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  1. Very nice, love that colour!
  2. If the sensors are working then it would seem that the signal isn't getting back to the ECU. I'd check all wiring for continuity because it sounds like there's a broken wire somewhere.
  3. So what does that matter? Presumably you'll be able to prove where you were when said criminal activity took place so no problem. Plus, how many hundreds of people see your reg plate every day as you drive around - any one of those could make a note of it and use it if they were so inclined.
  4. Hangie's reply after being run through Google Translate: Ponieważ połowa silnika jest martwa, skupiłbym się na takich myślach jak: - łańcuch rozrządu -vvt siłownik - sprawdź kody błędów Nie jestem pewien, w jaki sposób zaprojektowano przewody paliwowe i kanały powietrzne, ale jeśli te zostaną rozdzielone gdzieś na lewy i prawy brzeg, to też sprawdzę. W każdym razie, jeśli nie wiesz, gdzie zacząć rozwiązywanie problemów, wątpię, czy sam to naprawisz. Spróbuj znaleźć dobry garaż i poproś o sprawdzenie
  5. I got mine for medical reasons after a back injury. Normal saloons are almost impossible to get into/out of and no other SUV came close to being as comfortable, so it had to be the RX. However, I'm not rich and running the thing is darn near killing me. Not everyone who has a luxury car also has a luxury bank balance to go with it.
  6. Hi Mike, I don't know if you got the message I sent you but everything is OK this end. I included a couple of screengrabs so have a look and compare to what's happening for you.
  7. But your Audi didn't have a 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine and weigh 2 tons did it? The absolute most I've ever had out of a tankful in mine has been 390 miles, which is very good for a car of this size and weight.
  8. Happy new motor Phil, and welcome to the club. Let's have some photos of the beast when you can
  9. Oh, sorry about that my friend. I'll have a look later and see if there's anything I can do at my end to sort it.
  10. Don't worry about the traction battery, they're great. If the car has been serviced at Lexus then it will have had a 'Hybrid Health Check' every year as part of the service routine. Even if it hasn't been serviced at Lexus, you can have a hybrid health check done as a stand-alone item for about £60 and it's well worth it. As long as it passes all the tests they cover it for a year. Get it done every year and they cover it right up to it being 15 years old.
  11. We have a 63-plate RX450h Advance and my average is 32mpg according to the onboard computer. That's dropping my wife at work and picking her up later, plus a couple of local journeys for me as I pick up/drop off work during the day. You've got to remember that it's a 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine and the car weighs about 2 tons, so that's actually a very good figure for what you're driving around in.
  12. I have no idea who or what 'Motorline' is, but the pricing that I showed above is from Lexus Teeside. That just happened to be where the car was for sale when we bought it and that's where I decided to take it for servicing because at the time there was no Lexus dealer in Preston.
  13. How do you get a cost of £750? Forget about the mileages because they got them wrong - the important bit is the 6 year/60k mile service when the spark plugs are done:
  14. I have no idea except to say that I think you should take it to a proper auto electrician rather than a mechanics garage.