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  1. Magnetically mounted external camera (WiFi with rechargeable battery). Instructions say not to exceed 60mph, so there's a thick chunk of neodymium magnets on the inside of the rear door. I've just had a quick fast journey, and checked position... Hasn't moved. I've resurrected my old second generation Motorola phone. Factory reset, downloaded Safety cam app, then removed user account and WiFi connection just to be in safe side. All seems fully functional and correct. Inside magnets are wrapped in a nitrile glove to protect the bodywork, but I need to do something on the outside to stop any grit getting between camera and panel (noticed one small scratch already). Will probably use blank vinyl decal or something. Next step is the barrier behind the front seats.
  2. I might be trying it out today, once I've resurrected my old phone (to be used as a "mirror") I tried a wing mirror extender.... It flew off... Never too be found again. Just glad the motorway was empty.
  3. Yeah, get it on my RX400h... Found it was worse if the tyres were overinflated, if that's any help.
  4. I would use the side mirrors, except that the they don't really tick all the boxes on the motorway if your rear view is blocked. People are expecting a van to not be able to see behind it, but they're not expecting that of a car.
  5. Sorry for upsetting you all. This isn't as bad as it sounds. I need to transport partner's stuff from uni occasionally, and go camping occasionally. While the luggage involved isn't heavy, particularly, it will fill even the RX to the roof with the rear seats folded down. I don't plan to drive around with a dangerous load obscuring my view, or threatening my safety. So this is my plan of action. I don't intend any of these adaptations to be permanent fixtures, to damage the car, or to impede safety. 1. WiFi camera mounted on rear of car via magnet. 2. Old phone to act as pseudo-mirror on windscreen, fed from the camera 3. Roof height barrier behind front seats. I am currently working on (1). I'll post some info when I'm successful... And successful includes being able to drive on fast roads without losing the camera. Plan is that all can be set up our removed in minutes. Comments and suggestions welcome
  6. Had reversing lights like this for a couple of months, now. Have to report it's done the job beautifully.
  7. Have now replaced bulbs with LEDs in reversing lights, and removed the extra deflectors... Whose purpose seemed purely to limit lighting of the reversing light to the lower half. While I was there, LED-ed the interior light on the the rear door trim, too. Haven't tested properly yet, since it's not dark at the moment. Noticed that the light clusters l on the rear seem to be designed so they can be opened up, so might look at those sometime (could do with removing some water ingress).
  8. Mmmmm... Not convinced they'd dazzle, I'll check for that anyway... Regardless of liability, I wouldn't like to be causing that sort of problem. I'm also going to double check the insurance situation. I'm not convinced a new bulb counts as a mod, but I'll play it safe. Legally, I checked up on things with a previous car when fitting a reversing camera with lights. It seems that the law doesn't give a hoot about reserving light layout as long as you've got something, and it passed the mot, so I can only assume that that was good advice. Whether the law and the insurance industry agree, of course, is a different matter!
  9. My sincerest apologies. Having had to park in a dark location recently, I hadn't realised how much difference the reversing lights were making in other cars I've driven. More rear illumination is required in the RX400h IMHO. Will be fitting some decent brighter bulbs in due course.
  10. But have to been relacqured? As I understand it, you'll be removing another layer of plastic in a year or two and so on.
  11. Finally got around to doing this. Used Tintex in Portsmouth. Price was below £80, and includes application of fresh lacquer. I'm very impressed with the results, and hope (indeed, expect) that they will last for years to come. I've attached a picture for the curious.