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  1. Both ECUs are working: 89661-50380 89661-50241 had all capacitors changed cost £60 These were used as a replacement for 89661-50250 as I cannot locate one anywhere. Never know this may help somebody at a later date Cheers all and thanks again for your help, be back soon with my next problem lol
  2. Yes these things happen, I remember visiting my mate who was a mechanic he could not get the brake lights working on a car he tried earthing, bulbs the switch on the pedal, fuses and so on and had his mate in the the car pushing the pedal, trouble was they did not have the ignition on lol Cheers
  3. Thank you Malcom appreciated lets hope you never get the same problem, happy driving Phil
  4. Well guys and gals, here is an update for you, have been trawling the internet for a few months now, reading up on lots of things on different websites, and found something that might help others in the future, as you know I want an ECU with the part number 89661-50250 but have been unable to locate one a write up I was reading said something about an ECU they had tried on a car conversion using a 1995 LS 400 engine, they tried ECU 89661- 50380, I found a guy on Ebay selling one in the United Arab Emirates, so asked him to open it up and take pictures of the layout of the capacitors and board, He did, and emailed them to me, I then compared the layout to mine, it had 9 caps in exactly the same position as mine, then I compared other components and apart from a couple of extras on his they were identical, so I purchased it for $40, it came today and I eagerly fitted it, I turned the ignition on and let it load and off again for a moment then prayed it would start as I turned the key all the way, it started straight away, so I let her warm up for ten minutes and took her for a test drive, everything works great I am over the moon no warning lights goes like the clappers and glides like a dream. I have also found a Japanese import ECU 89661-50241 in America it had photos of the internals of the ECU and again had 9 caps and exactly the same layout as 50380. I have purchased it, and am waiting delivery, so again will update you if it works or not. Just thought the information may help someone else in the future, as I was getting to the point where I thought I would have to break my lovely Lexus and now I dont, Conclusion Needed ECU 89661-50250 the correct one for the car Used to get by on ECU 89661-50221 ( good for just cruising around with engine light on) only 6 caps on this one but car was running fine Working completely ECU 89661-50380 To be tested ECU 89661-50241 and will update you on the results Also bear in mind My LS400 has no alarm I had to have it bypassed to start the car when purchasing, the guy who owned it passed away and it stood for 3 years in his garage. hope this helps someone else, as gives you more options Kind regards all Phil
  5. Just want to say thanks to everyone for there input and help in this matter, I will update when I have fitted the used one I purchased, then I need to get my Exhaust sorted as its blowing from the front joints both sides just before the mid section, or was, as I have put some paste in for now whilst I deal with the ECU, cheers guys
  6. Yes Malc all down to luck, I have bought 2 x second hand ones now just yesterday, But, they are likely to have the same problems as many of us get, although I plan on having the capacitors changed in one by LS Cowboy from lexus owners .com or is there anyone who does it in the UK I wonder? Anyway I have sent private messages to LS Cowboy and he seems to be the top man, thanks for your input appreciated
  7. Yes been trying this one for a few months, I can get no answers, I have purchased one now, just hoping its ok and works
  8. Hi Stu, Issues are, a flickering speedometer needle, it bounces up and down, this confuses the gearbox and it doesnt know what gear its supposed to be in, so if I pull up at the traffic lights it will stay in 3rd or 2nd, or if I kick down it goes between 2nd and 3rd over and over. This happens when the car is first started for 20-30 mins and then all of a sudden it starts to drive as normal. How do I know its the ECU for sure? I have purchased another ECU with the wrong part number which is: 89661-50221 Mine is 89661-50250 The 89661-50221 works perfect or seems to, until I kick down, the car pauses then lurches forward at speed in a strange manor, and I can not get the diagnostic side to work. but just drives great until I stick the pedal to the metal, no speedometer problems and smooth gear changing up and down the box. but I want it all to work in the correct manor so have now been searching for an ECU with the right part number 89661-50250 ANYONE OUT THERE GOT ONE or LSCowboy says it can be 89661-50251 50252 50253 50254 50255 50256 50257 50258 50259 and if it has 84 onthe end of that thats fine too but to be honest I have looked everywhere and there are none around at all ANYBODY GOT ANY IDEAS?? Thanks in advance Phil Glider
  9. Hi All, Been searching for an ECU,for some time now Lexus ls400 engine control ecu 89661-50250 have replaced all capacitors as instructed in my ECU but still having small niggles, so, want to try another ECU. Can anyone tell me if there are any compatible ECUs/part numbers that I may use 89661- ?????, my immobilizer has been bypassed, thanks for any help, appreciated Regards Phil
  10. Hi everybody, checked fault codes on my LS after some electrical repairs, it came up with 3, so cleared them, and took the car for a 20 mile drive, then checked again, I have 1 fault code 21 main lamda sensor left bank (or oxygen) i then checked out what issues I might get because of this, and or symptoms, which were engine check light on rough running on idle and funny smells.....well I have none of these, has anyone else experienced the same please, Many thanks Phil PS I will change the sensor just in case