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  1. I've noted the comments on the Amazon page about the night vision capabilities of the camera. Despite having changed the reversing light bulbs for LED units, the rear vision at night is still pretty limited with the standard camera. Is there an improvement at night with this replacement camera? Thanks.
  2. I bought a backplate from them. Very helpful and prompt delivery of a genuine part. Hope that helps.
  3. I've just replaced the O/S/R hub on our RX400h. The backing plate was seriously corroded and could not be removed from the old hub without destroying it in the process. I therefore purchased a new backing plate from one of the ebay suppliers which was a genuine Toyota part. The backing plate is one piece, and includes the mounting for the handbrake cable (secured by small bolts through the backing plate in to the cable bracket), and also the handbrake shoes are mounted on and secured to the backing plate. I suppose you could cut away the backing plate apart from the central section where the handbrake cable and shoes are mounted, but I bit the bullet and replaced.
  4. Apologies for slightly off topic. I have the "factory fit" rear DVD player with a screen in each headrest. Neither the DVD player or the screens will power up, as there appears to be no feed to the accessory feed on the player; the permanent feed is still live. I can't find a blown fuse in either fuse box; does anyone know if there's an in line fuse, and if so where it is located? Thanks.