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  1. Lay on your back in the driver's footwell and look up towards the dashboard, it's way up in there. I don't think you need to remove any trim, just have the slim arms of a kid and the dexterity of an artist
  2. The push button is a physical thing so is it still 'pushing' as in clicking when you push it? If the physical action is still there then it may be something electrical, but if there's no click then the switch itself has failed, in which case I'd take it out and look for a replacement at either https://cpc.farnell.com/ or https://uk.rs-online.com
  3. I knew about those cubbyholes but never thought that their official use was for the luggage cover! I kept all sorts of things in there but never in a million years would have thought about putting the cover in there
  4. People with problems usually post to forums in the hope that someone can help them and it would be rare and unusual for someone to post, "Hey, my car's working great". I'm sure that there are many hundreds of cars out there with perfect air suspension but do you really want to take such an expensive risk, especially given that air isn't much different to normal suspension and certainly doesn't provide enough of a difference to justify the extra complexity and cost, not in my personal opinion anyway?
  5. In the words of 'Tim, the Tool Man Taylor' huuuuuuuuuuuuh???
  6. Just had a look and there's more than a dozen RX300s being broken on eBay so yep, I'd say that's your best bet. EDIT: 400h should also fit I think, as they're built on the same body.
  7. I take it you mean a luggage cover? I think the Bay of Fleas is your best bet to be honest.
  8. Only thing I can advise now then is a squirt of WD40, leave for a bit to let it soak in and then use pliers for extra torque when twisting anticlockwise.
  9. Why bother with all that? How do you think hundreds of thousands of van and truck drivers manage with no rear view mirror? Answer - use your door mirrors. Many years as a telephone engineer and driving my various BT vans have left me more comfortable using door mirrors than anything else.
  10. What Steve says above. There's no way that your car would have Bluetooth active when the ignition is off.
  11. I use Firefox but have never had such a warning. Mind you, I have Adblock Plus installed so maybe that's preventing the fingerprinter from working.
  12. This document will hopefully explain things for you: https://www.lexus.com/pdf/models/rxh_driving_performance_guide.pdf
  13. I just used to carry a can of Holt's Tyre Weld for small punctures and anything bigger would be dealt with by the breakdown service. The RX is a big car but the luggage space is surprisingly small* so even a 'space-saver' tyre would take up too much room. *If you keep the luggage cover in place, that is.
  14. I would be very happy to do that for you Matt but I'm afraid that my laptop is currently 90 miles north of me, on loan to my sister in law for a few weeks. If she can get them to me then I'll forward them to you - but don't hold your breath as she's not very tech-savvy
  15. I've never had a diesel car Frederick so no, I've never needed to do it.
  16. This is the one that I use and it works well on a Windows 10 64-bit laptop.
  17. First of all, how do you know these things happened? Secondly, if the 'red line' incident happened on the return to the dealership then the engine wouldn't be cold. Thirdly, braking before a speed camera is a good thing isn't it?
  18. Hi Carl and welcome to the club. Great cars, I'm sure you'll soon get used to it and love it.
  19. No idea from that but come on, we're good but not that good. Is it from the front? Back? Engine bay? With engine running or not? When the car is moving or not? When braking? When accelerating? When coasting? None of the above?
  20. I think quite a few of us (including myself) carry one of these jump start battery packs in the glovebox or boot. That's incorrect - our hybrid systems and 'stop/start' technology are two different things and the standard Yuasa battery would be just fine. Our cars don't have a 'normal' starter motor and if I remember correctly it's MG1, controlled by the hybrid system, that starts the petrol engine. As you already know, our hybrid systems take very little current to boot the computers and get the car to the READY state. As you can see below, my RX450h takes just 15.32A to 'start' the car as opposed to more than 300A that a normal starter motor would draw from the battery. If that Yuasa battery would give about 50,000 starts at more than 300A, imagine how many more it would do at just 15.32A.
  21. That very subject was covered not long ago in this topic so this should help:
  22. So that's 400mA which is way above normal. It's a shame that we'll never know what the fault was but I'm glad it's no longer a headache for you.