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  1. Perfect! I swear ebay did not have a single one when I was checking at the weekend. Thank you mate.
  2. Yeah they do seem pretty rare now, will check that item out cheers for the link. Stupid question, but for a spare, if I picked up one of the original style 17" sport wheels would that work, as in the different tyre on the 17" would mean it was level all round? i love my sport areo. She's getting on a bit now though and things are starting to fall off 😐 (not including me hitting the curb of course!)
  3. Morning John Ah, the pic was just to confirm the style of wheel...I took it down to a local place and they put in on the spindle thing and laughed! Not sure if that Vid will work. Cheers though fella. Video.MOV
  4. Afternoon all I may or may not have hit a curb the other week and buckled one of my alloys. Gutted. Does anyone have one of the 18" wheels for sale. Its the sport aero pack style (pic attached). Not too fussed about aesthetic condition as it will be the spare in the boot. Cheers all, any help greatly appreciated. not having much like on the likes of ebay etc. Neil