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  1. Evening folks. I'm looking to get a black GS430 05-07 for £5000. I currently own a black GS450h (2007) and its in good condition. It does have a custom made exhaust, but it doesn't change the affect of the noise when driven. Just improves the fuel efficiency and performance. Tyres & Rear shock absorber recently fixed. 126,000 Mileage + If you know anyone that is selling one or looking to trade, please let me know.
  2. Failed parts: Rear Shock absorber: £360 4 new fitted Tyres £65 (x4) Rear Bulb. (Said he will sort it out for me) Is £700 a good price for a garage to fix this or did I get shafted?
  3. Thanks John. I assume your talking about low profile tyres? Im aware of the pros and cons. I used to own an ibiza sport back in the day with low profile tyres, so i completely understand what you mean. I could always revert back to my stock alloy wheels and tyres if its not manageable. Ill wait it out until black Friday and see if theres any good deals on the wheels. Any good tyres to recommend going with the Riviera wheels?
  4. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to wheel fitment, so my bad if I'm slow at this. I assume 5x114.3 is the correct fitment on my car? I want my car to fit exactly like this (I know the car has a wide body): http://www.japanracingwheels.cz/project/lexus-gs-jr20-20x10-20x11-gal-72157675813880696/ But with these wheels in gunmetal in 20" wheels. https://www.tuxauto.com/wheel/riviera-rv177/ Just need some guidance on choosing the right ones.
  5. Dam. So much for a bargain. Thank you for the heads up. Ill keep a better look out next time on PCD for my car. Thanks guys.
  6. Thats good then. I checked the fitment on the ikperformance site andit says it fits the the lexus. Just a bit concerned about the tire depth.
  7. Afternoon folks. Im looking to get these alloy wheels on ebay. I was wondering, would they fit my car? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/riviera-rv177-alloys-wheels-and-tyres-Audi/173583263870?hash=item286a5e687e:g:WU8AAOSwZZlbmX6y:rk:1:pf:0 Front: 255/35/20 Back: 275/35/20 Regards Tevron
  8. It feels slightly a it more smoother. That maybe because I have been driving with a snapped exhaust for a few weeks. Ill have a good blast with the car on sports mode on the weekend and let you know The cost was: £479.00 He had to replace 2 exhausts parts. The main and exhaust and the Y section.
  9. Thank you for all the support, much appreciated. Just sent an enquiry to a mechanic on ebay. I dont know which part of the exhaust that needs to be repaired.
  10. Evening folks. Finished work. Went to the car park and saw the inside bit hanging from the ground from the bottom, when I was putting my bag in the boot. I was screwing. I took it off and drove home smoothly. Does anyone know how much this costs to fix? I wouldn't mind a stock or performance exhaust. Im not very car literate, so I dont know what parts to get. Regards.