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  1. Yes you can do protective maintenance like changing brushes and cleaning (usually dust is the main cause of electrical failure) same for motor starter However for 190k and 14 years it lasted long anyway.
  2. 21k ?? Not enough used XD, sorry I couldn't resist for 21k diesel
  3. Battery should be around 12.5V so this is ok, alternator has nothing to do with other connections as it is only for direct battery charge Unless you made short circuit somewhere during replacement, check all fuses
  4. It is only oil, filters and differential oil (every 60k miles). The most important is to put decent oil not like generic on from drum as most garages do.
  5. It is absolutely normal, same for me and colder days outside it only get worse. Better tyres will reduce this but wait till summer and will be ok.😉
  6. https://www.confused.com/sell-my-car/guides/avoiding-online-car-selling-scams Very common scam, I had a call for every car I sold on autotrader. "I am abroad .... I will send money via paypal and someone will collect it" So there is no proof of collection by the buyer. One more tip when you buy japanese cars or even toyota never buy diesel go for petrol. Best choice for japanese cars and no turbo problems or dual mass flywheel .
  7. https://applications.castrol.com/oilselector/en_gb/c/recommendation?vehicleType=cars&manufacturer=lexus-(eu)&model=is-xe20-(2005-2013)&modelType=is-250-(2010-2011) 5W-30 A5 ,C2 , A5/B5 or DX