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  1. Thought id update. Bought an aftermarket EGR valve. People DO NOT WASTE your money. I had the EML light....and some others. I then returned that and bought an original toyota/Lexus part. And behold!! its changed in character for the better. And MPG has gone up from a measly 28mpg to creeping past 37...All in all looks good.
  2. So have a weired issue. Replace my egr valve with a new one. but the VCS light, the traction control light and the EML light are all on. I have had the codes reset multiple times but they keep comming back. I took it to a diagnostic guy and he said its the EGR valve. I have ordered another as a replacement for the original being faulty. Im going to get it fitted on the weekend. The issue (and im probably jumping the gun) the electric windows on the passenger side, both the front and the back have stopped working. Not sure exactly when they stopped. But the rear one has been intermitantly comming on and off. So my question is, could it be the switch. Oh and i cant drop the window from the drivers side nor from their own controls. Ive had the battery tested and its all OK. I need to test the power output on the EGR valve. Does anyone know what the output on those EGR ends would be? Also any ideas on the windows issue. How do i remove the switches? Thanks in advance.
  3. aye it was knackered. I had it cleaned. It was completely clogged! It lasted a few months and back to its normal self. In its defunct form, i had no power until i hit 2k rpm. The new EGR valve defo cured that. Gonna have a look at getting a warranty on the current EGR and getting a proper one.
  4. Well, I replaced the EGR valve with an aftermarket one. Its brand new. This was done Wed evening. I have been driving about and last night after work i was standing in traffic and revved the engine hard. It smoked like you wouldnt believe. In anycase after that it seems to have sorted itself out and theres not much smoke. The issue im having is that it now judders and the revs dont stay at one level for example when im standing in traffic. The power has come back tho. Is it that the EGR could be faulty? Is it that its an aftermarket...or is it that the car is simply adjusting to the new valve? Not really sure what to do.
  5. maybe 4000 miles. I have ordered a new EGR valve so going to replace that headache! I hope it sorts the issue out.
  6. How do i check/know if the EGR valve is working?
  7. what if any, would be the fix for that?
  8. Nope, i do a semi dual carriage way route. Its a 44mile round trip commute. So the engine, exhaust system is getting nice a hot.
  9. Hello, I have an is220d 08 model. Im having an issue with carbon build up. I had the car fully serviced and the EGR valve taken off and cleaned. The mechanic sent me some pics and it was properly clogged. Even the manifold inlet pipe was clogged. He cleaned the whole lot out and the car changed in how it responded etc. FYI for the better! The service took place in November so it hasnt been that long at all. The issue is, is that im having similar issues to what i was experiencing before I had the service done which is slow take off. Then when i hit 2500rpm it kicks in! But on hills if im in 2nd gear its not going anywhere. So im thinking that the EGR valve is blocked up again and needs a clean. I will do that this weekend, but wanted to know why it would get clogged up so quickly? The lexus garage (when i took it to them to reset the engine code) suggested it could be the EGR valve cooler?? Any ideas?
  10. Brilliant. will call them. Whats his name used to do the ads...Quentain
  11. I bet its a really simple fix. Find someone who know electronics and get them to check the boards. I bet itll be some IC thats blown or even simpler a fuse on the board. There is usually a fuse that manages the voltage. If there was a spike it would have blown, saving you costly repairs. That said you first have to remove the unit....
  12. Hi, I was looking at aftermarket warranties and google searched and got some quotes. To say i was shocked at the quotes was understating it! Upwards of £600 was the average. My question is, if anyone has bought one of these warranties how did you find them? Did you claim on the warranty and what did you claim. Were they good on their word?
  13. agreed. Wish id known about those issues, would have steered clear. But...its ok