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  1. Thank you all. The trick of turning off the timer worked perfectly... Cheers, Bruno
  2. Thanks for the info...didn't know that and as I always put them on low level from start I woudn't know if they have the timer on or off then...I'll try that next time! Thanks for the tip!
  3. I'll try that of the timer next time I'm in the car...I believe mine is without the timer now anyway as it doesn't go off after 30 min driving...
  4. From which year is your car? I'm starting to be quite disappointed with Lexus as I see a lot of bugs like this corrected in following years without updating the previous versions...
  5. If I leave it on level 1 is not logical to go back to level 3 when I start the car old beemer would just keep the setting as it should...
  6. That's exactly my problem...the maximum level is insanely hot...
  7. Hi all, Does anyone have this "problem"? Basically if I don't turn off the seat heating when I turn on the car next time the heating starts on maximum (level 3), even if I turn the car off with heating on level 1. It's quite annoying as I don't enjoy maximum level and so this always catches me on surprise when I feel the heat. Thanks, Bruno
  8. BrunoLeal

    Warming up the car

    Nor Ireland... I really don't understand Lexus strategy...
  9. BrunoLeal

    Portable jump starter

    I've also ordered the travel bag and put it inside the battery compartment in the booth.
  10. BrunoLeal

    Portable jump starter

    I bought this one: I've read some reviews and came to the conclusion that is more than enough for an IS300h. Never tried it yet though.
  11. I don't think anyone should spend money in a battery if not strictly necessary. What I did was I bought a portable car jump starter (27GBP with travel box) and have it charged in the battery compartment of the car. If one day battery voltage is not enough to start the car I'll use this and only then spend money in a new battery.
  12. BrunoLeal

    Techstream on IS300h

    The one I have works properly. I've changed some setting already with Techstream v13. Unit conversion is empty with both v12 and v13 though...
  13. Lexus in Ireland just recommended a shop that might be able to help. Here, the main dealer doesn't even know or have the means to program clusters when they need to be changed in cars so they send it to this shop. Let's see how it goes. Additionally, funny thing is that today I tried the Techstream to connect to IS300h and the info of my car in Techstream appears in Kms 🙂: Unfortunately it's quite limited as I can't see any options under Unit conversion... 😞
  14. Hi everyone, Need some help here. Does anyone used Techstream in an IS300h? First of all, when connecting the car, model is not automatically loaded in Techstream. I have to chose 3 additional optiones: 1. IS300h model 2. year version (-1508) 3. radar cruise/others. Then I see no options under Unit Conversion or PSD & PBD operation. Someone has experience with this? Thanks, Bruno