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  1. Reading from the dashboard and After reset. I’ll to reset it and try again.
  2. Hi Michael! You are getting some good numbers! I usually drive bare footed so my sensitivity is at max and my Lexus has 17 inch wheels. 1000+ km from one tank is great! let’s see how many km I can squeeze out of one tank. At the moment I have 3/4 tank left and already drove 300 km.
  3. I'm getting ~13.5km/l which is still relatively high consumption. It is my first hybrid. So you are saying that they have bad QA in Lexus or that you've learnt how to drive hybrid cars on your second one? It is obvious except that I didn't know there's a difference between UK galon and US galon(Thank you for that!) Based on the new information, my consumption is 36 mpg which is still on the higher side but much better then 30 lol.
  4. I though it takes time for the car to settle. I must be driving it wrong then. Weather here in Israel is not that bad actually, it's around 17 degrees Celsius in it's lowest so no issue there i guess. I saw that 7 people who own 2015 model reported 32.7 mpg on average on Fuelly.
  5. Not that heavy actually. Not accelerating that hard except maybe a very few times.
  6. Hi, After 185 Miles i'm getting ~30 MPG. Driving mostly in Normal mode and 60-70% of the time on urban roads. Is it normal for a new car? Thanks, Ishay
  7. Well I get it figured out, it was the speeding camera road sign that triggered it. Sometimes when I go near the sign it beeps like crazy and then it stops and give a single beep. Any idea why it beeps several times? Has to do with the speed maybe? Even though I was not speeding.
  8. I assumed someone had this problem before so I though I would check here first.
  9. Yup, this I have. Yea, I've tried to check if there's any warning but couldn't find anything
  10. If i exceed the speed limit after the car picks the road sign it beeps?
  11. I only have rear camera and proximity sensors installed, nothing else that has to do with parking assistance. I've noticed it only on wide open roads actually but I might be mistaken. Once I get home I'll check if the road cameras has any effect on the beeping.
  12. Hard to believe since the car is couple of days old. Let's say this is the issue - no visual indication for that only beep?