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  1. He must be making his fortune on the LS suspension, seems to a constant, prollfic problem, that is not what a luxury car is about, the Ive looked at another forum & fro what I've read the Merc Airmatic is problem free, so the airmatic highlights what a luxury car is
  2. Yes runsgrateasanut that was my original point, although there's a few cars out there they are sometimes hundreds of miles apart & no used car dealer is going to load his stock full of rubbish, they would not have any business & another point is I/anyone can make a rubbish buy or excellent buy every time we buy used cars, it is IMO, not fair people trying to influence who to buy from & who not, I learned much about buying used cars by the mistakes I made early on
  3. Oh dear, I am so sorry that you have been traumatized to a point where you felt you had to write a beautiful post containing 1,084 characters, maybe you could get yourself some largactil they might help you eliminate the behavioural disturbances you seem to be experiencing, sorry for your demise, I hope the medication is not to expensive for you.
  4. I do not know peoples names on here or anything whatsever about Malc, for that matter not many peoples names on other social media networks. I approach as a non biased person
  5. One reason alone is enough, not many people on here are claiming to know this guy or have deal with him >I might be interested in looking at what he's got< >I know nothing about him, never heard of him & a very few people on here would be trying shape an opinion which I do not currently have & secondly the way the masses were constantly slagging of the guy called Baz had already shaped an opinion I did no have also a couple of people came on here to say what nice guy Baz was in the flesh & could only say what a nice guy he is, I have never heard of Baz before, do those points satisfy your question?
  6. I've no real idea why there's all the fuss, not least cause used, very old car dealers do not &never have had much of a reputation in the first place, certainly thats the case in London
  7. In which case, to say that in the way you have then (a) what court, (b) when & (c) what 'legal' charge was he found guilty of? (dodgy dealing is not a charge) you made your statement as a statement of fact so lets hear the proven facts
  8. Yes but not just car dealers, all products are subject to same by most sellers. I well remember when this forum was bombarded by posts about someone regular users called 'Old Baz' who never even posted on this forum during my time, I checked out this 'Old Baz' & it turned out he was (then) an OAP selling the odd LS car on ebay..........Maybe euthenaze the over 50's
  9. Reading the add through it is not a car I would buy, regardless of who is selling it, it is only being sold as a .....>''Spares Repairs project donor car''<.......
  10. I think anyone selling cars or trying to right now will be working at a loss, how much depends on how much investment has been made, 'The well has run dry'
  11. I'll try em & a few others, problem for me is I am on the borders of inner & central London so it's always more, although now & this past few weeks London is like a ghost tow, soon enough we will have tumbleweed blowing down the streets where ars used to go
  12. Your very wise to take a long route, many not used to caring about starting & just running a short distance per day will soon enough find out their battery runs out just doing these short runs, easy to ruin a battery fast like that
  13. They seem to be well below Lexus prices, I have not looked much but these came up.......