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  1. Ahh yes got it this time, big variety, Ill look later when I have time, thanks for help
  2. Do you mean since my post?.......I just googled it again & the Wheelbase I got is jjust cycles, main place is at Ilkely
  3. Thanks Alex, thats interesting info, I have not yet looked at any brands or designs as wanted feedback first on size, yours look good you can PM me with any supplier as I dont know if we can put such things on here, thanks
  4. I'm thinking of changing my wheels to 17'' instead of the 16'' I have now so Q1, is this ok or any drawbacks? thanks for any info or comments
  5. Mainly for those with no serious corrosion issues, if you look around on Piriton site you should find a facility who specialize in underspraying entire car, about £5 or £600, those interested need check everything these spray firms do
  6. I'd say & believe there are not enough folks here (UK) who take things to county court (civil) when they have a good case
  7. It's because in early autumn & onwards there is more night- time damp in the air, thats probably why you have >''just''< started to notice it
  8. You could get an LPG conversion and keep the car for as long as you want, LPG is about half the price of petrol
  9. Its on ebay right now £1,300.00 second LS car down on ebay list with photo on its side 150k miles
  10. I just seen an add for a 1995 LS 400, add says it's got air suspension but I thought air suspension did not come in until about 2001, I left the link off here cause I dont know if they are allowed here, i just wanna know when air suspension first came in for the 400?
  11. I'm not confused, I can see whats written throughout the entire post.