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  1. Happy Birthday hertsALTEZZAcol!

  2. That is an AS200 then. No triptronic on the steering wheel the key. You should be looking at the 6 cyl AS200 Auto as per the equal spec of the UK IS200 S model with 153bhp as per UK model. The RS200 is 210bhp on a four cylinder engine and would have two small up and down buttons for the gears on the steering wheel.
  3. i reckon make other plans, as i say, i bumped it up 1 week previous to get it back into the latest updates section, but nothing happened on the thread any further.
  4. Thats why I bumped it a couple of times to hope the other interested parties would add their thoughts, but NO they havent. no one else clonfirmed to the date i set, and there still was no time? Heeee eeeee lllllo the others in this :duh: post?
  5. oh and scott i got your message link from ebay about me car and selling it on your site. I'll consider this matey
  6. try this?
  7. im downloading it now! I trust I will not be dissapointed?
  8. attempting to go.... but not gone, as per ebay results of 0 bids at mo.
  9. auction house state 80k, doesnt say whether miles or kmh!
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