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  1. I have one fitted on my NX as part of the protection pack and it certainly does reduce the risk of bumper paintwork damage.
  2. Hi A good new year to you too. The aperture for the mechanical key is behind the drivers door handle. If you pull the handle as you do to open the door you will see it marked. Hope this answers your query.
  3. Brilliant car from superb manufacturer supported by fantastic dealers. What is there not to like?! Happy New Year all.
  4. A very happy Christmas to all and let's look forward to better times in 2021. Stay safe.
  5. 100% yes from me. I think they enhance the look as well as reducing road spray.
  6. My overall rating of Lexus Edinburgh (Eastern Western Group) is nothing short of outstanding. From my first visit to the showroom for a 24 hour test drive in late 2017 through to purchase of a new NX in April 2018 and subsequent visits for servicing their customer care has been exemplary. Would not hesitate to recommend them.
  7. Likewise I am in a similar predicament in that my NX will be 3 years old next April. By that time it will have covered c27k miles. Don't know whether to trade in for a new one or extend the warranty. It is in immaculate condition inside and out, has been faultless, still brings a smile to my face every time I drive and could still easily pass (and has been) for a brand new car. The UX is a lovely car but just too small for me at present. I expect the next generation NX will include a PHEV which is tempting me to hang on to mine until it becomes available but if that is still some way off I m
  8. I bought the above product recently and was fairly sceptical regarding its claims but having used it this weekend I am impressed! Initial prep was thorough power wash snow foaming, iron-off and light claying and the an application of Black Hole polish. Then the ceramic coating - secret is to follow the instruction of using only two sprays per panel, spreading the fluid evenly and then buffing off. It's hard work but any smearing can be corrected via a damp microfiber cloth. The depth of gloss on my Graphite black metallic NX is outstanding (as illustrated) and super smooth. Water beading and
  9. Welcome to the club. I have had my NX for over 2 years and 20000 miles now. No issues and a fantastic car. Enjoy yours.
  10. Think they were introduced for the 2018 model year.
  11. Today's task - washed, polished with Poorboys Black hole and then waxed using Nattys Black Paste wax. Alloys polished using Autoglym Alloy Wheel cleaner and tyres with Autoglym tyre gel. Pleased with all of these products and the final result. Typically its just started to rain! ☹️💦🌧️
  12. Auto Trader has announced the Lexus NX as the best hybrid car in their New Car awards 2020. Well deserved.
  13. I agree that an extended test drive is a must. Regarding seat comfort I am extremely happy with my 2018MY NX Luxury - possibly the most comfortable car that I have owned and that includes Merc and Volvos.
  14. For more than one vehicle I would recommend Admiral Multicar. I've been with them covering the family "fleet" for over 12 years now and they remain competitive year on year.
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