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  1. Thank you I presume it was about 2 feet deep, I cannot be certain because it was at night. There were cars behind me but none in front of me. I wish i had not posted nothing because last few replies have made me worried as to what will be the outcome
  2. When it is dark in a narrow country lane what other options one have in the speed of 40 and other cars coming behind you. A harsh break could have put me and my family other road user at risk
  3. My insurance said they do not trust the report given by Lexus and they will check it somewhere else.
  4. I just called my insurance, the man on the phone was very pleasant and helpful. He made a file for me and told me that insurance company will contact me within 2 working days. What should I do with my car? Should I leave it with Lexus or should I recover it back to my home? Will Lexus charge me for keeping it there until I find out what insurance will do with my vehicle?
  5. Got update today, Need new engine and new hybrid system. I need to contact my insurance today
  6. I understand what you are saying but there is no logic to it. I dropped my car via recovery there, the person on the reception took my key and phone number and told me on Tuesday they would call me to tell me what is happening with the car.
  7. Last Friday a week from today, I was on a nice drive in Bridgend Wales with my family. At around 16.30 it started raining heavily and was getting dark. I was in a country lane driving 30 to 35 on 40 because I was unfamiliar with the road and there was noone else there. 500 yards before the main road I went through a puddle and everything went Kaput. Hybrid system failure light came on and asked me to stop. I drove about 100 yards then it completely stopped. I called AA through my bank and had to upgrade to relay and paid nearly £400, waited 1 hour, they came took us to nearby servide on M4. We waited 4 hours for another aa truck to bring us to London. We got to London at 2am, went to bed, woke up at 8 called aa to take my car to local Lexus in Twickenham, which was my big mistake. Aa said I needed to pay 200 more so they could come before 11 as Lexus service centre closes at 12. I said no thx, I looked around on search engine and found a local recovery which did it for 120. We got to Lexus service centre in Worton Road, unloaded the vehicle, gave my key to reception, they noted down my phone number and told me expect a call on Tuesday. I waited until 16.00 on Tuesday, no call. I called Lexus Twickenham, gave my number again waited 2 days still no call. I called again, give my phone number again, I was told Lexus has to do diagnostic and we don't have your number to get your authorisation. I was very upset I said ok do the diagnostic and told him I give my number and keys when I dropped my car. He apologised, this was on Thursday. I waited until yesterday 16.00pm no call. I called Lexus again, I was told we still have not started on my car because we did not have staff for personal reasons and I was told they will call me today before 12 and I did not receive any call. I don't know what to do here. I need Lexus report on my car so I could call my insurance to find out what they can do for me. All LEXUS care about is money. They did not start the diagnosis because they wanted authorisation for £180 in order to start the job and kept me in the dark for one whole week and counting VID_20180824_221509.mp4
  8. I know I need major service including inverter coolant replacement in 150k. Called Lexus for a quote, I was shocked to hear £1149 for my is300h 2015. Please could anyone recommend me a Lexus or Toyota Hybrid Specialist independent garage in Surrey or surrounding areas.
  9. I tried showing my car to few audio specialists. All of them refused to touch it saying it is complicated hybrid system. I guess I have to pay the premium price of the dealership to get it fixed
  10. Cd and dvd resumes exactly at the cut off point
  11. Thank you for great support and information. I will update later when I get it fixed
  12. This is mine, I bought it last week, looks fabulous and drives great.