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  1. Update: the sensor seems to be working fine now... Guess it did eventually dry out😀
  2. I asked my MOT test station, and they do check the emissions. I'm going to get the sensor done anyway... Don't think I want to be running too rich for any length of time. As 'Lost it' pointed out... There's the cat to worry about. I also have memories of that classic chart in Haynes manuals with the pictures of spark plugs from cars suffering various defects (and I've not long had the spark plugs replaced).
  3. It's tempting to snip and join isn't it? So as long as an over rich fuel mixture isn't costing too much in petrol, and it doesn't do any damage, I'm free as a bird because it's a hybrid? That's just daft! Thanks for the info
  4. I have a failed lambda/O2 sensor (according to OBD2 fault code). Bank 1 sensor 2. All was fine before I drove through some flooded sections of road yesterday. I'm guessing (only guessing) that the sensor should be able to handle wet weather, so maybe it was on its way out anyway. I reset the error codes, and the P0138 error code returns, so not just because it got wet (will have dried out?). I've got the MOT test soon... Will get the garage to replace the sensor before the test. Has anyone done or watched a replacement? I watched a YouTube video, and the procedure on the Toyota they were working on involved removing a seat and trim to get to the connector at the other end (wire passing through floor under seat). Is it just me, or is this a bonkers piece of design? You would think there would be a connector close to the sensor, or a more accessible route. Oh well, got to give the dealers a reason to charge a million squillion quid for replacing a simple sensor, I guess!
  5. There's extra annual servicing to pay for, I believe
  6. THE FOLLOWING INFO RELATES TO THE RX400H, NOT THE 450 I've part-done mine. Haven't bothered with the year interior light (yet). Didn't buy a kit, but bought individually. Worth doing IMHO. But now that the "reading/map lights" end up with a blueish tint, down to the light cover... Main courtesy light still shines white. Bought a pair of these for the reading/map... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2PC-BA9S-T11-T4W-3014-LED-24-SMD-Car-Side-Light-Bulb-Interior-Lamp-White-12V-/222840203996 One of these festoon bulbs - 31mm - for the front courtesy light... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Festoon-31-42mm-Led-Smd-c5w-sv8-5-Lamp-Light-Bulbs-Interior-Hid-White-12v-UK-/153037949846 I can't open the email confirming what I used for the boot... But the email title says 28mm festoon... So two more of the above festoon bulbs will probably be right. Also, my hunch is that the rear courtesy light will be the same, but I haven't looked yet. The festoons are polarity sensitive, but you just take them out and insert the other way if they don't work. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING WHATSOEVER EVEN IF IT'S MY FAULT 😊
  7. It did happen on a hot day. When cooler, it creaks and hesitates.
  8. Yes, quite a chunk of stuff. It doesn't look like it can be taken apart or serviced/lubricated. I'm going to have a tentative look sometime, see if the unit is accessible... I've seen a YouTube video where someone lifts the edge of the roof liner to take a look... Whatever I do, I don't want to do any damage in the process, though... Would rather hit a dead end than end up with mangled trim.
  9. Ok, judging by the picture in the manual page you sent me, it's one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-RX-400H-TAILGATE-AUTO-CLOSE-MECHANISM-427107-10030-/123731641179 I wasn't sure earlier
  10. Thanks. I will do some searches for "... Drive unit", and see if I get anything new. I tried motor and a few other things before.
  11. Hi everybody. I'm having problems closing the tailgate (automatically). Sometimes, it gets half way down then stops, goes CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK, and opens again. Didn't happen till hot weather The struts are new, and are the correct ones. The sound sounds like a knackered cog or something... I might try and investigate, but would like to hear if anyone else has had the same problem. 2006 RX400h
  12. I was planning on using a professional restorer, rather than DIY. Quoted £80, which I'm sure is more than doing it myself, but I'm very wary of not getting it just right.
  13. Welcome. Only been here myself a matter of months, having acquired a 2006 400h. Gradually getting things "up to spec" - within reason - refurbished wheels, fixed brakes, couple of new tyres, all that sort of stuff. Got compliments from the in-laws. They always buy new cars (Audi or Land Rover with good Mondeo as a run around), so compliments from someone on a much higher budget really welcome! I think a headlight lens refurbishment is my next thing... UV damage, I think... Not exactly uncommon issue. Anyway, enjoy!
  14. Brilliant. I actually took mine to Lexus instead of my local garage for the spark plugs (wanted hybrid service anyway)... That way, I'm still friends with my local garage!