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  1. I didn't have air suspension in our RX300 but surely it's just a 'normal' blade fuse like the rest of them isn't it, available from any car accessory shop?
  2. Looks good Paul but when I click on a photo to get a better look, all of them just return a message from imgur saying "Zoiks, you took a wrong turn". Why not just upload them straight into the forum here.
  3. Yep, the head unit is only a symptom, not the cause. You need to do some proper diagnostic fault-finding with the correct tools for the job, such as a multimeter and a clamp ammeter to name just a couple. There's no shortcut to this, which is why 'auto electrician' is a separate trade to motor mechanic.
  4. Although hybrids are not emissions tested, because they left the factory with a cat it has to be present for MOT otherwise it'll fail.
  5. That is just sloppy reporting by the media. A catalyst takes part in a chemical reaction but is not itself changed in any way by that reaction, so whether the precious metals have come from a hybrid or not, or whether they are 20 years old or brand new, they will still be as good as the day they were mined. It's only bad reporting that means hybrids are being targeted more but it will even out once the scrotes get to know this.
  6. But all petrol cars have cats and it's only a matter of time before the criminal element come to realise that. Nothing is safe so you may as well have what you want.
  7. Why? It's the need to tackle pollution in the cities of places like India and China that is driving up the cost of the precious metals, so it isn't going to go away anytime soon - you could be hanging on for your CT for years and years if that's how you're thinking.
  8. Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel is excellent.
  9. There's obviously moisture in the car and when I had the same problem a while back I got a couple of these dehumidifier packs and they worked really well.
  10. @fiatman Hi Paul, Just sent you a PM that may be useful to you once you get your new beast. Don't forget to let us see lots of photos!
  11. Oh well, it was worth a try. Depending on time vs money, you could always get a local locksmith to come and do the job. A neighbour of ours has a Mini and she somehow managed to lock the keys in the car with the engine running so we tried to get in but no joy, so she got a locksmith out. I kid you not, it took no more than a minute or two for him to get in using the air bag method. It wasn't cheap given the callout fee and everything, but it was very efficient and no damage done. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
  12. I can only help on a couple of points but.... I'm about 5ft 10in or 11in and the CT is horribly small for me. Admittedly, I do have a back problem that makes getting in and out of normal saloon cars difficult, so I have an RX but was recently given a CT as a courtesy car for the afternoon while my RX was in for its 60k service. I would imagine that the problems were somewhat exaggerated by going immediately from the largest car they make to the smallest, but I found it so small and cramped that I went back to the dealer within half an hour, preferring to sit and wait until my car was ready rather than stay in the CT any longer than necessary. Hybrid batteries rarely fail in their entirety. They're made up of blocks of cells and usually individual cells or blocks can be changed rather than having to replace the whole thing. However, they tend to be very reliable, so much so that as long as you have the hybrid health check done annually, Lexus will renew the warranty on the battery each year up to 15 years. Prices are fairly high because hybrids are becoming more popular and are in greater demand. Any OBD2 code reader will show generic codes (if there are any present) but won't show up anything Lexus-specific, such as hybrid codes.
  13. I've also got one of those voltmeters/USB chargers and they work well.
  14. Fight a long shot with a long shot 😁 If you can see the starter solenoid from underneath, there'll be a big chunky cable running from it directly to the positive battery terminal. Disconnect this from the solenoid and connect either battery charger or jump leads, red or positive to that battery cable, black or negative to any suitable bolt or lump of metal. Once you've got power on you should be able to unlock the doors and then progress as normal from there - you don't need to try to start the car this way.
  15. I doubt you'll get one at a car accessory shop like Halfords or even a local one. There may be a chance at a motor factors that sells stuff to trade, maybe Euro Car Parts, but my first choices would be a proper auto electrician's place, Amazon or eBay.