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  1. Morning All, Recently, Rear parking senors have not be engaging when car is in reverse? Camera works fine, and car is under warranty, just wondering if anyone has had a similar occurrence? My initial thoughts were dirt possibly in the or around the sensors from the usual winter muck on the roads? TIA
  2. Morning All, Hope everyone is enjoying the snow/ice in the car! i'm fairly new to the lexus brand (68 plate 200h Plus) and despite much research in the handbook, a couple of things still have me stumped. Namely: 1) Parking sensor volume- when radio is at a reasonable level, struggle to hear the parking sensor beeps?Previous cars normally auto turn down the volume? is this not the case for Lexus? 2) Sat Nav volume- as above, radio seems to have to be down low to hear directions etc 3) Wiper sensitivity- initial start up, wipers don't seem to clear rain on windscreen, effectively have to disengage auto mode and then reengage? Also, random/sporadic activation of auto wipers (aware this can be to dirt etc on sensor, however even after a clean, wipers still seem temperamental) any advice/guidance would be much appreciated! TIA
  3. MPG I must admit i was expecting better, however given the car is so new, i suspect the current figures will even out after a bit of use. Refinement wise, having come from the Audi dark side, I have to say i'm pleasantly surprised. only issue i have is with the raod noise from the standard tyres, but i must say, i have zoned out of it. All in all, really delighted with the car.
  4. So, officially had the car 3 months now and have a few observations, maybe basics i'm missing as new to the Lexus brand. 1) TPMS system not standard? Unless i'm missing it (quite possibly) doesn't seem to come as a standard feature? 2) Standard audio system: sound quality isn't great, quite tinny in my opinion 3) Clunky interface with Nav/phone etc: Seems a long process to enter destinations in Nav, also phone doesn't seem to pull through address book details in call history menus (Iphone X, possibly a compatibility issue)?? Overall, i love the car, fast, responsive and a great tax break. Be interesting to hear others thoughts/comments?
  5. interesting this one, picked up my 68 CT200H last week and filled the tank, it seemed to me that the gauge seemed to drop like a stone fairly suddenly? Perhaps I've not fully acclimatised to the way of hybrid driving!
  6. thanks rich, looks like it's a trip to mothercare at the weekend! oh joy!
  7. cheers mark, it's a britax evolva. purchased it from mothercare and they advised that they tried same seat in similar car and it didn't fit properly, something about the shape of the seat?
  8. I've tried to convince the wife that lexus have a no under 18's policy in their cars! 😂😂
  9. Afternoon all, expecting delivery of my new CT200h next week and was looking for some advice on best options child car seat wise? Current one doesn't appear compatible with the new car, so was wondering what others have opted for? I assume the one lexus offer is pricey due to name only? TIA
  10. Looking forward to receiving delivery of my new Lexus. As a Lexus virgin and diesel convert i'm very much looking forward to getting behind the wheel!