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  1. The white smoke has been quite bad recently. I disconnected the battery overnight and it did help, little smoke the next day. The following day a bit more but still ok'ish. Having read this will take a look at the wiring to dpf sensor... I did not get the shaking engine for the last 3 weeks though so cannot check with Techmaster the readings when it actually happens
  2. I finally managed to get Techstream connected to my car. Tried to get the shakes but failed, no shakes recorded today. I recorded few reports, when cold, when warm and also when driving with over 3k rpm when there was a smoke coming out from exhausts. Do you have any ideas what can be the problem with the smoke? It seems better after EGR clean but still quite annoying after putting the foot down. Dpf was cleaned 2 months ago, EGR last week, also did CarbonClean of the engine month ago... one mechanic suspected the dpf sensor when I had check engine light on and P1426 and P2002 errors. I ordered used on ebay but the errors were not resolved, however I did not check if the smoke or shaking was resolved... then I sent back the sensor, now thinking of reordering, but hopefully the attached reports will shed some light... Also, I sometimes feel that the car does not have power, especially when starting to move or slowly coming on to the junction, and then trying to speed on 2nd gear... cool start.pdf at 3k rpm with white smoke coming out.pdf warm.pdf
  3. I ordered cheap Techstream Mini VCI cable with software and have been trying to install it on my computers, real pain, still did not get through. Found this useful forum: cartechnology.co.uk that does help with installation and hopefully will get some self diagnostics done. The issue of the shaking enging is gone in the morning without the need to disconnect the battery. I think it is fine once it gets completely cool down. One time, when received my car from drop and pickup at the airport, when received it back warm and it was shaking, I tried disconnecting battery for about 10 mins but with no luck, it was still shaking and it was a painful ride back home. With lower temperatures my car started to smoke like a dragon, I did clean EGR and it helped, there is no more lots of greyish silverish smoke but there is still some bluish smoke. Car does not take oil as oil levels stay the same. I will update once get Techstream installed. If that fails I will try to find a garage in Bournmeouth/ Christchurch area. Does anyone now any good garage in this area? Thanks Rutlandlex for this. Many thanks
  4. Thank you Shahpor. I never got that message however for a long time I had 2 errors showing up: P2002 DPF efficiency and P1426 Manufacturer control. The problem with shaking engine happened to me before I got those errors. Recently I got another error P0400 EGR and this was serious enough to get me into limp mode. It happened in Netherlands and the local mechanics cleaned EGR with some spray and air compressor and the P0400 error disappeared. Then they used air compressor on the left hand side of the engine, not sure exactly what they did but they managed to get rid off the other errors as well. Now there are no errors at all but the engine still shakes, but only in the described situation, when restarted on being luke warm. I am thinking of getting maybe a new DPF sensor and see if the shaking would go away as I have a feeling that something is wrong with some sensor, it would appear that the electronics is telling the engine to work harder as if it was cooler... but it is very strange that this happens only when restarted on luke warm. Also, is this normal that after I got Hydro Carbon Clean when the engine is warm and I go over 3k rpm I get some smoke from the exhaust, but not too much and it goes away in few seconds. It seems that the engine cleans itself - is that right? I did not see this before Hydro Carbon Clean... Many thanks
  5. Hi I have a quite strange problem with my Lexus IS 220d. Mileage is now 177k but I have this problem since I bought it at 154k. The car runs fine on normal journey to work, 28km. On a short distances, e.g. driving to the shop for about 5-7 minutes, when I get back to car and the engine is only warm, when start the engine it often, but not always, gets into vibration mode, where the engine shakes. In this state it also takes much more petrol, around 22-25 mpg compared to normal 32-35mpg. It will not stop shaking until the engine has completely cooled down, e.g. it is fine on the next day when driving. I tried changing DPF sensor but the problem was still there. The other problem is the visible grey silverish smoke. This is especially evident when it is cold, below 10 Celsius. It is not always showing, but especially when it is in the shaking mode. I cleaned EGR last year and this seemed to help with the smoke but the shaking was still there after short distance drive. I tried Carbon Clean and the engine runs overall better after it but it also did not help with the shaking. Would anyone have any idea what may be the cause and how to fix it? Thank you DJ