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  1. Update: I have discovered moisture under the carpets. Looks like I have the notorious Rx400h leak issue. I guess from the upper trunk seams around lid hinges. I’ll be stripping her out. I have seen some unbelievable moisture compromises in this model. There is a Russian YouTube fix that has water sloshing about. First move your RX400H so nose points downhill as steep incline as possible. Then force a READY with neg battery strap reset. Then run the car with blower on full heat to floor. (I live in wet Blighty). One thing I do like about Rx400h (and the liking is getting les
  2. Thanks for getting back. You’re right. I was looking for more Amp hours. But the high CCA may have shot a bigger short down although still 12V Correct. The POAA6 is an HV isolation issue. And water is typically the problem in the Rx400h that clearly has a water ingress flaw. Agree. If there was a Hybrid battery short somewhere in the mix it would cease to work. I think, anyway. It would be a coincidence that water ingress was now the problem just after I’d reversed battery pole Yes, the fact that everything works, charges etc is a puzzle. But it will only start after the aux b
  3. Rigged techstream 13. Palaver. But worked. Got codes POAA6, C1259, C1310. Don’t care about the C ones. The P one a pain in the arse. All this because I grounded live. What a tit. Maybe the hybrid ECU is now damaged. New 450A CCA auxiliary battery fitted - the one I shorted. Seems to work fine. Maybe I should change it just in case it is defective. When the car runs it charges at a tidy 14 to 14.1 V fluctuation Also I am now convinced my RX400H has an indoor swimming pool judging by post heavy rains and window condensation. That’ll be another story. I sort of hope, th
  4. See the extensive discussion “water ingress” on lakes forming in the trunk area from poor rear light cluster seals and body seams. This lake fills under the rearmost tool recess and washes forward under motion.
  5. The French are suffering too. The argument that a 15 year old vehicle should be let off the hook I don’t feel stands up. Lexus’s reputation is under question especially given that this is a hybrid with looms running along floor and a HV battery that can kick out 600+ volts. Not acceptable. Weld seals should never open. And if the anti corrosion is good enough they’ll never expose. I expect more from a Lexus. Do Prius’s leak? Didn’t Toyota let Lexus in on the secret of incredible reliability? Anyhow it’s peeing down he
  6. Good thinking. Virtual box a good move. I used to run TS off XP on Parallels VM from my Mac. Worked well.
  7. Which fuse in the end was it? I am having similar Hybrid check/VSC/AWD warnings
  8. New Halfords 450 CCA battery in. Yes will report back on codes. My laptop with techstream gone belly up. Will now have to reinstall on W10. Hear it is a more involved process on 64bit.
  9. Anyone else get the check hybrid system red triangle flashing/VSC lights and find that their car works fine? Only way to start the car is by clearing code every time - ie removing the negative strap from battery to reset.
  10. I should add – this is a temporary fix. There would be a risk of fire and or major engine failure while driving. I am sure everyone here is well aware that a blown/damaged fuse must be replaced by OEM or quality after market item.
  11. Naughty temporary fix So, my 113K miles RX appears to be working fine thank god. My temporary insulated crocodile clip fix holding in a 120 amp rated wire plus a non conductive block between the split fuse seems to work. All electrics work except the steering wheel tilt at ignition. Will have to check that. No warnings yippee Brand new auxiliary battery behaving itself and maintaining 14.2 V charge. Consistent charging
  12. Progress is one way of looking at it 😐 I forgot to mention that the Hybrid Battery warning came on in stage 2 (when all the other warnings disappeared).
  13. OK, so, I rammed in the 120 amp copper spades like a crown over the blown main fuse metalwork. It was a very tight fit and led me to believe that contact was good. The bit I used to ram was from a new 120 amp fuse that had arrived by post. I made sure the blown part did not join (because the pressure of ramming brought the original blown fuse ends together). I assumed that you shouldn't have two 120 amp break point paths. It was ****** down with rain so haven't photographed. 1) I installed a new, tested full charge, 12V battery. No "READY" was given when I turned the key. P/S / ABS and
  14. I have ordered a 120 amp fuse. Getting one isn’t the problem. Fitting it, removing the old one are the real headaches. To test the system I will run a temporary fix. This will confirm that the ecu and modules are operational - that the blown 120 amp fuse did its job protecting the electronics. If it turns out I’ve cooked something I have only myself to blame.
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