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  1. Hello there. This is my Lexus IS200 SE 1999 V reg 58,000 miles with full service history 1 years full mot and taxed Being the SE it is fully loaded with electric half leather seats, 6 CD system all all the other extras. I have also added a Cat 1 alarm system, sport suspension and privacy glass to the car which as you can see from the picture I added to the other post really set the car off! This car has been very very well maintained and is in pristine condition with no dents or noticable scratches. As you can see it is platinum silver and comes with the private reg. It has also recently had all 4 tyres changed and all the brake pads. I am asking 8495 which is a bargain as it is in excellant condition! Email me for more pictures. I live in Norfolk. Thanks :D
  2. Hello there. I have a 1999 V reg IS 200 SE. It has full service history and 58,000 miles. 1 years full mot and tax. It has all the usual features plus it also has uprated sport suspension, privacy glass and a cat 1 alarm. It is in pristine condition with no dents or noticable scratches. Platinum silver in colour. I have many other photos available so if you email me I can forward them to you. I have it up for 8495 which is an absolute bargain since you won't find one in better condition!
  3. Lexus Is200 SE for sale. Unfortunately due to buying a new house I am having to sell my beloved Lexus. It is a 1999 V reg SE in platinum silver. It has 53,000 miles and full service history. Being an SE it is fully loaded will all the extras including half leather, climate control, 6 cd player, electric everything etc. It also has a couple of added extras aswell - I have had the sport suspension fitted so the car sits slightly lower and has much better handling. I also have privacy glass fitted which contrasts well with the silver to give the car a stunning look! Finaly the car has an upgraded cat 1 alarm system for added security. This really is a great car and has been very well looked after! I am asking around 8995.00 for the car so if anyone is interested please email me to arrange a viewing. Any other questions feel free to ask, thanks Simon
  4. Hello everyone. Unfortunately the time has come to sell my IS 200 so consequently I now have a few bits for sale: (1). Sport grille in platinum ice (2). Auto acoustics 12" stealth subwoofer box finished in greay to match the boot and fits the offside of the car (3). Custom made fibreglass tweeter mounts (4). 3 Diamond audio CM3 12" subs (5). Morpheous micro road pilot gps speed camera detector (6). Genesis dual mono and genesis profile sub amps (not on ebay at moment) (7). Focal utopia component kit For full details all these items I have just put them all on ebay so if you run a search everything will come up. Obviously Im open to offers from you guys aswell also if anyones after anything like this and finally the cars up for sale aswell. Its a 99 IS200 SE, 57000 miles, service history etc. Email me for photos and ill send them staright out for you to look at. Thanks everyone. :)
  5. Because I phoned and spoke to my insurance company - Tesco - and they wanted a ridiculous £190 to keep them on there! I only had the induction kit fitted a day before I took it off again - cant afford for them to refuse paying out if I have a prang!
  6. Just a quick mention that Im now selling my Greddy induction kit and exhaust on ebay. Blatant advertisment but gotta be done! Thanks
  7. Hello. Im looking to fit an induction kit to my 1999 is200se. Iwanted the greddy one but cant find anywhere to buy it from. Does anyone know of any greddy dealers in this country - websites woulod be great? Also has anyone tried the pipercross induction kit they make for it. It looks quite unusual so just wondered if anyone has any idea what it sounds like? THANKS
  8. Hello just wondred if anyone has any 18 or 19" wheels for sale preferably with tyres. Im also after and exhuast. If anyone has anything please pm or email me as I have cash waithing thanks
  9. I have a Genesis Profile 2 amplifier for sale. The amp is less than 1 month old and is boxed in as new condition. This is one of the best 2 channel amps on the market and produces 2*75W RMS and gives brilliant sound quality. If anyone wants it I am open to offers through email and pm.I live in Norfolk and can also post no problems. thanks
  10. Hello there. I got an IS200 with the standard 17" wheels and lowered 30mm on eibach springs. I am thinking of fitting a set of 18s but am not sure what difference this will make to the ride. I do a lot of miles so dont want to spil the ride quality. Does anyone else have this combination and what differnce does it make to the ride quality? thanks
  11. Hello everyone. I had my car to bits fitting a big ice install and since then I have had a problem with the handbrake light on the dash staying on. I just wondered if anyone had a quick fix for this problem or knew whether resetting the ecu gets rid of it? thanks
  12. Hello everyone. Right a bit of a problem in that I have has the seat out of my IS and the airbag light has come on. Just wondered if anyone knew how to get it put out or whether it was a main dealer job? thanks