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  1. I agree that an extended test drive is a must. Regarding seat comfort I am extremely happy with my 2018MY NX Luxury - possibly the most comfortable car that I have owned and that includes Merc and Volvos.
  2. For more than one vehicle I would recommend Admiral Multicar. I've been with them covering the family "fleet" for over 12 years now and they remain competitive year on year.
  3. A step too far for me. Cost bound to be much greater and therefore repair costs like-wise. Mirrored glass has worked well so far!
  4. I also like the Khaki green. Wish that was available on the NX! Azure blue would be my second choice.
  5. I also have a MY2018 NX and have had a similar issue on about 3 occasions. It's always been during wet weather however each time the problem has "cured" itself within a few minutes and so have never raised the matter with the dealer.
  6. Surprised that fuel consumption is so low as you allude to. I have had my Nx300h for nearly two years and have recorded brim to brim mileage from new. Mixed range of driving has given a average of 41mpg over 18500 miles.
  7. I have applied RainX and it certainly helps.
  8. I have a 2018 NX Luxury and have recorded full tank to tank fill ups from new. I have never got as low a return as 31.5mpg and average has been 41.42 over 17500 miles. Highest so far 46.32 and lowest 34.07. Time of year makes significant difference with the winter months tending to see consumption in the high 30's and summertime seeing mid 40's. Usually drive in normal mode and only occasionally eco and sport. Journeys are a mix of local urban and Motorway. Like you I think it is a superb car - but one where gentle acceleration does help its economy. Follow the tips on hybrid driving as they are helpful. Happy motoring!
  9. A Happy, healthy, peaceful Christmas to all.
  10. As I have referred to in other posts I have averaged over 41mpg covering 17500 miles from new with a mix of driving - City and Motorway. This has been recorded using brim to brim refuelling. The on board computer is always optimistic and weather conditions certainly affect the consumption which in my experience is as much as 8 mpg.
  11. Agree that a long test drive is advisable but I can honestly say that I reckon the NX to be the most comfortable car that I have ever driven and owned - and that's quite a few! Many passengers have also commented on the comfort, looks and finish of the NX. I don't think that you will be disappointed. Its a great car. I have the ochre (cream) leather interior which after nearly 21 months looks as good as new so imagine that the red interior should be equally hard wearing. Happy Christmas to all.
  12. Have now covered 17500 miles in 21 months and recorded brim to brim fuelling from day one. Average is now 41.42mpg with a mix of city, short journey, motorway and longer trips. Best to date has been 46.32 and poorest 34.07. Very happy with that and remain delighted with the NX.
  13. One of the main factors as to why I now drive a Lexus was their offer of a 24 hour test drive of the NX. Once I had experienced the comfort, quality, quietness and driving pleasure I was hooked!
  14. As Herbie says its only AWD when it needs to be. If it was registered in March 2018 however I will be surprised if its 2019MY. I took delivery of my NX in April 2018 (2018MY) and have been delighted with it so can thoroughly recommend.
  15. I have now done over 15000 miles and have done brim to brim fill up calculations from day one and therefore a mix of driving. Averaging in excess of 42mpg with a best of 46.3 and worst of 34.6. Recent journey of 400 miles has resulted in 45mpg. The winter period however certainly pushes the consumption up.