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  1. BachelorDays

    Paranoid newbie!

    I know what you mean. Age affects the price, but if the car is in good shape and is a model that hasn't got age related ticking bombs in it, carry on enjoying it as long as it lasts! Hope it serves you well. I'd get a few specific details about the issues you've mentioned and then post them in the IS200 forum. That'll give you a good idea about their true nature.
  2. BachelorDays

    Paranoid newbie!

    Welcome to the Club! Both the issues you mention point to various things - could be something as simple as tyres. Age, tread depth, signs of dryness, uneven wear, tyre specs on the same axle - do check if you haven't done so already. A check of all the fluid levels/ condition would be the other standard thing to do.
  3. That is nonsense from the dealer. The car is under warranty. If there is a fault they need to examine it and THEN let you know whether it's a warranty job or not.
  4. BachelorDays

    Bumped into by lorry

    I'd trust their assessment. After all, we've only seen pictures. It may well be just superficial damage - their suggestion it'll take a couple of days suggests it probably is just that. Ask them for exactly what they've done for your peace of mind. They'll obviously guarantee their work and it'll be parked there in front of you! Get back to enjoying it. Crashes happen. I had a drunk ram into my Accord (not in Europe and not the version we have here). The rear end of the body was saying hello to the back of the rear seat! Different part of the world, cheap labour, very expensive car - so off they went with the pulling machines and hand denting. That was more than 5 years ago - still have it, still love it, still cruise at 180km+. Can't tell it ever happened.
  5. That's a neat way of doing it. I've never been in a hybrid, but this would make the combustion engine cutting in very smooth. I've noticed the stop-start engines on other cars ignite very smoothly (most of them diesels). Technology these days!
  6. I'd be surprised if you couldn't - but if there is an issue I'd get to the back of the player and see what is plugged in to provide this connection. Could be an easier switch at that point. Just be careful and don't have the key in the ignition when you are dismantling or putting it all back.
  7. Best of luck. Captain Blackadder, of course! Why do I keep saying Mr Bean?
  8. BachelorDays

    is 220d limp mode confusion

    Lose all power? - as in engine still running but no accelerator function? If you've bought it from a dealer you should take it back to them for checking.
  9. The lights on mine are going up to just under the number plate of normal hatchbacks in front of me - if this helps. I think the idea is that they come up to a straight line from the level of the light unit. For what it's worth, I think they are just a tad low when driving around dark rural lanes. The rattle could be like the one I have. I took the innards of the boot apart and cushioned them with tape and what not but to no avail. There is this particular noise that comes, specially at very low speeds and driving in and out of my drive that's driving me nuts. A sort of Mr Bean 'wibble' that happens a few times in quick succession. I've removed the spare wheel cover and put some padding tape inside it - didn't really help. Drove it without the spare cover and that didn't help much. Have had a mirror stick underneath the car and seen the various undercarriage covers, AND have actually noticed a couple of loose/missing fasteners. My latest theory - it's one of the covers making this noise. But I would also like to drive without the spare first to see if that helps. Problem now is I'm parking up for a while so it'll have to wait. I'd find out if the iPod connector works - since you could always put in an android converter and have a coveted Aux In!
  10. BachelorDays

    RX350 CD changer

    OK for local use since you can find an empty frequency and stick to it. Too much of a hassle when travelling long distances. Virtually forget it if hitting Central London.
  11. Haven't done anything with the air filter recently? O2 pre-CAT sensor means it doesn't like the air/fuel mixture going in. I'd check the MAF connectors and the air filter housing first. As stated earlier, could really be anything and vacuum leads et al should always be examined. Interesting that it clears once it picks up speed. I wonder how the MAF fares in your cars. Any other noticeable traits - is it worse when engine cold, etc? Notice any difference in the way the car cranks/fires up?
  12. OOPS! Just realised the header says RX450h. I was looking at your details that list the IS300h, hence my comment about age of battery. The other comments stand.
  13. I would definitely wait for some more opinions. For starters, I'd want to know why my Gel/AGM battery requires a change after only 3 years, when a normal acid battery will give more. Unless it's doing something unique, the 12v batteries in Lexus hybrids normally only help transfer the electrics of the car to the hybrid. Nothing special needed for that.
  14. Great. I must say on 32psi my tyres look almost punctured! I had a valve changed and the tyre guy didn't want to know 32 - he wasn't going to shift from putting in 35psi. I ran on 35psi for a little while and then decided to try 32psi. Been on that for a few months. Several motorway journeys, even a run in France. Feels comfortable. Don't know about any affect on mpg, nor, for that matter, how the tyres will fare long term. I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in France, pushing it most of the time - beautiful ride and did wonder if the correct tyre pressure played its part in it. Abysmal mpg but worth every (extra) Euro.
  15. 255s? Amazing. I thought given same chassis the spec would be same. Mine are 235/55/18.