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  1. Hi there newbie here looking for some help. I have a lexus gs300 and i am putting an aristo 2jz gte engine into the car. Non vvti 1995. I have some questions i was hoping someone could clarify. 1. The supra starter should hook up the aristo engine? Issue i am having is i have replaced the waterpump with a supra one and alternator, for whatever reason, the supra alternator top hole is about 5mm out from the water pump hole. Reason i chose the supra starter was it had the same round multiplug as the Aristo alternator and any aristo alternator i seen had a rectangular multplg. Does anyone know if the supra alternator is different from an aristo one and why cant i find an aristo alternator with round multiplug? 2. Need a set of Aristo engine mounts, just the metal bracket part that bolts to engine. MUST BE FROM A PRE VVTI ARISTO. 3. Looking for 800+ side feed injectors that will drop into the standard fuel rail, any recommendations?
  2. Hi there i have been looking through the posts but i cant see to find an answers on a couple of things. 1. I need to change the diff oil on my Lexus and i am pretty sure lower hole is to drain on the side of diff and the one a it higher is for topping up is this right? I beleive you keep pouring in until it starts coming out? 2. Does anyone have pictures of the followings areas, i stripped my car down and didnt get any pictures of specific areas(just for rebuild) 1. Position of rear brake line to chassis bracket. 2. Pictures of bolt at rear subframe to chassis. 3. I have two sets of camber adjuster bolts. One set has round flange is this for lower arm to hub bolt? The other one is round then a straight edge, pretty sure this is for the toe adjustment? Any pictures would be great.
  3. Hi there quite new to this and looking for some advice relating to my GS300 2001 3.0 Auto. 1. Other than lexus is there anywhere else to get nuts and bolts that dont require KY Jelly? 2. Best cheap place to get poly bushes for rear end? 3. Has anyone had their rear diff built/upgraded internally and what kind of power can it take.