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  1. Hi All, Been searching for an ECU,for some time now Lexus ls400 engine control ecu 89661-50250 have replaced all capacitors as instructed in my ECU but still having small niggles, so, want to try another ECU. Can anyone tell me if there are any compatible ECUs/part numbers that I may use 89661- ?????, my immobilizer has been bypassed, thanks for any help, appreciated Regards Phil
  2. Hi everybody, checked fault codes on my LS after some electrical repairs, it came up with 3, so cleared them, and took the car for a 20 mile drive, then checked again, I have 1 fault code 21 main lamda sensor left bank (or oxygen) i then checked out what issues I might get because of this, and or symptoms, which were engine check light on rough running on idle and funny smells.....well I have none of these, has anyone else experienced the same please, Many thanks Phil PS I will change the sensor just in case
  3. Your right, I found the problem ever since I took the scotch locks off its driven perfectly every day no problem at all, the 2 scotch locks provided a live and earth to after market reversing sensors which didnt work correctly anyway, this was sending signals to the ECU and confusing it. So my assumption of someone adding something to the vehicle was correct and this was confirmed by my auto electrician. Thanks so much to everybody who tried to help, kindest regards Phil
  4. I have replaced the speed sensors and its OBD1 not 2 many thanks though regards phil
  5. I think its a Mk 2 last of, as when I replaced the capacitors in the ECU there were supposed to be 6 caps 1994 supposed to be 8 caps, that also confused me as I found 9 in mine, Thanks Malc Phil
  6. Hi thanks for your reply, i will check all what you said, but I have had a look at the wiring at the boot hinge and found that someone has been there before me as there are 2 x scotch locks attached to 2 wires, which I know from experience are a rubbish fix, one was connected to the white wire with the black line on it, which everbody goes on about so I took it off and found the white wire damaged, I wrapped some insulation tape around it, the other wire which was attached I just left hanging, I dont know what its for but everything seems to be working and it obviously isnt supposed to be there as it was scotch locked, not something many people would do, I have drove the car over the past three days and so far so good, but will see, I am getting an auto electrician friend to have a quick look at it for me whilst its all still appart to see if he can explain whats going on there and check around, I will update, thanks again Phil
  7. Hi all, I purchased 1995 M plate, LS400 about 6 months ago as a project, as it hadnt ran for 3 years, it was garaged though, it wouldnt start so I had to have the immobilizer bypassed, and a new battery, it then started first time, then MOT passed with just a number plate light out, which they sorted for me. I drove down the road feeling like a king never had I been in such a smooth quiet car, amazing. previous best car was my 7 series beamer loved that too, but, this just felt better to drive. First job 4 new tyres, balanced and tracked.Next timing belt water pump and pulleys, then a new altenator as it failed and a service on the power steering pump, I then started to get a strange thing happening after start up from cold, I pull away and the speedo starts to bounce around, 40, 70, 120 allsorts, this must give the transmission mixed messages and the car does not know what gear it supposed to be in, or its like something has damp in it as I drive it for 15 to 30 mins and all of a sudden it clears and drives lovely again, so I found the post on here with ref to the ECU and sent away to america for the correct resistors and had them all replaced, car was then great for a few weeks, now its back, and its every time i leave the car standing for a day or so. I have now checked the wires in the boot hinge and all seems to be ok, I am at my witts end with it, has anybody had the same things go wrong for them as I cant find any of the same symptoms on the net or other forums, other things that happen are the radio lights are out but after 30 minutes or so they come on when lights are used and the ECT ( Ithink) light flashes not often but now and again. any ideas anybody please Many thanks Phil