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  1. Vlad, now this is sorted, have you found out why on earth this persons car has now rolled back downhill twice? it rarely ever happens at all anywhere, have you been into the reasons with him before it happens again & you have to go through all this hassle again? any reason why he is not paying for the hire car? you would not need a hire car if the other guy had not put you off the road!
  2. I thought it was amusing, so many non proven things BMW gearbox etc, he's had it 2 years & no MOT so it's not even roadworthy, costs of transporting it here there & everywhere would cost a bomb, I think at least he should give a free fortune cooki with it so a buyer could feel confident
  3. I think it's best to change both at same time, if pump is ok at change it raises the question 'how mush longer has it got left' maybe a week later it's gone, the kits are cheap enough so why not a new pump from a kit, I've never heard any complaints about kits so long as people don't expect them to be of Lexus quality
  4. I did not know a 240k was safe Ive seen some posts on here saying about 60k??
  5. This is king of the crop, only 12k, it's gold so must be worth it|parentrq%3A459e5d1f16b0ad31c3820a5fffe9c234|iid%3A1
  6. I'd like to know that answer to that as well, I thought the insurance PLC's only cover pay outs if we comply with their 'terms & conditions', including any limitations, not them with our 'terms & conditions' which could not be 'prior, unpredictable event' clearly outlined & stated. Take into account this neighbour has already breached the road traffic act, you are probably talking about a lot of money to get it fixed 'properly' & so far nothing in writing from any source. stated.
  7. I agree entirely with the above post, at the moment 'it seems' you have no tangible evidence whatsoever, it's a necessity, only then can start making moves with other things, sometimes people will 'say things' but when it comes to being actual witness beyond you they won't do it, you can only act on what you actually have, not what you 'might' have, 'if', 'but' 'maybe'..
  8. Dear Lord, I pray for thy goodness to bless these tormented souls who rant above, I pray ease their torment, please heal their minds from the turmoil which has been torturing their pure souls like only Satan the vanquished would, I pray dear lord to give them the peace which eludes them, now & forevermore, in they eternal grace, Begon Lucifer, begone, the coolant question was fixed days ago, leave their wounded souls Amen
  9. Thanks for trying to answer my question, I already got the info I needed, as you will see if you check my post above yours
  10. My apologies, says so much for the mediocracy of my state education of the '50's
  11. Do you 'really' mean you do not know the answer to my question?
  12. I don't have that Steve, it's an almost 20 year old car, anyway thanks for the link but thats to 1990-94 cars, mines a '99. I'll call Lexus & get the capacity so I can buy the right quantity, thanks anyway