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  1. Cd and dvd resumes exactly at the cut off point
  2. Thank you for great support and information. I will update later when I get it fixed
  3. Zubair

    New to forum Is300h owner

    This is mine, I bought it last week, looks fabulous and drives great.
  4. I guess you need to get your car checked out too with a specialist
  5. Yes, all three works fine, Bluetooth music plays with no hiccups, FM and usb all works 100% when car is not moving. When the car starts moving, I can hear the music for a minute or less then it silences for few second then comes back on, FM dab Bluetooth and usb. The same when I am on the phone via Bluetooth, the sound comes and goes.
  6. It might be a loose connection somewhere in dashboard. Just for diagnosis, Lexus is asking like 150 which is a joke
  7. Car does not have warranty since it has crossed 100k mileage, I bought from local car sales place in Chessington. Car drives and looks fabulous.
  8. I recently bought this vehicle 2015 high mileage is300h, it drives beautifully however I am very upset about its navigation and multimedia system compared to my 2012 Prius. FM DAB and Bluetooth works only when car is stationery. As soon as the car moves sound keeps cutting off. I called Lexus Twickenham, I told them what the problem is, they insist on diagnosis first then repair later? I am confused what should I do?