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  1. Hi, can anyone advise....Interested to know how the hybrid engine on the NX compares with fuel economy and performance compared with diesel engines the same size as the 2.5 litre petrol, official figures vary around 42mpg, and with government legislation proposing a ban on diesel engines by 2040, (Which i doubt will happen) makes the hybrid engine an attactive choice, and good for the environment with low emissions must be a positive way forward for the future of car engines......
  2. No not considered the RX, prefer the smaller NX.
  3. Thank you thats useful comments, we wanted a car that stands out a little, because there are so many similar looking SUV type vehicles out there, its seems to me when driving around every other car seems to be a Chelsea tractor (RR) or a Nissan quashqi, i do like the gearbox transition on the NX that shifts between electric & petrol, and found acceleration good on a test drive, and following a great deal of research over 12 months on all the manufacturers, we found that the Lexus NX was the only car that offered something the others didn't, which i found interesting, and in a crowded market swamped with SUV type vehicles makes the NX fairly unique, so looking forward to getting the car next February.
  4. Hi everyone, thinking of leasing a brand new NX300h F Sport, but have read some mixed reviews on the car, i have test driven the car and i do like it, but some reviews are excellent, some not so good, so what i'm really after is an honest opinion on the car from an existing owner, before i commit and order the car. Thanks!!