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  1. Hi, have you done any diagnostic, any news where the noise is coming from? This noise is driving me crazy when driving
  2. Hi, my 300h F sport does the same, loud raving at 50mp, very loud and annoying sound. Seems like its from speakers but ASC is off. Is it manufactured issue? My fried with 300h CVT doesn’t have this loud noise, any advice?
  3. Hi, cannot recal if i asnwer this question. Lexus priced whole job for £8000. I have refused this and sold my car to lexus independent dealer for still very good price. He had same car and year with gearbox in good conditin - i thing he replaced gearbox and should work fine after.
  4. Hi, I had almost the same with my old GS450H 2007 (full lexus history) but according to Lexus service center my problem was gearbox - pump failure at gearbox. The price was £8000 to repair. The main problem was that when I stop at traffic light for example, the car doesn’t move, i had to restart the car and it works again. I refused this repair and took the car to other specialist...they held the car for quite long time and tried to replace gearbox (it would cost me £1200) but failed. I then found someone who bough my car for a good price (independent car garage). When you repair your issue, get rid off the car but warn the customer (just to be nice) 🙂 Ps. Unfortunately, Hybrid car manufactures (Toyota) gives only 10 years for hybrid system.
  5. Hi, I had no issue connecting my new Iphone XS max to RX450H (2010) from Iphone 6 plus. You may need to delete previous phone history/ settings in car settings. The only issue i have is 3-4 seconds delay in playing video though my phone via Bluetooth in my Lexus IS300H. No idea what it could be. Did you have this with your iphone 6s?
  6. Hi all, have any of you experience delay in sound when playing video via Bluetooth (phone paired to lexus premium sound/media system)? My has around 3-4 seconds delay. Video on the phone is fine but the sound, that comes on lexus speakers, delayed.
  7. Best gear box ever - fast, smooth, quit. Use and enjoy as you wish. be mindfull - Lexus normally gives 10 years warranty for its hybrid system, witch is part of CVT. I would not keep any hybrid car over 10 years.
  8. Hi, Yes, I do sometimes, Shell V-Power for my old GS450h and current IS 300H F sport. It does improve MPG (just a little bit) and gives slightly quicker response when accelerating.
  9. Hi, I personally would not buy jump start untill fully understand your car requirements of correct power for jump start. My previous Lexus GS450H run out of battery (I left lights on on the rush), my friend offered jump start but as AA was only 30min away, I refused his help. When AA arrived they said:*do not jump start hybrid system without proper professional jump start equipment and knowing exact voltage required. If i not mistaken, comnected computer showed them that 430v requires to start the car. I then asked Lexus service departmentand they confirmed - be carefull when jump start as it may “destroy” your car. It may cause huge issue between your hybrid system and CVT gear box! (Cost for repair - £8000 by Lexus) AA is free for me (benefit from bank) and it doesn’t take long for them to arrive. Just a personal opinion....
  10. Hi. I have similar on my IS300h F sport but its not everyday. My creaky noise from front wheels up to 20mph aspecialy when turning left or right.
  11. Does anyone know how to polish or replace scratched speedometer plastic cover? Where can I buy one? Any recomendation? Anyone does in London, 🇬🇧?