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  1. That's a fair comment... I didn't realise the current NX was quite so elderly.
  2. Just looked it up... About 5-10 grand less expensive... And the RAV4 has good cargo capacity to boot (sorry, couldn't resist that one)
  3. That's interesting. Makes you wonder what Toyota/Lexus are doing making the RAV4 seem a better prospect than an NX (and presumably a fair bit cheaper, too). Although I've always had a bit of a 'problem' with the RAV4... Ever since one careered into my front garden.
  4. That's what you would expect, though, improvements over time. But that's not what always happens. I used to have a thing for the big Citroen's, and owned 2 CX saloons with about 8 years between them. The latter one was really really nice, but I always found myself thinking "why did they get rid of that?" The answer, in hindsight, was probably marketing... They had clearly decided that satisfying the somewhat quirky tastes of the traditional fans wasn't going to shift units en mass. The strategy didn't really work, though. Lexus marketing does seem to be selling cars at the moment, so they are getting something right. I guess I really can't judge unless I get to drive a current RX.
  5. It's odd that there can be so much difference... When you look at the cars side on, it looks like the NX is basically an RX with the back bit chopped off... But then again there's no reason why the car must have the same suspension, upholstery or drivetrain just because it appears that there is some commonality in the body or chassis. The NX I drove (ignoring the uncomfortable seats) basically felt like driving a good Mondeo... So maybe that's where it's market is.
  6. Farnham Dave

    15 year hybrid warranty

    That makes sense, although I understood average mileage to be 12000pa... I might be out of date on that, but 10,000 does seem a little stingey. Still worth the extra expense after every 10000 miles IMVHO
  7. I've always considered them to be vehicles that provide a utility for carrying your sports equipment!
  8. I don't really see the point for a sporty set up in a "tall" car. It's like buying a Rosé wine: not robust like a red and not smooth like a white. (You can probably tell than I'm not a wine expert).
  9. Farnham Dave

    15 year hybrid warranty

    Quite, I "imagined" as an indication that I didn't KNOW. "Imagine" does not imply a conclusion, so I wasn't jumping to one.
  10. Farnham Dave

    15 year hybrid warranty

    So that would be all models, then. Well done for finding that... I did numerous searches, and kept coming back with various ages of vehicle, never the 15 years.
  11. Yes, my RX is exceptionally comfortable. Maybe I just have to stick with the older ones. Or maybe like hats that grow softer and more comfortable with age.
  12. One of my biggest gripes with the NX was how hard the ride was. I've also been known to complain about the torque steering on the RX... which didn't seem a problem on the new NX. Guess I want my cake and get to eat it.
  13. Farnham Dave

    15 year hybrid warranty

    I'm not sure which vehicles are covered... I would imagine it's all Lexus hybrids, but stranger things have happened. I'm not sure what happens if you have the check done and the hybrid system is found to be already dicky, unless the check was previously done within 12 months... Do they cover it? I don't know.
  14. To be fair (to me), I've not had the RX for long, so I'm not really used to that either!
  15. Farnham Dave

    15 year hybrid warranty

    The service chap at Lexus Guildford said that 15 year update to Lexus policy came in in January... So I guess there was a formal announcement in some form