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  1. Maxxis Premitra HP 5 top tyre for the LS and great value for money. Top rated tyre for mid price cannot go wrong.
  2. Worth resurecting, I would have thought order of the day will be really a full recommisioning,replace anti freeze, brake fluid, brake clean service, oil service at least and check suspension for bush wear and so on, and the tyres be lucky if they have not perished, certainly will have hardened somewhat. Good luck.
  3. I see no mention of any service history, have a good look on line on the MOT history always a good guide on how it has been looked after.
  4. Some good work there 6500RPM, keep it up and the reward will be more great driving time in an LS.
  5. The dopes that crack on they run this place cannot fight their way out of a paper bag, it will take them ages to pull this together. Use the Lexus and enjoy it. The state of too many roads outside our slicker cities are in such a mess I can see them knocking the arse out of electric cars. This Government would be better banning the wood burners as in some areas we can see the return of the pea soupers !
  6. Tinolin, Try buycarparts.co.uk : They have loads of stuff for the LS 400 including Rad Caps
  7. Yes it did in mine, I am aware the LS 400 boot seals overtime fail, they become spongy less springy if you like. Mine had a few tears in same as well. It was never flooding in but was worse if car parked with front of car going downhill forward, needed to be other way round. New seal sorted same. I had to sort out a bit of corrosion where water had got in via the boot seal and collected near the boot latch lock at the bottom. I cleaned up the corrosion, cure rusted same with Krust and painted with hammerite. I then did same with any other "iffy looking areas round the rim the seal is bed onto before fitting new one. All tickity boo now. Also I understand the rear wheel arches particularly round seams can corrode and allow seapage into the boot space. Have a look as tell tail corrosion streaks will be visible, then its a question of sorting corrosion and ingress with best method.
  8. Stupot, They are good, glad you got on with them. All the other stuff is equal to the stays, ok with them a bit of a tweak required but compare them to original new and it is a no brainer.
  9. Lazzlo, I am newish to the LS 400, if you get yours up and running and sorted with a bit of effort it will be worth it. No finer car period. Good luck with the project.
  10. The Acre, Not a great car for snow patrol agreed. Albeit I enjoy driving in snow but ensure it is in our Skoda Octavia 4x4,a great vehicle for tackling snow and packed snow/ice. Clearly it cannot stop any better than other cars on the stuff but it is bloody good all the same. Rear wheel drive cars are great fun in the snow but only on large empty car parks/airfields where you can prat about. I would not subject the LS to such thuggery as its suspension complexity is built for more refinement than that !
  11. Fitted full set Maxxis Premitra HP 5. They are superb tyres great in all conditions (not tested on snow but l like all spring/summer/autum tyres they will not be like winter or all season tyres) I would recommend them for the LS's as they are top performers but great value for money around the £60.00 plus VAT. The tyres I got with the car were ok but gave some vibrations through the steering wheel, despite being correctly balanced. Now all smooth with the Maxxis, had tracking checked as well all spot on. Top value compared to premium makes.
  12. So what year did this model appear please, what was the favoured suspension on delivery, was it air suspension in the main or convential shocks. Were there different spec levels ? The reason I am asking at some stage comtemplating getting one and doing what I have done with my current LS 400, full dinitrol treatment and cam belt,water pump, brake service new rear discs basically anything that needs sorting it got it. My car is now fully sorted and runs like a dream and only just done 81000 miles from new. If I do find a top notch 430 my LS will be offered here but it will not be at a knock down price but it will not be like the one north of the border either !
  13. I use Autoglym Rubber care on all door seals. Top stuff easy to apply. My guess is the door seals on these cars will be mega bucks so well worth preserving, not bad for the boot seal for replacement as it is not so complicated and shaped as per door seals.
  14. Mega value for a new rad for such a car as your LS good preventative measure, cheers and thanks.