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  1. Sounds like you got a v good deal with the buy, has it got any oil change record? anyway good luck with it
  2. What or where is the valet lock? I've never heard the phrase before
  3. I think it might have been better to get a diagnosis at an authorized Lexus facility rather than spend more good money after bad, most times Lexus is to expensive but sometimes it's cheaper to get it right in first place with an end of story result.
  4. I got my headlight plastic cleaned by my garage, they did use some kind of 'polisher' not just put the cleaner stuff on & rub it, came up like new, so, I suppose you either buy a polisher & fluid stuff for a one off use & do it yourself or get it done professionally, not exactly lots of choices except if you try & polish it off by hand with the stuff they use you would be in for a hard time
  5. Purely a subjective reply, I am just an ordinary car owner but I know enough not to keep 'guessing problems' & throwing money at a sophisticated, complex 20 year old car only find the same, or a related or 'maybe' non related problem still recurs. I would 'class' the car as being past its comfortable use purpose & 'throw' my money on something else 'more' worthwhile, sometimes, somethings things in life don't work out the way we hoped, thats life.
  6. I just went there with google earth, theres a series of large wharehouses close to an old factory, ACD, is one of them but looking at the site I think they probably stock used parts generally & have an area for Lexus & probably other makes as well, thats guesswork based on what I saw there but probably quite legit of they have the right part, I dont think thats as easy as it sounds with some parts, (chasis number etc)
  7. Yes but I'm just not sure how much I can put on here thats allowed or otherwise.......anyway heres the link, says 60 days warranty on all parts............
  8. I came across a place called lexus breakers, it seems they probably buy lexus write offs maybe other non write offs, I dont need anything but find it a useful site to see what goes if needed, in Lancs anyone tried them for anything
  9. So of the millions of motor cycles sold in the UK over this past 50 years an (one) engineer ( can you specify what kind of engineer?) seems to have come up, with what? specifics please
  10. That's good news then, I'm so glad he is not a metallurgist with a head full of verifiable statistics
  11. You get people like that who just come out with nonsense for no 'apparent' reason, I have never heard of it or anything like it before now & unless someone can link a study from a 'credible' source, other that the local pub, then I'll wait for a) Study details b) Statistical results, untill then I'll choose to ignore it
  12. Phil, I did not meant that charge, I meant the congestion charges we have here in London & which are being extended in 2021 to include anyone owning a 14 year old plus car inside the North circular, that is on top of parking permit charges which vary in each borough & might vary within that borough depending on individual zones
  13. Maybe Malc but financial restrictions will be in force in numerous Cities soon & rising same as they are in London, that would make great economic sense to councils throughout UK, we all pay road tax so councils are making sure they get the benefits by making their own 'stealth tax' now London has established it's a viable source of xtra council income
  14. Neither the LS 400 or the 430 were big 'selling' cars & only a tiny % of owners would want the items/work you mention done. If the market is to small no profit making PLC will/would make an investment designed to make & furnish a market which is to small for third party profits from an obsolete item? so, it would be a 'do it yourself' job' because the only profit is in owner satisfaction. On top of all the if's & but's of the LS's all petrol & diesel cars are running into obsolescence against electric