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  1. Hi guys, investigated my brakes the other day and found the piston seals to be broken and leaking. Ordered new calipers, I flushed the old brake fluid for new before fitting new calipers then bled once more once the calipers were fitted (with new pads) how ever they were still spongy. Looks like it has a new master cylinder too. Abs pump also looks new (can't guarantee) The order which I flushed was n/s rear o/s rear n/s front o/s front, abs pump. I didn't pump the break with abs tho and nothing came out. Felt unsure so repeated the process again without doing abs pump. Changed calipers and done it again, again without abs pump. What have I done wrong?
  2. 430s? I have is200, am I on the wrong group? 😂 mines just clicked over to 72k and is very clean. Had to do both ball joints recently too. Cheers for help though.
  3. Anyone on here ever changed the bushes on the steering rack? There is a bit of movement on all 3 on mine. I've ordered some more and was wondering (hoping) if it was an easy DIY on the drive with a jack and socket set kind of job?
  4. So the whining when idling goes away when I step down on the clutch? Any clues?
  5. Hey guys quick video of this whining noise I've read alot about on here. Just wanted to post it to see if this is what others are experiencing? Is it something I need to worry about? Might have to listen closely. MOV_1167.mp4
  6. I read on the forums about the whining noise and it sounds like aloof the manual cars do it and it doesn't sound like it's lead to any issues for people even after tens of thousands of miles! So I'm no longer concerned with that and I'm having the tracking done next week. New car paranoia is wearing off now.
  7. Such a lovely condition great colour and sounds amazing, love it!
  8. That car has been extremely well maintained in a previous life, it is really very very clean. But I didn't pay alot for it (in my opinion) so maybe I'm just being paranoid and expecting something to be wrong with it.
  9. Hi thanks for the reply, checked the fluid levels and tyre pressures, the tyres are almost new. Also with the whining under acceleration, I was told that was normal and they all do it?
  10. Hey guys, Hope you're all well. I became the proud owner of a very clean is200 sport on Saturday, low mileage, service history, cambelt changed apart from the wheels needing a refurb it's pretty much mint, I'll post pics at the weekend. I'm absolutely smitten with it. However there are a couple of things I feel unsure about as this is my first lexus and first rwd car in about 12 years. There is a whining noise under acceleration, I don't think it's the engine sounds almost like a quiet supercharger? Is this normal? Also although steering feels nice and weighty, it does feel like I have to make small adjustments alot of the time (possibly tracking?) any help or advice would be great. Apart from these uncertainties the car is great!!!