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  1. In very general terms, these symptoms can be an indication that the 12V battery is failing. If you want a more in-depth diagnosis then we have to have more information. At the very least we need OBD2 fault codes to work with but, as this is a hybrid issue I doubt very much that a generic code reader will be of much use because these codes will be Toyota/Lexus-specific, although it may allow you to reset the warning lights. If you own a laptop you can get a miniVCI cable for about £20 from eBay and install Techstream, then let us know what it finds.
  2. Completely impossible. Even the 'Catloc' devices will only add an extra couple of minutes inconvenience for the ne'r-do-well's who are stealing them, not stop them completely.
  3. No point in worrying, if they want it they'll get it, simple as. All petrol cars have cats so all are vulnerable to this. Just enjoy the car.
  4. Herbie


    Brasso may work or it may not. Personally I prefer to use something like the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit like this one here. The main thing though, it doesn't matter which way you get them clean but you need to finish off with a UV-resistant top coat lacquer or something similar for long-lasting results. If you don't, they'll be as bad again within a couple of months.
  5. Herbie


    Hi Shelley and welcome to the club. You'll find lots of helpful people on here so never be afraid to ask if you need help or advice. Above all, just enjoy your car
  6. Disconnect the battery, even take it out if you want to.
  7. I agree, but that's just the way it is. How many times on this forum do you see people mention the importance of a full service history when buying a car? The manufacturer states that servicing should be done every 10k miles or 12 months, so that is what you have to do to get the stamp in the book and maintain that all-important full service history.
  8. Servicing is every 12 months or 10k miles, whichever comes soonest, so it would make no difference even if you were only doing 1000 miles a year, it would still need to be serviced.
  9. I wasn't too far out then as I said about £130 and this comes to £138.
  10. Well I'm sad to hear that but you really can't hang about with these things. I was surprised when you said you were going to see it on Sunday as my first thought was 'Nah, that's too long to wait'.
  11. You'll always lose things like radio presets, nav settings and probably window/sunroof stuff to if you don't have an alternative 12V supply when you disconnect the battery. Rather than a memory saver that can't be used for anything else, I'd go for a jump start battery pack like these here that are multi-purpose devices and can even get you or someone else out of the doo-doo in the event of a flat battery.
  12. I have - it's about an hour to an hour and a half job so work it out from that. EDIT: Sorry, I got that completely wrong. According to http://catloc.co.uk/our-solution/ (FAQ section "How long does it take to fit?) they typically take about 20 minutes to fit, so you can work out the charge from that.
  13. Why on earth would anyone go to a main dealer and pay such extortionate labour charges when any trusted and reputable garage could do it? A place near me charges £50/hour and if I remember correctly Lexus charge about £130/hour. I don't know what Toyota charge but there's their profit, right there in that labour charge.
  14. Not sure what you think a Catloc is Ben but this certainly appears to be a cage and nothing to do with etching: