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  1. Thanks Kazi for your reply. I certainly would like more minutes per month as I find 120 minutes is not enough. In my opinion 1000 texts is ridiculous. So I guess 12 month contract with more minutes and say 300 texts is more suitable. Thanks for your advice greatly appreciated. Andy The above post is not suppose to be from my fathers account. I forogt to log out doh!! Andy
  2. I joined June 2002. Also have the same name :-)
  3. I still have not got round to fixing this. Will I damage anything by not fixing this problem ASAP? Cheers Paul
  4. Hey All I havn't posted on LOC in ages and I apologise for this. When I drive over speed bumps or pot holes I hear a knocking noise from the rear of the car. Does anyone have any idea what this is? I presume it is the suspension. Thanks in advance Paul
  5. I was shocked when the service manager told me the price. £699. I didnt think 40k miles was that major a service to warrent that price! Paul
  6. delete post please. Thanks
  7. yes thats what im thinking. my son actually spotted it and starting asking me how much insurance would be for a 19 year old. :o
  8. I saw this ad in the Belfast Telegraph (19/07/05) classifieds section. Lexus IS200 Blue, 2001, traction contorl, climate control, 69000 miles, 6 disc changer, full mot and good condition. Price £1995 :o That seems extremely good value or is a mis-print Regards Paul
  9. Im from Northern Ireland aswell. Have any Northern Ireland people bought the new GS? Reagards Paul
  10. Hey I have just booked my car for a 30k service at Lexus Belfast and they are charging me £300. Is this good value or an extreme rip off? Regards Paul :tsktsk:
  11. Well said Dhs. I'm older again at 59!
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