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  1. It's just my opinion and not because its6an hybrid. I did this in all my automatic cars. What's the difference in effort between putting the car in park mode or neutral plus hand brake?
  2. I never use neutral. When I stop and stay in the car I either leave the car in normal with brakes on or Park mode. In automatic cars Neutral should be only used very rarely and in specific situations like the car behing pulled.
  3. I do every day a journey of 20 miles to work (40 miles total) with highway for most of the time (engine working). I believe my battery it's already at the end of life and probably it will have to be replaced at the anual maintenance in October, but till then I wanted this one to last... 🙂 it was working fine (2 weeks was not enough to have issues starting the car). Now it seems that 2 weeks is already too much so I'll just hope it doesn't get completely drained in 3 weeks so when I return at least I don't have to reset windows, etc... 🙂
  4. Many thanks for the reply. Not sure what to do here. What exactly is needed to reset windows, power locks etc as I know that when I return from my trip one way or the other the battery will be gone? 🙂
  5. Unfortunately I live in a estate with underground parking but no access to electricity plugs. Is there any option for portable battery maintenance? Something like the boost device I have but to keep battery loaded for a few weeks? Many thanks guys, Bruno
  6. Writing here so I don't create a new post about the same topic. Any idea on how to manage this when you have no electricity plug available to connect a maintenance battery to the car? I have a portable remote charger boost which I used today after the car was parked for 15 days and had not enough battery charge to start properly. Soon I'll be 3 weeks away and wanted to avoid the battery to be completely empty when back. thanks, Bruno
  7. Since I can't find any used or aftermarket option to fix this and Lexus wants more than 160eur to fit this in, I was thinking to buy the aftermarket carbon fiber ones which cost me less than 80eur from China. Does anyone fit these in an IS300h or GS or CT? Thanks, Bruno
  8. Hi all, Do you know any online shop (or physical in Ireland) that sells mirror covers (just the plastic)? I've just broken it against a garbage bin and I was trying to avoid Lexus due to their insane prices. I'm still waiting for a quote from them, but I suppose I will not like the numbers. Thanks in advance, Bruno
  9. well said. And if it's reliability one is searching for I recommend Merc 190D...old school engines that easily do more than 500k... 😎
  10. 😁 Perfection is subjective yes, but what we are discussing here is simple stuff...for example never had any issue with cold/hot air in my old VW EOS, built 10 years before than my lexus...
  11. You missed my point. I paid premium for a Lexus. Toyota has the same level of reliability with much lower cost. Of course I would expect that every single detail in a Lexus was perfect. I wouldn't care much if the same happened in a Toyota as my standards would be lower. 😉
  12. I still drive a Lexus so... When I pay premium I like perfection, otherwise I would have bought a Toyota...
  13. q Indeed this is a very crappy system from Lexus. BMW is way ahead on this and some other small stuff like the parking sensor sound synced with the entertainment system sound... it's so stupid to have the parking sound always at same level...
  14. Hi there. I moved in August from an 2011 330d Coupé to the Lexus IS300h. The car has a very good drive, silent, etc. but it's not for car enthusiast. I really can't compare the pleasure of driving that BMW with this one. Actually my main driver to change to Lexus was maintenance costs (road tax, insurance, etc), try to help the little I can the environment and speeding... 😐 Got 5 points on my license so I had to change. One other thing to take into consideration is that actually despite the Lexus easy services they are very expensive and it's not easy to find proper mechanics for Lexus. I had very good Lithuanian garage here and they serviced my BMW perfectly! (of course this makes less sense for new cars as I bet BMW charges more for services) Apart from that I'm happy with Lexus and probably you are better served there in the UK than I'm in the main dealer is a complete crap! In regards to the foot operated parking, as I did with BMW I don't use the hand/foot brake...I just park the car in P and that's it!
  15. Thank you all. The trick of turning off the timer worked perfectly... Cheers, Bruno