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  1. I have now done over 15000 miles and have done brim to brim fill up calculations from day one and therefore a mix of driving. Averaging in excess of 42mpg with a best of 46.3 and worst of 34.6. Recent journey of 400 miles has resulted in 45mpg. The winter period however certainly pushes the consumption up.
  2. I think it applies the handbrake.
  3. That is pretty good going and I am not surprised that you are happy with that.
  4. Yes the in car figures tend to be optimistic. I have conducted brim to brim mpg calculations from the day I took delivery and the average to date is slightly over 41. This is from a broad mix of driving - City, Country and Motorway. Just returned today from a 400 mile journey through South West Scotland and the dash display is showing 46.8 but expect that in reality this will be c43 to the gallon. Very happy with this and in excess of the new standard WLTP figures for the NX.
  5. As far as I am aware unfortunately this isn't a feature on the NX Luxury.
  6. Would have thought that this was a warranty job!
  7. NX has both but analogue clock is far classier than a digital.
  8. That feature is disabled on 2018MY NX Luxury spec as far as I have been informed. It is standard on the f sport and above.
  9. Hi Andy I don't think the second option is available on the Luxury spec. I had test driven an F Sport which had this but was disappointed that my Luxury didn't feature this useful facility.
  10. Have had a similar experience with my NX and always after heavy rain but appears to cure itself after a couple of miles.
  11. I find that the indicated mpg on the in-car computer tends to be optimistic and so have conducted brim to brim mpg checks from day one with my NX. Have now covered just over 14000 miles in close on 17 months of mixed driving (City/Motorway/A and B roads) and achieving an average 41.78mpg overall which I am quite pleased about. The best has been 46.32 and poorest 34.6 mpg. November through to March records the worst range due to the colder conditions.
  12. I'm certain that the two weeks and one day will be worth the wait. I am simply delighted with my NX over the past 16 months. Averaging over 41mpg and enjoy every minute behind the wheel. Post some pics when you take delivery. Happy motoring.
  13. Apologies for the delayed response Dan. Cost came in at just over £500 after discount.
  14. Job done and top class welcome and treatment by the team at Lexus Edinburgh. Can't recommend them highly enough.
  15. Lexus Edinburgh have worked their magic, received the light unit 3 weeks earlier than predicted and have booked my car in for fitting tomorrow!