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  1. Hi As mentioned in title im looking for TRD skirts and rear lip and TTE front bumper - Oryginal not fiberglass in any color, and front bonet can be any color preferably black - no rust, Thanks
  2. Yep, silver looks nice but 5k is too much to ask for that car and front bumper do not mach with paint/slightly brighter then rest, something happened there, maby i will have a look on that one, not so far from me just to have quick chat and see what is going on there
  3. HI all, I been there today to have look, around 2min and i went home, waste of time. Will just put things that i saw for anyone by any chance is interested. Car is Cat D write off, NSR wheel arch to mid of C pillar was badly repaired i mean you can see the filler sand paper marks all over it through paint/color not really match the rest of car,paint in that place started to crack, boot lid is out of alignment with small paint chips, whole right side have classic key pass scratch not really deep but is there, front bonnet different color shade as well stone chip started to rust, had a front small collision hence new radiator i think. After seeing that i just went home, didnt even see the owner so i dont know how engine sounds and dont know how the suspension looks, didn't even want to look at that. So yep failure. I will put a post in wanted but maybe someone know about someone want to sell descend IS300 I'm really interested. Cheers for help to all.
  4. Thanks all for reply, especially gdh300 nice write up 🙂 to answer you questions im buyig this as my daily/toy car, more so i always wanted IS and 4 seater will be good for me now, I have bike to go to work so that is not a problem, as 8 owners yep thats a bit scarry but there is nothing i cannot fix as long as there was no body damage, dont want to spend my money on a bended can, just need to see that in person, as for reserve I dont know either will talk to him today but im not spending more than 2k on it. its time for call will keep you guys posted thanks for help
  5. Hi all, Im new to forum but I think it is the best place to ask some questions I want to buy this IS300 does anyone know something about it? seen it on meets etc, will be very thankful for any kind of info what do you guys think? opinions thanks in advance https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-Lexus-IS-300-sport-2003/223151166136?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649