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  1. BrunoLeal

    tyre pressure warning light

    I had that on my 2006 volkswagen. BMW has individual readouts by default for sometime now (at least 2010 in 3 Series). It's really a shame that in a car of this class we have to guess which tyre is having issues if it's not fully flat... It's even worse noticing that US "version" has this by default since 2013.
  2. BrunoLeal

    tyre pressure warning light

    The 2015 models also don't have it as I asked someone here in this forum with a 152 car about that after watching this video: It looks like Lexus uses different parts all over the world as the video sounds like from America. Lexus quality is impressive but it's quite a disappointment in these small things, like equipping 2014 versions without ability to change the odometer units.
  3. So, after Brian kindly shared with me the his car's VIN I asked Lexus UK about this situation sending them my VIN along with Brian's. This is their response: ------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for your most recent email regarding your Lexus IS 300h. We forwarded your further feedback directly to our Technical Department, who have essentially confirmed the response you have received from both my colleagues in that we are unable to endorse or support changing your vehicle from the way in which it was originally homologated. In response to your feedback regarding the VIN number you provided as a comparison, these vehicles were supplied with different combination meters at point of manufacturer. In this respect the supplier and therefore the hardware/software is not comparable. I appreciate this response does not meet with your expectations, however we as the manufacturer cannot provide any further comment or advice regarding modification from the factory specification. You may therefore wish to seek advice from and import /export specialist third party. Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us. ------------------------------------------------------------------- So basically it seems that 2015 IS300H were supplied with different combination meters at point of manufacturer, whatever that means...I really can't understand how this is done by Lexus...a car from 2014 is not comparable with one from 2015 when both are pre facelift? Do they change the hardware/software every year?
  4. The strange thing is that searching on internet you two are the first ones that I came across that can actually change the odometer. I'll meet with J this Saturday just to be sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's related with any other setting in the car which I really doubt. Thanks for the info.
  5. BrunoLeal

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Which functionality have you lost? Thanks, Bruno
  6. BrunoLeal

    New Firmware - May 2016

    Does anyone knows if I can downgrade the firmware? Additionally does anyone knows where I can get the firmware version VD12102C? Thanks
  7. It makes sense. I don't think there's any perfect solution. My goal with this thread was just to understand how far Lexus allow to change this type of settings (either by ourselves or through main dealers). Thanks, Bruno
  8. Finally a straight answer to my question... :) Thanks, Bruno
  9. I couldn't wait and had to update the software now to see if that was the problem...As expected it isn' updated to version VD12104B and same problem here. Will meet J soon to figure this out.
  10. Good point... :) I believe the car is able to know if someone is sitting in the passanger seat but anyway I was just wondering. I'm not sure how Renault managed this in their cars (not sure if they needed the key to be somewhere inside in the car so this would only be activated if you took the key with you... Anyway, thanks for the help.
  11. It's not rocket science. Not sure about yours, but mine when locks folds the mirrors so it shouldn't be that hard to know it's locked...
  12. We will. As of now I'll wait for the sdcard with the new maps so I get the car software updated (I doubt it will solve this issue but let's see). If it doesn't I'll meet with J and see if by any chance he's doing something differently (again I doubt it as this feature is quite straightforward). Anyway, at least I'll have something to show Lexus Ireland that this is possible somehow as a similar pre facelift car is able to easily change the odometer. Cheers and thanks, Bruno
  13. Before and after you open the door? Usually cars lock automatically if after unlocking the doors the doors are not opened. What I was trying here is to move away from the car, after using it, and it would lock itself. I know for instance that Renault used to have a proximity lock/unlock feature with their cars. Thanks, Bruno
  14. That's the normal procedure, thanks for pointing that out. What I mean is for the car to lock automatically if he detects that the key is no longer close to the car...