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  1. If you've only had the car for a few weeks I'd take it back to the dealer you bought it from and get them to sort it under warranty, especially if it could turn out to be something expensive. And to put your mind at ease, there is absolutely nothing wrong with jump starting a hybrid. As long as they got the polarity correct (which I'm assuming the man from the AA did) then that's fine, although you should never use a hybrid to jump start anything else.
  2. Why not just tap in at the back of the socket instead of trying to trace them to another place?
  3. You could get your own ones wrapped or hydrodipped. Just one example of available wraps And just one of many Youtube videos on how to do it - I haven't watched the video so I don't know if it's good, bad or indifferent, but there's plenty more anyway:
  4. Welcome to the club Sean. Have a look over in the dedicated RX group and you'll see all sorts of useful info - and don't forget to post a few photos of your new beast
  5. Short answer - no. And if that really is happening then that's very worrying. The 12V battery can go flat almost at the drop of a hat but the traction battery should be able to last at least a couple of months without use and probably a lot longer than that, so it's looking like there may be a serious problem somewhere.
  6. I've got Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen2 all round on mine and they've been excellent in all weathers.
  7. I had Avon ZX7s all round on my RX300 when I had it and they were indeed excellent.
  8. Hello Raymond and welcome to the club. We love to see photos so get some of your new beastie on when you can. Taking your last point first, if you don't want to mess about with trying to get it working in Win 10 (took me a couple of hours of trying but got there in the end) just download VirtualBox from here https://www.virtualbox.org/ and install Win XP or Win 7 in that. I've got a spare copy of 7 with genuine licence key that you can have if you need it. The key for the locking wheel nuts is usually in the glove box but could be in the tool cubby hole under the boot floor. No idea about transponders I'm afraid.
  9. My personal preference are Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen 2 but you'll see quite a few also like Michelin Cross Climates. Both brands have offers on at the moment, here's the Goodyear one https://www.goodyear.eu/en_gb/consumer/offers-hub.html?utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks
  10. My 2013 RX450h automatically retracts the mirrors as I lock the doors but the mirror selection switch has to be in either left or right position for this to happen.
  11. I've never needed to have any aircon work done so I can't give any personal recommendations, and I know you said you prefer Manchester or Liverpool but, given your lack of suitable places so far you may have to widen that out a bit. I live in Preston and there's a specialist near me that gets a 5-star rating from over 50 Google Reviews http://www.mrsheattransfer.com/ so might be worth a call if you're willing to travel that far. There's another one in Leyland that gets 5-star ratings from 13 reviews https://www.chillout-airconditioning.co.uk/
  12. It takes very little current to 'start' a hybrid. So little, in fact, that you could almost use a pack of 8 AA batteries to start the car (although that's not really advisable) so I doubt that it's the battery not being up to spec. By the sound of it you've not had the car long so I'd go straight back to the dealer and get them to investigate it. Having said that, if you're new to Lexus ownership is it safe to assume that you're also new to hybrids? If so, it may be worth having a look at post number 4 in the topic below, which gives a basic idea of how hybrids work and their particular foibles regarding the 12V battery:
  13. I can't see the facility mentioned in the owner's manual and this does cover both user and dealer customisations: