trim removal tools like these.
  10. Yep, that does indeed look like the beast.
  11. The grease/lube may have dried out and the cogs are slipping or, as you say, completely knackered. I've had a look in the workshop manual but most of the troubleshooting and other info is to do with the electrical operation rather than mechanical. These two pages may or may not help:
  12. That's not quite right. The AFS system has to be turned off if it's fitted but it's the HID bulbs that this whole thing hinges on. HIDs do not need deflectors (as evidenced by the letter from Lexus) but a car can have HIDs without having AFS, so to say "it's only the AFS equipped cars that don't need defelectors" isn't right.
  13. Clearly a case of the law not keeping pace with technology. My RX450h has LED headlights and are sealed units with no spare bulbs being available - and they're over £800 each I believe!
  14. I wouldn't bother with taking spare headlight bulbs. If I recall correctly they're about £50 each if not more and I also seem to remember that some dismantling has to be done to get at them, so it's not a two-minute job, although I may be wrong there.