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  1. Hey Jules, nice to see/hear from you. Things are good, though not convinced about "fit and active" 😄 I don't get on many forums at the moment either, been doing a lot of domestic duties. I've still got a bit of outdoor stuff left to do but it's too cold for me out there at the moment, especially on the roof which is the next job. 👴 The Scoop is OK as far as I can remember, not been out in it since mid October when a few of us went over to Norwich for a Terminal Velocity meet. In fact it's now going on 18 months old and still only got 2,200 miles on it. I do keep cleaning it, it's actually
  2. I've decided, mainly thanks to the advice given on here, that it will be going to Lexus for it's annual service as the hybrid battery check is worth it on it's own. Still undecided about extending the warranty for another 2 years as it's a grand I could do without spending really, especially given my current mileage. @Ian C I'm not currently sure about selling it as I'd soon get frustrated with not having a "go to" car. It's literally outside the front door, so all I have to do is open it and drive away (apart from the ubiquitous unplugging of the battery charger which is permanent
  3. Hi Gents, thanks for the replies. @ColinBarber yes, the car does still have an extended warranty though only till the end of March when the service is due. I can do the 2 year renewal thing for £995 but again, with the low mileage I'm currently doing, I'm not convinced if I should bother or not. @Barry14UK I'm not sure if I'll be keeping it or not as my circumstances have changed considerably since I initially bought it. I picked it up in August 2018 with the intention of using it as a winter car which I've always had. Unfortunately a bit of ill health got to me, forcing me to give up wo
  4. Good evening people of the Lexus Owners Forum, I trust you are all well in these troubled times? I don't really post here so forgive me if this is in the wrong section or a common knowledge issue but I have a decision to make in the next couple of weeks which I could do with some advice on. The car is a 2014 RX450h Advance, with quite a low mileage of around 33,700. It was taken in to be serviced at my local Lexus dealer (Bolton) last March, where it underwent the big 60k mile one at a not inconsiderable cost. My issue now is that it's obviously due again next month though, due to va
  5. Cheers John, I wouldn't entertain a Mercedes hybrid though, as you probably know, I do tend to like my big petrol engined things, hence all the AMGs. 😉 I'm not really doing the miles any more so will probably keep hold of this RX for a bit longer, at least another 12 months anyway. I've only put around 1,000 miles on the current Mercedes since I bought it in October due to a combination of illness and, once I started to recover, this lockdown thing so in reality under 1,500 miles in 8 months or so with both cars. I'll keep popping in here as it seems a lot more chilled than some of t
  6. Hi Steve, Yes, I do indeed get the breakdown cover with it which they have kindly just extended as a freebie due to the current situation. Having said that, I suppose that they can afford to really as nobody's actually going anywhere at the moment... I have another 10 months to go yet so when it gets nearer the time I'll see if I want to renew it again, no real rush at the moment. 🙂
  7. Hello all, been lurking here a while now but not really bothered posting as I've had nothing of interest to say really. I acquired the RX450 (Advance I believe) back in August 2018 with 30,800 miles on it. It was actually bought from a local Volkswagen dealership, so I'm assuming they took it as a part exchange on something. It's still only got around 33,500 on it as it's a second car, though I tend not to use them very often nowadays having practically retired. The car's just had it's big 6 year service with my local (Bolton) dealership and is waiting to go back in to them for an
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