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  1. Hello, I made contact with this breaker a couple of days ago about a part. I'll drop you a PM.
  2. Hello Ray, PM sent. Let me know if it's still available. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hello all, a quick evening bump to this thread. I've been watching the market for a few months now but I've not found anything. If a member is thinking of selling I'd be interested in making contact. I'm on the lookout for a a face lift car and I'm based on the Southcoast. Thanks!
  4. Hello Matt, thanks for the PM and taking the time to go look at the car - really useful info. Paul (bigrat) cheers for the comment and thanks for numerous posts on the forum - it's been really useful to read through them.
  5. Hello Mattmech, I'm looking for an ISF and whilst this one doesn't completely do it for me, I'm interested to get a sense of the condition of the car (compare to the advert and pricing). Thanks