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  1. Hi Don Seats very comfortable however I find the existing 300h seats are excellent. Certainly wouldn't say the 350h seats were overbolstered.
  2. Had the opportunity to test drive the NX 350h today. Should have been the 450h+ however a last minute change of plan resulted in the 350h arriving which allowed comparison with my 300h. It was the Takumi model and I have got to say that I am hugely impressed and its a giant leap forward in comparison to the 300h (which I think is a fantastic car). The overall appearance is distinctly Lexus but it's the interior which gives the wow factor. The dashboard is extremely driver friendly and the touchscreen very responsive. The HUD is very clear. The ride is noticeably smoother than the 300h, acceleration swifter, noise levels unobtrusive and the car feels very well built and sure footed. Fit and finish is superb - as you would expect in a Lexus - (including the centre console which has been mentioned previously as a potential problem area!). Tailgate opening/closing speed is much quicker. Test route was a mix of motorway, town and country and the car displayed over 41mpg. Think Lexus are onto a winner here and I look forward to a test drive of the 450h+.
  3. Dealer has today advised that my 450h+ is now at build stage despite Lexus Link still showing it stuck at order processing!
  4. No it's a UK car. As far as I am aware is a 450h+ Takumi. Will report my thoughts!
  5. Likewise I am awaiting a change of status to build stage however not in any hurry as I had said that March delivery would be preferable. Good new is that I have an appointment to test drive the 450h+ next week!
  6. Yes like previous replies I also have paid a small charge of £15.00 in the past but only for insurance cover. Have had a UX and NX.
  7. I have a 450h+ with premium plus pack and sunroof on order and was surprised to be told to expect delivery in January as I don't really want it until March. Obviously the decision to change is subject to a favourable test drive and trade-in valuation!
  8. Well said DanD. I concur that it is a big step forward. Having viewed the pre-production car I was suitably impressed with the interior bringing it up to date without losing the class expected in a Lexus.
  9. Had a test drive of the EV6 today - a GT line S with RWD. Got to say I was impressed and it is a stunning looking vehicle that has a presence on the road. Acceleration is fantastic, road and wind noise minimal resulting in an almost silent drive. It feels solidly built and panel/trim fit was excellent albeit I don't think it's quite upto Lexus standards in terms of interior materials. Interesting that a battery heater is being recommended as an option (£900) to help to maintain range. It appeared to be quite frugal with the range only dropping significantly when the air con was switched on. It certainly is a serious contender in the market place and would certainly win my vote as the best looking EV on sale at present. An order placed today for a GT Line S AWD with metallic paint and battery heater is being quoted for April delivery. I will test drive the 450h+(I have an option on one) before making a final decision.
  10. The one that arrived at Lexus Edinburgh was blue.
  11. The NX prototype arrived at Lexus Edinburgh today on its UK tour. Great to view it in the metal and I am impressed particularly with the interior. It certainly makes the current NX dashboard look outdated! Look forward to a test drive in due course.
  12. Very nice! I was at the local launch of the EV6 and got to say I was impressed. Will be test driving it later this month. I have made a provisional order for the NX 450h+ and will have to decide which way to go. Leaving the Lexus fold will be difficult! Will be interested to learn of your experience over the next few months.
  13. I had the use of a UX300e Takumi for a day and was hugely impressed. Downside for me was the size of the car - just too small for present needs however if the range was greater and the charging infrastructure was better I would certainly consider it in the future.
  14. Wow that is low. Have never recorded figures like that and have kept a log of every re-fuel from day one in my NX Luxury. On one occasion dropped to 31mpg but the average has been north of 40mpg - 35-39 in the coldest months and up to 46 in summer. There has been no noticeable difference with E10 fuel - in fact if anything its been more economical having recorded between 40 and 44mpg in the last 5 fill ups. Clearly type of journey is crucial but generally my mix is local and longer motorway use.
  15. I've pre ordered a new NX450h+ but maybe I should be looking at an RX to take advantage of the current boost in trade-in values! 🤔
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