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  1. I use Brembro pads, quiet & effective with good reputation
  2. Well maybe but I don't >KNOW< that, Ive gone back over time reading old posts occasionaly & >PREDOMINANTLY< I've come across a suspension system which is little more than an unreliable, problematic but inherent part of the 430, in fact there is very little else mentioned about that model. Sometime within this past week or 2 a radiator problem of some sort exists on a post on here & is >ALSO< inherent in the 430 range. All I ever want from any car is reliability without inherent build problems, that concept cannot exist with the 430, in other words I am an average car owner driver
  3. Phil, so all the horrors we read about the air suspension systems needs nothing more than 4 air struts + I assume the air bags refilling. How long are they expected to last?
  4. RRKiller, The problem I have is not Paul Frost, it is that I do not know >for sure< the web site, I've come up with a few Lexus spares & no idea which his is....see below, these are the 'type' of sites which are web sites to some kind of commercial products or other but it seems there is a fear that if anyone puts Paul Frosts site link here dark, wicked goblins will arise from the depths & drag that poster down into Hades, people are obviously terrified of putting Paul Frosts web site here, does he lay wicked curses on people or send the black fairy to get ya!?......see below for normal everyday links to web sites....
  5. That was where I intended to get things from but I've never seen their web page posted on here, just the name Paul Frost...............anyway this is the email address......... lexussparesdirect@
  6. Main question as above, except reliabilty of above & are they long standing? thanks for any replies
  7. First time I have heard of rad problem on these, anyway, I hope all goes well for you Jason
  8. Doesn't bother me one iota, people get bored so they just plonk themselves in front of a PC, plonk a few words of unwise wisdom somewhere, get fed up with that, order Pizza & then immerse their intellect in Emerdale if buts & whodunnit's for a while, finish Pizza then fall asleep on couch.......