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  1. Oh I am fully aware of that which I why I say I am not one of the people leasing new cars.
  2. Every car is built to a budget. Clearly with Toyota and Lexus more of that budget goes on build quality and reliability than the competition. This is where these reviews really fail to deliver. They don't take into account people who want to keep the car after it is out of warranty or care about the build quality of the vehicle. BMW and Mercedes are not built like they once were and I hear so many horror stories with BMW these days. Infact they've been cr#p since the E39. There's no way I'd touch one, but I don't do big mileages and lease new cars for 3 years at £300-500 per month. Instead I do a few thousand miles a year and appreciate the quality and reliability of my GS. That being said, I really don't like the look of the ES compared to the GS and even with fancy suspension it is still a big heavy car with FWD which doesn't excite me. Toyota are becoming more classy so might consider a Camry next time as it's got the same chassis and will be cheaper. Or I may finally get an SUV like the Rav4, although I'm not a huge fan of SUVs. There needs to be a reason to spend more on a Lexus and I'm not sure the ES gives me reason to do so.
  3. I haven't checked myself, but is it not in the service book?
  4. Re. the tyre skipping, when I turn out of my drive at low speed (nearly on lock) I can feel one of the tyres slip/skip (I assume the outer side) in my GS-250. No battery weight in the back. I did wonder if the tyres were getting past it, they are a good brand (Continental I think), but probably 50-75% worn and may have gone a bit hard, especially in this colder weather. A quick Google reveals issues with Mercedes and Jaguar too. Also an issue on the Lexus IS, from another forum: "I had the same problem and when i mentioned it to the dealer at its last service he explained the same reason - the front wheels tilt when on full lock and it is the tyre struggling to grip at that angle. nothing to worry about and not dangerous, they all do that. "
  5. Thanks, that chart is very helpful. That actually differs to another chart I looked at last night, but it looks like your one is more accurate. I just drove with the old battery still fitted to go and get the new one. Once back, it's reading 12.33v on the old battery with the engine off, so definitely charging, albeit not to 100%. Just seems like it won't hold the charge for very long at all. The new battery is indicating a healthy 12.66v.
  6. Amazingly the car still starts with the battery at 11.82v just fine. Anyway, got the new one now which I'll fit asap.
  7. I have had an alternator go on me in another car, it started ok and I started driving it, then it died on me when I was driving. Was that what happened to you?
  8. They are happy to pay for the battery so I'll order it then send them the invoice, thanks for the info John I wasn't aware that was the law.