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  1. @Bluesman sorry mate I didn’t realise. Would you know of anyone that would be interested.. I was advised by a custom Reg plate seller to ask Lexus owner forums to get a better buyer for my plate, as it’s got a lot of history to it. But if people are finding it weird why someone would be asking if they have a Reg plate on a particular car model.. that’s fine.
  2. Hi, nothing to be warned about. I have a Reg plate for sale, and was wondering if any Lexus Owners would be interested that’s all. Sorry if It looks strange for me asking, not my intention. I have T3 RCF, it’s a nice Reg plate for a Lexus owner. If you are interested please let me know. Also I wasn’t sure if I am allowed to ask this question or to ask if anyone would be interested. If not I’ll happily remove this post. thanks, DC
  3. Hi all, Wanted to ask if you have a private registration plate on your Lexus. Specifically on a RC F. Please share your custom reg plates below: Should be fun to see. Thanks DC