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  1. I was planning on using a professional restorer, rather than DIY. Quoted £80, which I'm sure is more than doing it myself, but I'm very wary of not getting it just right.
  2. Welcome. Only been here myself a matter of months, having acquired a 2006 400h. Gradually getting things "up to spec" - within reason - refurbished wheels, fixed brakes, couple of new tyres, all that sort of stuff. Got compliments from the in-laws. They always buy new cars (Audi or Land Rover with good Mondeo as a run around), so compliments from someone on a much higher budget really welcome! I think a headlight lens refurbishment is my next thing... UV damage, I think... Not exactly uncommon issue. Anyway, enjoy!
  3. Brilliant. I actually took mine to Lexus instead of my local garage for the spark plugs (wanted hybrid service anyway)... That way, I'm still friends with my local garage!
  4. The requirement for there to be no more than two seems a little odd. I fitted an aftermarket reversing camera to my last car that had its own light, hence three reversing lights in total, and had no problem with the MOT test.
  5. Personally, I'd prefer a slightly older RX to an NX... Cost the same, but you get a better car IMHO.
  6. Yeah, I went for that option a few years back on a Ford Scorpio because Ford UK didn't have a full exhaust left! Money well spent... But remember to check that your insurance will be ok with a stainless exhaust first (it counts as a modification)
  7. Satnav is clunky, true. I use my phone. Easier to use, better features. Need a mount for it, of course (Unless you want audio only).
  8. My thoughts exactly... And we're the lucky ones... There are people out there driving cars with only one reversing light by design. Problem for people approaching from the wrong side in a supermarket carpark, for example. Also no backup if your one r-light fails.
  9. I might consider new locking wheel nuts. These ones in Amazon are reasonably priced and chrome plated... https://www.amazon.co.uk/BUTZI-12x1-50-Chrome-Theft-Locking/dp/B01M6V8AGT I'll take one of the existing ones off, and compare the fitting
  10. I'm not quite sure why the locking nuts aren't plated in the first place. And I agree, the rusty look of the brake calipers leaves a lot to be desired!
  11. Having recently had my alloys refurbished, I noticed a few things that now stood out like site thumbs. The tyres really need black lacquer, but also the locking wheel nuts are horrible and the centre trims don't match. Anyway, I bought some wheel nut covers on the internet, just for the ones that go on the locking nuts. I don't know if I'll use the rest of the set yet (for the regular nuts), they are, after all, just cheap plastic. Here's before and after pictures.
  12. That's a fair comment... I didn't realise the current NX was quite so elderly.
  13. Just looked it up... About 5-10 grand less expensive... And the RAV4 has good cargo capacity to boot (sorry, couldn't resist that one)