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  1. We are I suppose lucky here as we own a number of varied cars and motorcycles, having got both bang uptodate cars and motorcycles along with some older stuff I prefer my circa year 2000 bikes for their top build quality and their overall ability. I class the LS in this mould as well, top design and build quality and yes it does have style its sleek and luxurious and mega refined. To be honest if you are going to throw a car this size around at excessive speeds on our crappy B roads perhaps you have made a mistake. I have made more than decent paced safe progress in the LS on some naggery Peak District roads subjecte to cow Kak, potholes, excessive surface water and the rest. No luxury car from any manufacture in the late 80's through to the early 2000 is as good an all rounder as the LS IMHO.
  2. Took my wife for her first trip out in the LS today, we were both amazed at this car. Whilst we have both bikes and cars to use this one spoils you. Ok there are better cars for track day blast but we are using our cars on the road and I have not driven or ridden in a better more refined car. What surprised me is its road holding and the ease it copes with speed, crap roads you name it all handled with aplomb and serenity ! They do not make them like this anymore that is for sure.
  3. Good work and thanks for sharing.
  4. I will post up some pics, next nice day when I have let the paint bed in, cleaned then polish her.
  5. Thanks all, will have a go at the fix on the washer bottle sensor. The LS has had its minor scuffs and bumps sorted today and it looks superb, what with its refurbed alloys it is looking the Dogs Dangles.
  6. Chaps, Thanks for the replies and advice, having the paint on her smart repaired tomorrow but got her back earlier after Cam Belt Kit and full service and Dinitrol treatment and rode her 20 miles, what a great comfy superb engined car, does not handle like a barge as well !
  7. Anybody know decent source for same at decent cost please ? Also see so many LS 400 prices from sublime to the ridiculous, what is the ball park value for a top condition lowish mileage one anyone in the know, or is it as it seems how long is a piece of string ? In addition I do not see members selling privately on here, it seems dealers only or is only available for the full members ?
  8. Wisemonkey

    New LS 400 Member Derbyshire

    Cheers Chaps, it is a keeper, just needs a few odds and sods of smart repairs doing to the paintwork and she will be showroom condition. I am having her Dinitrol treated. IMHO best anti corrosion treatment available. Stops it dead and prevents it long term. Still not sure on the ECU issue, as we all know do not beleive everything on forums but both on this forum and on the USA major missives on the ECU capacitor issues ?
  9. Wisemonkey

    New LS 400 Member Derbyshire

    Hello all, Just collected a top condition LS 400 1998 80000, FSH and only 2 owners last one for 12 years. Why are these epic cars not more widly appreciated as a appreciating classic. Is it the Brit disease of badge not quality snobbery. Do I need to get the capacitors sorted in the ECU please, no current issues but is it a vital upgrade and the potential cost ? Cheers, WM