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  1. I would like to update the maps on satnav in 2015 is300h Advance, can anyone advise me on the best place to get the update from ?.
  2. I'm getting a high pitched noise from front wheels it's intermittent and mainly when warm. Lexus have said that it's a common thing on their cars and is caused by brake dust. Has anyone else had this problem ?
  3. Is there an ashtray in the is300 and if so where ?
  4. I keep getting a double Beep when driving at first I thought it might be the satnav but it also happens when the satnav is turned off, there are no warning lights visable when this happens, does any one have a similar problem ?
  5. is 300 advance 65 reg, sometimes when I've got the energy screen on the satnav will interrupt and tell me about some road closure miles from where I'm located. Does anyone else have this problem ?
  6. Hi all I'm new here and I have just brought an is 300h advance 2015 and would like to know where the on/off switch is for the front parking sensors and also should the rear ones beep as well as showing bars. Thanks in advance for any answers to what is probably the first of many questions.