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  1. It’s not just the proximity of houses, it’s the potential nuisance to other road users. Just Google ‘Evo Triangle’ to get an understanding of how Evo Magazine has promoted this section of road. e.g. If this app becomes popular, it will reach far more people than Evo Magazine ever has. Like I said, I hope the app fails or is banned.
  2. Certainly wouldn’t be a ‘HAPPY THURSDAY’ if you lived on a road which some app listed as a great ‘drive’ (aka raceway!).
  3. Still seems like a stupid idea to me. it could wind up locals and bring too much attention to a stretch of road. Evo Triangle. I rest my case. I hope it gets banned
  4. I don’t think I’d want an LC as an every day car. There are so many cars that do the job better. Also, as already said, the German equivalents are now leagues ahead in terms of infotainment systems and also performance. LC500 is a stunning car, but personally I’d save money, buy any F car and run a nice luxury daily as well.
  5. Yeh - that is funny 😜 Mine would be really sad, fishing adverts and cars!
  6. If you know what cookies to delete then fine, but don’t assume that all users have the necessary knowledge to make the right decision.
  7. Yes - a simplistic view You don’t need to install another browser. Nearly all browsers have Private Browsing / Incognito / etc
  8. Hmmmm - I’m struggling 😁 Probably a luxury RX450h - but I do like the LC500 cars. No - I said it had to be one - sonit would have to be an RX!
  9. I believe that’s how websites remember who you are