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  1. well i have found the lock tab held the door handle up whilst i closed it .the car did not bleep .fingers crossed for silence is golden .thanking everybody .top lads all of you very best regards dave
  2. hi thanking you .please advise what do you mean by the lock tab. do you mean the one inside the car .sorry for seeming unsure very best regards dave
  3. to cruiser mark .thanking you .i dont leave any metal objects in the middle cubby{i learnt that one} also there isnt a phone in there .fingers crossed with the ctek charger connected silence is golden very very best regards to all dave
  4. hi mark my ls400 is a brilliant car .i also have a 2001 ls430 .i love them both.i left the 400 under a cover whilst the weather was bad. the alarm kept going off at night .after rwo sleepless nights i took the car to lexus stockport .they could not find a fault. i have put a good quality triclkle charger onto a new battery and am going to hope for a good nights sleep.thanking you for your interest dave
  5. thankyou guys i have replaced the battery and put a trickel charger on fingers crossed for a good nights sleep cheers lads
  6. hi herbi the door lock sets the alarm .thanking you for your reply dave very best wishes
  7. hi wondered if anybody new how to lock a ls400 without arming the alarm. thanking in advance dave