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  1. Hi all, I kinda know what some people will answer to this question, just replace the OEM unit with an after market unit, but I do quite like the original stereo, so: Does anyone know of an electrical repair person in the North East (of England) or nationally that could sort out my multi changer? The CD spins around for a bit then just shows the error message when I try to play a disc. I’ve loaded a few CD’s just incase it was the one position and tried a cd cleaner (one with a little brush). I think it might be a bit grubby inside as a former owner might have been a pipe smoker, so any ideas on DIY cleaning and re-oiling would be good too?! Thanks Dan.
  2. Thanks Mr Vlad, No, I’m up to date with the local dealer situation thank. My sarcasm was aimed at the absence of Tyne and Wear in the sign up Location options. Tyne and Wear has existed since 1974 (apparently) but I only had the choice between Northumberland and County Durham. I’m just being cheeky. Is there much ok a club meet scene within the LOC? And is it affiliated to Lexus UK in any way? Cheers Dan
  3. Cheers. What are those wheels called? Where they part of the Styling package?
  4. Hi all, I’ve just bought a 2003 IS200 Sport saloon with the TTE styling pack. So brace yourselves for lots of silly newbie questions! The first being, why no Tyne and Wear option on the uk locations? Someone not acceptant of the Local Govenment Act 1972? ”they’ll always be Northumberland and County Durham in my mine lad!” 😂 Anyhow, hello all. Thanks Dan