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  1. Herbie, How would they know you had LPG if you did not tell them? I've only ever bought a ticket & surely they don't want to know anything about the car technology!? I'm not even sure it would come up anyway. Do you know if it's actually >illegal< or simply against the carriers rules?
  2. Can anyone whose had an LPG conversion please give some feedback on how or if it affected their insurance? thank
  3. I am not 100% sure but I am almost certain that car tax can no longer be transfered from one owner to another, as it used to be, you need to check for certain or end up maybe having towed away
  4. & from what I've heard if they don't need major work done on the air suspension sooner, a lot of them will need it doing after 10 years, I've no experience of them but these constant rumors must come from somewhere factual
  5. I suppose if they offer it at that & let someone bargain it down to 8k or 9k they'd be doing very well & if maybe someone goes to actually see it they would be serious buyers & seller would know they are serious & go for the big reduction of 2k = 8k 430.
  6. Is there any reason The_Acre cannot find out the part number from his nearest Lexus dealer?
  7. I know the MOT test has changed but does anyone whats supposed to different about the test from the years before this (or whenever it changed)?
  8. Yes I had loads of earache from about 11 years old till I was 16, then I left for good, great solution for me.
  9. He's asking £900 for it, if he had the confidence it would pass an MOT he would spend an extra £50 to get it and and heighten it's selling potential enormously with a £950, 1 years mot sale ticket, an MOT fail on a 400 could mean thousands £'s needs spending on it, I would not consider buying a 22 year old car with no mot,
  10. But are temp tourists required to change lamps? surely not,foreign tourists cars here do not have an MOT