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  1. I like the the next base unit has gps etc all in and very tidy
  2. Found the fuse box today (thank you jbi507) fitted the piggy back fuse and earth all good, rooted the wire, very easy up the collum then under the head lining to were I was going fix the camera which was to the left side of the mirror, all done very neat no wires on show, all worked to ignition. only problem it looked like a bag of crap, with the screen angle the camera hangs down right in the passenger line of sight and below the mirror so in total view when driving, so i striped it out and booked a web cam from Lexus, there model looks a far better, neater option than an ugly bolt on.
  3. Thanks for that I was looking at the side of the car under the door hinge but just got relays
  4. I’m really struggling pick a power up, I’ve looked for the fuse box in the drivers foot well removed panel but it’s all relays and plugs any help appreciated
  5. all very easy when you know how LOL sorted it now 😀
  6. Maybe a couple of dumb questions but can you adjust the speakers to be more forward and cut the rear down and is there a simple solution to be able to recieve text on the system Model is a NX 300h F Sport nice and new in sonic titanium (yes I like the colour 😁) cheers 👍🏻
  7. Picked up my new NX F Sport today very civilised hand over, really impressed with the car 😁
  8. If anyone has a picture of the bulb or know it’s fittment I can check on them and the ballasts as I supply HiD kits for motorcycles
  9. Will these bars fit a 2018 model NX
  10. Range Rover Evoque diesel wanted to go hybrid as I do a lot of short journeys and Im fed up of three oil changes a year on the RR computer saying service required due to the emissions getting dumped back into the oil if you do not exceed 40mph basicliy, JLR did not inform people up to 17 plate so it’s free but after that you pay and the dearlship is totally pathetic (guy salmon) impressd with the performance and spec on the NX far more bells and whistles than RR as standard.
  11. Just paid the deposit today for a NX300h F Sport in sonic titanium, first time owner of the Lexus brand, been a diesel man for many years, but after a weekend with the f sport hybrid I decided to make the change, looking forward to delivery on the 24th December