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  1. As mentioned above, the main issues if you’re seriously considering any diesel (especially one approaching 100k) will be the state of the EGR valve and DPF, aswell as the turbo. If your driving mainly comprises short trips or commutes through slow & heavy traffic then the petrol option will be a better bet. Diesels need regular long distance motorway hauls and stellar mileage to ensure sufficient heat soak to keep the engine de-clogged, and even that’s no guarantee of problem-free driving. You could delete those components from your car, but that’s now a technical mot fail. Given the fuel cost differential, pending city zone restrictions and the general demonisation of derv, you need a pretty solid reason to buy one right now. Used prices are clearly fairly attractive at the moment given all the above. It might look like a short term bargain but you’ll need to weigh in the points raised by contributors above. Lexus doesn’t possess the years of diesel heritage compared to many of the German brands. It was a short term venture for them and now firmly shunned. If it was my money, I’d be looking at the green pump, but best of luck with whatever you choose. (Ex diesel driver now in an Is300h and loving it).
  2. The Atkinson cycle ICE is optimised for economy rather than power, so I don’t imagine there’s much BHP advantage with the higher octane. I just run regular Shell but put in V-Power around every 5th fill for the cleaning additives.
  3. Thanks for replies, I just let it do it’s thang 🙂
  4. I don’t think I’m imagining this, but for the last few days my traction battery monitor doesn’t seem to be updating bar movements as regularly as before It used to show the bars moving up & down as the battery discharged & charged but now seems to hardly change at all, even though all the blue/red/orange arrows appear to be responding normally I’ve proved that the monitor is actually working by driving in EV mode round some quiet roads, and it did finally show a discharge, and the recharged again. But in normal driving it seems to hold steady at the same bar numbers much more so than usual Is this just a feature of the weather warming up a bit? No change in MPG or anything to indicate there’s an issue though
  5. I came from a 530d with 19” wheels on M Sport suspension to an IS300h exec on 17” wheels, so more compliant than the 18” on the F Sport you’re considering. Have to say that whilst it’s definitely more comfy than the M Sport, even on the 17s its still fairly firm - more so than I was expecting. Given there’s the F Sport option, I’m a tad disappointed that the Exec model isn’t more compliant as standard. So would be interested to see how you find the FSport Compared to the LS I’m pretty sure you’ll also notice much more road / tyre noise. Again, slightly disappointing but actually a victim of the relative quietness of the hybrid drive. But the LS would’ve been equally quiet, if not more so due to better sound proofing, so you might find the IS tyre noise instrusive. Apart from that, and despite what it may sound like, I’m actually loving the way the IS drives !!
  6. Check out this post which also includes the TSB details Some have had a successful outcome I had the active damper installed a couple of months ago, but not the software flash. Not convinced it fixed much. I’m having more success by simply not trying to listen out for it now TBH!
  7. Related to this, is there some sort of failsafe that unlocks the doors in (say) the case of an accident, and the car is still in Drive (ie not in Park)? Does the car detect this and unlock all the doors for safety/escape purposes ?
  8. Glad the car’s everything you were hoping for Lee; that new-car-day feeling is pretty damn hard to beat. You don’t have to say, but I’m sure you took the long way home!
  9. Coming from weak halogens on my old beemer I’m still getting off on the xenons on my 64 Exec model !! Ah well 😀
  10. The lock end looks quite chunky. How well does it fit the wheel for the IS and does it leave any marks or indentations?
  11. Enjoy your beer D, think you deserve it! Hope the claim goes thru easily. Had a dash cam for about 3 years, and now would never drive without one.
  12. Hi Lee and welcome. Great colour! Look forward to your write-up after you pick up the car 😀. In the meantime, enjoy the suspense, impatience, and excitement of the wait to get behind that wheel ... happy times!!
  13. Great looking car! As above, please let’s us know how it compare. Happy motoring 😀
  14. Hi Paul ive only used it charge the phone a few times at the moment, not jump start a car. With nearly 1000 reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars, that’s a high hit rate on Amazon with many buyers impressed, and so I was pretty happy to give this unit a go. Mine arrived 50% charged but I fully charged it to 100% over Christmas, and have just checked it now (in the boot of my car) and it’s still sat at 100%. The unit certainly looks and feels like a quality item, but until I use it I won’t know for sure. Btw it’s ok to post batteries (I’ve sent some pretty high powered 18650 lithium ion cells) provided the package is marked.
  15. If it helps, the one I got from Amazon was a “DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter” for about £70. So it was pricey for what it is, but got good reviews and is capable of starting up to a 6.5L petrol engine. Probably overkill, but I figured that if I’m going to carry one of these things around, I’d prefer one that could cover all eventualities ! 🙂