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  1. Sensors in the car decide which airbags, if any, need deployed in an accident. If the impact was directly from behind front airbags wouldn't make you any safer. Same with seatbelt pre-tensioners. If the airbags went off straight away they would afford you no protection if you had a 'multiple impact' accident. Your accident is why manufacturers tell you to have correctly adjusted headrests. You would be 'pushed back' into the seat during the impact and the headrest would stop your neck flexing too far back. Glad to hear you're okay and hopefully recover quickly.
  2. Thanks for that Alan, I think the lack of manufacturers offering this size tyre means little competition and therefore a higher price. Your Bridgestone duellers were one of the ones I was looking at locally (also Yokohama Geolander). Going to phone Lexus Edinburgh and see what they have available.
  3. So, apologies first, I know tyres have been done to death on here BUT I'm running a 2017 Rx450h f-sport (20" wheels) and this isn't necessarily covered previously - unless I'm looking in the wrong place! Rear tyres are going to need replaced soon and therefore I would like to pick the collective brains for recommendations and cheapest suppliers. Definitely want all season tyres. Prices seem to have taken a jump from my 2011 RX, seems to be some manufacturers not making this size (yet?). As always, thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone! Well I've lurked on this forum for far too long so today I have registered and here to introduce myself and our car. Should be picking up our 2017 Rx450h f-sport next week. It's f-sport white with rose interior (exactly the combo the wife wanted) , panoramic roof and protection pack. Being supplied by Lexus Edinburgh. Currently we have a 2011 Rx450h in white with black interior, it's an SE. A few cars ago we also had a 2003 (i think) RX300 SE. Looking forward to picking up the new car and the big jump in spec. No questions so far, a quick search on the previous posts has already answered my only query - pano roof /roof bars compatibility (dealer told me there was no way I should fit bars!). So thanks already!