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  1. I am due 4 new tyres very soon, have done a mere 22k miles on the factory originals but they are fubar (mainly due to excessive wear on the inner and outer of the fronts but this has been discussed elsewhere) Has anybody fitted 225/50s on their 16" rims or do you even get the 16"s in the UK? I'm in Ireland and have a bog basic no frills base model with 16"s I assume as the Exec models can run 225mm wide tyres (albeit on 17"s) there should be no issues with rubbing etc as the overall diameter of the 205/55/16 factory tyres on my base model and a 225/50/16 roughly equate. On my old IS200 I changed from the factory Bridgestone Potenzas to Dunlop Sport and was much happier so I think I'g do the same again...............anyone any opinions good or bad? DB
  2. Ok so I changed the oil and filter at the weekend, not much of a job and all went well....... or so T thought The replacement filter came with 2 rubber O rings, one large one small. When I took off the old filter I swapped out the large O ring on the casing for the new one but search as I did there was no small O ring between the filter housing and the filter itself when stripping it so I put the new filter back without the smaller of the new new O rings. This evening my wife tells me the low oil warning light keeps coming on intermittently however the dipstick is showing full (slightly overfull infact). Should the small O ring have gone on, where exactly does it go (between filter and casing or filter and block) and why would it show low oil level if the dipstick still shows full? Ideas? DB
  3. An update........... Was so ****** of by dealer telling me he couldn't give me a car I wrote a stinker of an email to Lexus Ireland. Lo and behold a very nice gentleman came back to me and informed me that they would be instructing a different Lexus dealership (opposite side of the city) to look after me which they duly did. Along with the 5th injector recall I gave them a list of warranty issues (mirror virbation, various rattles, drivers seat creaking etc) Last Monday morning they arrived at my place of work with a brand new IS250 (300km on the clock) and I've had it all week. They are replacing the drivers seat frame and hence the delay in returning mine but I will have it back Monday. :winky: Have to say my IS220d is the first diesel I've owned but can't ever see me going back to petrol............. the 250 is nice but one thing missing...................... TORQUE ! Maybe its the fact that its so new but its as if you have to wait forever for something to happen when you put your foot down , you have to wait til you get to 4-5k rpm before anything of any note happens!
  4. Lads, Apologies if this has been discussed before. I have just received a recall letter for my 07 IS220d. It states "it has come to our attantion that........ under certain driving conditions the Malfunction Indicator Lamp turns ON (and the speed of the vehicle may be reduced to prevent damages to the engine). This is caused by the 5th injector malfunction" Anyone else had this problem / issue? I just rang my local Lexus Dealer (I'm in Ireland) to arrange a time to fix it, they say it'll take up to 3 hrs and................. they don't have a car they can give me !!!!!!!!!! THAT REALLY ANNOYS ME !!!!! They have forecourts full of cars and they can't give me one for a few hours? My Mitsubishi was recalled 2 months ago for a seatbelt fix, i never had to leave the house. They came with a replacement car (exactly the same as my own........even in colour) and when the job was done they dropped back my car washed and valeted. I'm sick of **** customer service from Lexus am I'm off now to write to Lexus Ireland about it. DB
  5. How do you get the pic displayed in message body lads........... I forget? (its been a year!!!!)
  6. I wanna join Mesa Red club too............. This is the only time my car will be this clean......... I hadn't bought it when the pic was taken !!!!!!! lex.bmp
  7. Cheers for the offer Rich but I'm in Ireland so don't think your certain coloured phone company will be of any benefit. Is it a definite that the mute needs wiring to the amp and not the head unit? I know in the IS200 I had it was on the head unit cos my base model didn't have a seperate amp? Just wondering does the base model IS220d have similar setup i.e. base model sound system has amp in head unit while upgraded audio has amp in boot? Anyone know? I'm gonna have a closer look at the visor types now cos the thoughts of someone ripping apart my dash and my boot doesn't appeal to me............... with the best will in the world these thing NEVEr go back to the way they were originally. Drummerboy PS - Thanks for the welcomes back guys
  8. Rich, Pic would be great, the Parrot kit sounds good but I am nervous now about having the dash taken apart The guys who put the kit in my IS200 scratched the dash when removing the radio, didn't notice it at the time but bloody annoying Anyone got a step by step pictogram on how to remove the radio without wreaking havoc? I won't be going to Lexus with it, robbing f :tsktsk: :tsktsk: kers in my opinion (thats just my opinion) Jamboo, Do you have this http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?i=149134 and if so whats it like? Parrot do a visor type aswell, anyone know if its any good? Drummerboy
  9. Mmmmmmmmm......... hadn't thought of having to interfere with the dash Jamboo............ should I really stay away from it? I'd like to have radio mute with the phone if at all possible and thats why I was looking at the Parrot Ck3000 or the like.......... not sure if they do an ISO lead for Is220d though as not listed on their site........... Motorola kit is same as Lexus but still means I have to let some loon with a screwdriver at my dash? :shutit: Not sure what to do now? Anyone any more advice?
  10. I'm back after an absence of almost a year................... traded in the IS200 on an MPV last year due to new arrival and have only now returned to the Lexus fold (persuaded the missus to part with her car for the IS220D) Anyhow, I will be driving the Lexus and i need a phone kit, I know there is a Lexus one but dealer quoted me something absolutely ridiculous (Like €750 but can t remember)............. he agreed himself it was overpriced and said that Parrot(???) do aftermarket ones which will do the same job.............. Anyone got any ideas? I have a Nokia 6230i but I don't want a cradle as this phone will be obsolete soon (if not already)......... I'm sure Nokia have a kit themselves? Anyone any opinions on either The car is base model (not sure what that equates to in Uk spec terms) but no Multimedia, Mark Levinson or any such embelishments Cheers, Drummerboy
  11. I have one on my scuffed allow sitting in my cellar, you don't want that as well do you? Also you don't fancy the another 3 centre caps that are on 3 nice refurbed alloys do you? Fraid not, just the cap thanks................... already have several scuffed alloys to my credit (and I only got them replaced under warranty 6 months ago :o )
  12. Anyone got a centre cap fpr standard 5 spoker, Lexus IS200, they don't want? :D :D Will go to a very good home......... Only catch is I'm in Ireland
  13. Drove one of these at the weekend (still recovering) :o :o :o :o Will probably end up with this :D :D :D