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  1. It's more easier with the sound.... and I love women !!! I will contact Fargo... For Grom, I sent them 2 mails (one one tuesday and another one yesterday) but I get no answer... And you ? You get news from them ?
  2. Hi, I didn't find the information I need on the site. So, I created a new topic. My IS200 is a 1999 french Pack Luxe with the OEM satnav, the external amplifier and the 8 speakers. After trying to connect my ipod to my headunit (13902) with the Grom and the Xcarlink interfaces without good results, I'm thinking about changing my headunit. But I know that the satnav work with the OEM headunit. Is there a way to change radio and keep the satnav without breaking parts of the oem headunit ?
  3. i received 1 which doesnt work properly and they said they would send an update so i hope mine works properly once the new one arrives out of curiousity what is wrong with your adapter mine works for about 10 mins the switches back to radio and i have to restart the car and sometimes it just plays the music but wont let me control the ipod from HU and even then still shuts off after 10 mins me and powerpuff mookie have the same problem in the face that the unit doesnt work at all. It seems that I received a wrong microchip. Dimitri (from grom audio) said that he will send me another ch
  4. I received the update for my non-working ipod interface today.... and it's not better. I'm very deceptive of this unefficient work....
  5. i too have the same problem mate, and had the same response from Dmitry @ GromAudio, i guess its a case of waiting and seeing. the only thing i can think that i may try is try a different ipod, i too have the 30GB ipod video. think im going to try at the weekend with my sister new nano and see if it makes a difference Off the top of my head i think that mine is the 13902 headunit and ive also got the ipod must be a faulty unit I don't think that your headunit is the 13902 one. I think that the "13902" is the headunit with satnav and external amplifier.
  6. I have a big problem with the email of INDASHPC ( & ). I always get an "mail failure delivery" when I send them an email. Am I the only one ? I received after one week the GROM AUDIO kit (IPOD) for my Lexus IS200 12/1999 (m.y. 2000) with gps satnav, external amplifier and 8 speakers. But the GROM AUDIO kit doesn't work. So I contact INDASHPC : I received the GROM AUDIO kit on the 02 january 2008. I installed it immadiatly. Connectors are the good one. They fit perfectly on my radio. Unfortunately, the radio did not reconize the kit and then the
  7. You're right. The best tyres for the Lexus IS 1998-2005 are the Dunlop SP9000 made in Japan. But there's a big problem with these tyres. They aren't still produced for around one year. They will be difficult to find. I tryed the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx, which remplace the SP9000. I found that i wasn't a good tyre for the IS. It isn't comfortable at all and made noise.
  8. You can contact the webmaster of I bought my JDM parts there. The japanparts reference is : 041-004-046 - 1 DIN MULTI BOX - for SXE10/ GXE10 - JP ¥7,400.00 - US $65.46
  9. double din facia plate 55413-53010 cubby box 08171-00020
  10. Does your car have satnav? I'm starting to wonder whether early cars had the satnav connected through the stereo, rather than the amp........ I remember even when I bought my 2002 IS, they said that if you had satnav, then you could not also have the optional MD changer, which is why I was very surprised when Sonnet discovered that there was a spare plug in the back of the stereo. I guess they changed it on later cars, but forgot to tell anyone! Yes, I have got satnav, the oem external amplifer and 8 speakers. My radio is the 13902.
  11. Sonnet, I edited my second post. I'm sure for both connectors. Pictures came form my car.
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