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  1. As the question really. I understand that the retractible roof fuse box is located to the rear of the boot space but since it is stuck down there is no way of accessing it this way. Is it possible to take the rear seating out, and access it this way. Does anyone know of a mechanic who can undertake these roof repairs?
  2. Thanks Declan Will search out the manuals...very grateful to you mate
  3. Hi Wonder if any one has any ideas...Lexus have £1500 quote for roof which seems excessive. My Roof is stuck in down position. My mechanic of many years told me to isolate battery for an hour and retry - perfect. I didn't realise that it was only a temporary fix. So nice day, roof down. Trick didn't work. Another mechanic tried just before lock down, but was stumped. I suspect it may be microswitches. I've got a fixD diagnostic...but because car is in garage I can't see where the socket is doh! Anyway, was wondering whether any of you marvellous peeps might have any ideas. Oh now I can't even get the boot this a fuse problem? Looking forward to any help...I'm stuck in twice really Warm regards paulvallo
  4. Hi RevPhilip How did you check the two slots above the windscreen? I have the same problem and been quoted £1500 to fix from Lexus! Do you pull out the mechanism with some pliers? Another mechanic looked at it and they couldn't even put it up manually. Now in garage but I'm fearing that if I cannot get someone to sort it, I may have to bite my lip and and drive it to Lexus in Southampton on a sunny day...I'm based on Hayling Island. It's a nightmare...but not as bad as owning a Ford nightmare...
  5. Caravanning club have got back to me. They say it’s a Far East thing where caravanning isn’t that popular, so it’s to do with image + disclaimer against US market. I’m somewhat relieved...thanks for help it’s appreciated
  6. Thanks for this my manual - page 248 I quote “Lexus does not recommend towing a trailer with your vehicle. Lexus also does not recommend the installation of a tow hitch or the use of a tow hitch carrier. Your Lexus is not designed for trailer towing... I don’t think any car is ‘designed’ for is that some cars eg generally 2L+ have sufficient power to undertake this task. I am also not that bothered about recommendations that might come from aesthetic considerations...I just want to know whether the car is up to the job. I will post the C&C towmatch report later (the report which made me purchase the car!) Thanks John I really appreciate your input... Paul V
  7. Why is IS 250C AUTO not recommended for towing when camping & caravanning towmatch service gives it a good pass...any ideas would be helpful as I’m at my wits end! Just paid 600 for a tow are to be fitted on Tuesday