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  1. Snow didn't last here that long either, did use the button to get out of the works car park though, cunningly constructed with a slope and doesn't get gritted 😅 All changed again, does anyone do a snorkel for the GS ?
  2. Looks like I will get to use the snow button again.....
  3. Hi Rado, hopefully they will find something on mine.... and it can be checked on yours... if need be I will get a loan of a ramp and get under mine to have a look... Just cant pinpoint whats causing it, could be a shaft / bearing issue, could be something vibrating at the same frequency as the engine (Harmonics) , could be the engine running rough! Hopefully not just "how they are", if it ends up as that I will definitely not be impressed. This is my first petrol car for over 10 years, was looking forward to loosing the diesel vibes. My last two diesels were V6's so maybe I have been spoiled?
  4. Thanks Pink, I've mailed my dealer and will await their response... just like another member in the post you linked... if this isn't cured it will be my first and last Lexus... I cant believe this is normal for a luxury car.
  5. thanks all, tyres look fine and noise only happens when on the throttle lightly... could be a loose shield or exhaust mount, havent been underneath and wont be until spring! interested to find out more about the " There is a TSB about, for GS 300h you need only a reprogramming " sounds similar to Jaguar where dealer denied all knowledge of it until I found the ref and sent it to them...
  6. Hi, Im experiencing an occasional droning noise... probably wouldn't hear it if the car wasn't so quiet. I get a drone / hum when I get on the throttle gently, probably about 50 mph but at other speeds too, as if the gear ratio is too low and the engine is laboring causing something to vibrate. I had a similar thing in my Jag XF, turned out to be a known fault with the fuel pipes vibrating.Its a bit like harmonics, as if something is vibrating making the whole cabin hum. It not loud, its low and a passenger probably wouldn't hear it but now I have I cant help but hear it every drive!! Definitely related to the throttle, that is if I hear it and I keep this steady throttle opening it remains but if I increase or decrease the throttle it stops.. Driving me mad .....
  7. All's well that ends well... got a call from the dealer today, they refunded my money... thanks to all for the advice..
  8. At last I have received a response from the Citizen's Advice Consumer Service, bit disappointing to see that it is a pretty general response even though they came back to me on two occasions looking for specific details, dates / costs / Dealers post Code! Anyway, the response was quite long winded so I have copied two of the relevant paragraphs below..... The only grey area is the "expected wear & tear" statement.. I have been advised, if I wish to proceed, to correspond with them "in line with their complaints procedure" and if the dealer comes back and says that the battery was worn out and this was to be expected the only option I have is to go to court but can ask them " if they would be willing to participate in mediation via a dispute body to avoid court action." So.... probably worth sending a mail....., they also advised registered post!..... I'm thinking this will be a long winded process which will end up with them saying that I should reasonably expect the battery to be half way through its life "wear and tear" and they have payed for half of the new battery. ---------------------------------- Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, all goods purchased from a trader must be of a 'satisfactory quality', this means that the goods should be free from faults, fit for purpose, safe and durable. If you consider the item defective and not through consumer misuse, damage or fair wear and tear, then depending on the circumstances, you may be able to pursue the trader for one of the following options: ‘Repair or replacement’ The consumer may be able to request a free repair or replacement from the trader. This should be provided within a reasonable timescale and without causing significant inconvenience. Generally, a trader would be entitled to offer the most cost-effective option to you, so if a repair or a replacement is impossible or disproportionate, then they may offer you an alternative remedy. If within the first six months, it would be trader’s responsibility to disprove any allegation of inherent fault with supporting evidence. If beyond six months, when alleging a fault, the consumer may need to disprove consumer misuse, damage or fair wear and tear.
  9. I had checked about and the Lexus (Panasonic) battery is £265 plus fitting from Lexus dealers, the alternative Bosch battery I found from eurocarparts was £80, but I wasn't 100% sure if this was the correct battery, and I would have to fit myself and sort out the temp sensor. Most on-line sites do not even list a battery for this car! My main concern with this is if another fault developed Lexus would instantly claim that the battery I fitted was the problem and wouldn't honor my warranty, which has 8 months to run. That aside I have written to Citizens advice and explained the position so haven't given up with reclaiming the cost back. If I can get some back I will be ok with that as I have ended up with a new battery where in effect the cars battery should be 1/2 way through its expected life.
  10. OK, car was picked up today by Dealer... got a call a few hours later to say that the battery had failed the test and would need replacement. They asked if i wanted to proceed and that they would contribute 50%of the cost as a good will gesture. My bill was £163.00, ouch! I gave them the authority to proceed but explained that I would be likely to pursue this as I still believe that this should be covered by them as the battery must have been on its way out when they PDI'd the car. I challenged the technician about what they actually do during the PDI and if they had a record of the test result for the battery check at that time..... no real response. So I have the folder with all the paperwork I got with the car and I remember seeing a checklist in there which had ticks beside items, the one i was looking for at the time was wheel alignment as this wasn't right when I got the car. I will have a look through and consider my response..... Good news is that the battery is reading 12.74 volts.
  11. If anyone wants to read the manual and work out how to use the parking assistant... then let me know in simple instructions... preferably with pictures or a video 😊
  12. Herbie, i hear what you are saying... but what I cannot believe is that a company like Toyota who has been designing cars for decades, and will know that people sit in their cars listening to the radio etc, hence the accessory option on the start button, would not design a charging system and spec a battery that would cope with this. I would even go as far to say that they should have designed in a cut out which switches off all accessories if the battery gets critically low and preserves enough power to start up the systems. I do believe the issue with my car is a faulty battery, and when the battery is renewed, like Robert above, I will be able to sit for half an hour with the radio on without having starting problems. The car does not have a small battery, its surprisingly large considering it doesn't have to start an engine, and although it doesn't have an alternator it can charge the hybrid battery fairly quickly so there is a substantial supply for doing this. I done a bit of digging on the on-line Lexus dashboard and found some history for my car. In its first year it only done 1700 miles! Sounds like it was sitting about for long stretches of time and this may have done for the battery.
  13. Update... I received a call from Lexus dealer today, they want to investigate the problem and will talk to the sales team regarding payment if it requires a new battery... no commitment but I'm happy with this. They will collect & return the car for me so its booked in next week. I don't have the data to do the Maths but, with a 70 ah battery it should be fine for listening to a radio for 10 minutes? Coincidentally my sons car threw its drive belt over the holidays so no alternator... he was in Dundee so he started the car and drove it from Dundee to Glasgow (over 2hrs), with the lights on.... it ran no problem, also started the next day, and the next day as I drove it to the garage to get fixed... it has a 45 ah battery!!!
  14. Colin, I'm struggling to find an AGM battery listed for the car? Anyone out there bought one recently?
  15. Thanks all, your descriptions of the charging is more logical. I challenged the dealer about the listening to the radio thing and he said that it was because it was just a small battery... it does't look that small, 70 AH, and a replacement isn't cheap... I would expect a modern car to be capable of surviving 20 minutes listening to the radio and be able to recover that usage when the car is on. As before I'm pretty sure it just a duff battery, I'm not going to run a car like this being afraid to use the heated screen / seats etc, A bigger battery does sound like a logical upgrade. Had a decent run yesterday, nearly 70 miles round trip, just metered the battery and its at 12.2v... Just checked europarts,£88 for Bosch battery thinking i should buy it and send Lexus the bill (fat chance of them paying it).... any suggestions as to where I could get the battery checked and get a report?