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  1. BachelorDays

    Water system

    Lots of info in there on how to check/diagnose. Hope you get it sorted easily.
  2. If it's worked for a while and stopped working now it's most likely a loose connection inadvertently left once you'd finished the work. Rain water could've triggered a short. That may have caused a fault with a fuse as well. You could, alternatively, just disconnect the battery for a while and see if that helps, specially if you did the suspension work with the battery connected. I'm not sure about the intermittent compressor description. Has it become intermittent now or was it misbehaving before as well?
  3. BachelorDays

    Spongy breaks after new calipers and bleed

    Don't know if this is relevant but happened in my MB E Class. I would also get a BAS error indicating a BAS booster error. The pedal would sink and require a double press. I think some air was stuck in the booster. Went on for a while and then settled. I can't help but feel that the initial bleed with a leaking system has probably contributed to it, although looks like the system has had its share and more of issues. You could give it a while and keep pumping the pedal to see if it settles. Best of luck.
  4. BachelorDays

    Former GS300 owner

    Welcome aboard. Hope you get a good condition LS soon. Diesels these days are very smooth but I think petrol engines still have the edge, specially when it comes to cars getting older. Emissions control components cause more and more trouble as a diesel racks up miles and years.
  5. BachelorDays

    European breakdown cover for older cars

    I got rid of my MB E Class last year when it was 18 years old. I always have annual European cover. The last few years I've found it convenient to use the insurer's own cover. Elephant, Aviva, LV are companies I've used who didn't mind the age of my car when taking out cover alongside the insurance. In addition, do a search on net for breakdown cover. You'll find companies like AXA offering European cover for older cars. One or two suspect looking offers as well so do search for reviews if you don't recognise the company. The only thing to be wary of is that more and more everyone is putting in a caveat stating they won't repatriate if the cost is greater than the value of the car. But their cover otherwise is comprehensive enough (usual stuff of taking it to a garage, onward journey costs, etc).
  6. For record, mine is a 2006.
  7. I'd check fluid levels and condition (specially differentials). I'd also check front brake calipers. You'd probably have a different set of symptoms if the transmission was slipping. The way you describe it is more like the front wheels needing an extra push to get going.
  8. I've got two in there playing great. Burned the CDs on my laptop.
  9. BachelorDays

    New engine fitted and won’t start

    I can't imagine anything as basic as the starter stumping the garages. I think the first garage suggesting you take the car to another garage is the clue here and that sounds bad. It could be anything really. Starter, fuses, a sensor.. The transmission coupling to the engine might be giving a false gearbox stuck signal. Ideally the first garage should take the car back and fix it (or try) and not relinquish their responsibility. I think pushing this is your best bet.
  10. Disconnect the battery and charge it. Once fully charged you can then start the other diagnosis. Connect the battery and see if the car starts fine again. That'll get rid of a few ifs and buts. The problem is very likely that you have a drain on the battery (something staying on when it shouldn't be). You might even have an alternator issue but not that likely. The humming might even be a shorted starter motor/solonoid. If you can get the car to start after the battery recharge do remember to disconnect the negative when parking up or you'll have it flat again. Let's hope it starts. We can then figure out next steps.
  11. BachelorDays

    Car Won’t Start - Saga

    I'm surprised they didn't ask you to first get the tyres changed to fix the no-start. Seriously, though, the whole thing reads very odd. Like said earlier, 5 mins will tell you if it'll jump start. No point chasing a new battery if you can't get the car started. The TCU (transmission ecu) and then the ignition system... unless someone has blown up bits doing silly things with a jumper, I don't know what they are chasing. The fact they thought a new battery would fix it reduces my level of confidence in them. As long as it doesn't cost you.. But I'd want my battery payment back.
  12. The initial drop is misleading since there is a surface charge after charging which will drop. It doesn't look bad to me just on the voltage readings. Battery condition, however, depends upon many things including age, acid level etc. Best way to check the state of a battery which is used to crank start an engine is to put the crank load on it, preferably using a battery tester. Always test on a fully charged battery. An easier (rough) way to test is to check voltage whilst cranking a cold engine. If it doesn't drop below 11 the battery is in great shape. If it's above 10 the battery still has good life. If it drops below 9 then it's on its last legs. Weather, how easily the engine starts and how often the car is used also have a say. For instance, I'd change a battery dropping under 10v during cranking if winter had not yet set in. Equally, I'd change a battery dropping just under 10v in winter if I wasn't using the car every second or third day.
  13. BachelorDays


    I suppose there are all sorts. Some like the limits, some push them when pushed - even some who enjoy speed just for the sake of it.
  14. BachelorDays

    Engine turning over but not firing

    If you are checking wires and connectors, do check the Crankshaft Position Sensor connection as the CPS will cause a no-start. Don't think the temp sensor will cause a no-start. The other thing is to check the earth connections. You've got a start once so fuel supply is there. This is all assuming you've checked fuses already. The code being registered for the Engine Management Light will be very useful too.
  15. BachelorDays

    RX300 Air Suspension Shock Absorbers

    That looks much better than normal quotations. Was it a new part?