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  1. Just as a follow up on products... I'm disappointed with Carpro reload. Essence is excellent, but needs something stronger to top it. I've still not got the confidence to try a full ceramic coat. When I did the winter protection for the Tesla this more recent time I again used essence, but then coated with Autoglym EGP and then topped that with Collinite 476 (I've loved the EGP/476 combo before, and so far haven't found 845 to last as well as 476, but I am prepared to blame that on the reload). Carpro PERL just continues to be a superb product. Brilliant for the plastic "vegan leath
  2. Oh, and just to add... I think that SRP is a good product, but with a DA it is time to move on. SRP used to have reasonable longevity, but more recent SRP has very little staying power, it can wash out in a week. It's a very light abrasive, high filler product, but essence is better in that role.
  3. I use a DAS6pro also. The GS paint isn't very hard so a light touch is good. If you want an abrasive polish then I'd recommend Farecla G3 paintwork renovator. It is a diminishing abrasive, so you're unlikely to cause any harm or risk burning-through paint with it. I use it on a hex logic green or white pad. However, I have become a great convert to using Carpro Essence with a microfibre pad, especially on softer paint like the lexus. It corrects lightly, fills lightly and gives a great gloss. It can act as a base for ceramics, but personally I like Autoglym EGP on top, follow
  4. Also some info here: The 4GS battery tray will NOT accept the ~220mm wide batteries that the 3GS will, as I tried the S4 026 and absolutely no way it would go, but the battery I mention in my post should also fit 3GS, just as another alternative.
  5. Perhaps too late to be of any help, but... When our car was serviced in late summer they said one of the rear shocks needed replacing (2015 GS Premier with AVS), at a cost of over £400. We had it done, and afterwards the "floatiness" that I complained about above was largely gone, so it could be that.
  6. The hybrid battery can do some funnies if the 12V goes flat. Our 12V went flat, then we used a maintainer on it for a whiel before finding a reasonably priced replacement. Recently the car went in for service, and they were unable to do the hybrid health check without first clearing some DTCs. We have to take it back to them for the hybrid health check after 500 miles.
  7. I use Viofo A129 Duo in both our GS and our Tesla 3 (as well as the Tesla's 4-channel built-in cameras).
  8. I too find the DSG very poor. Motoring press loves it because it's very fast and smooth when shifting up or down when blatting down a back country road at 10/10ths. Most people hate it because it's hopeless at the everyday "automatic" stuff - as Sherra said, it's terribly slow and unpredictable out of junctions, onto roundabouts, it's incredibly dim-witted at dropping gears on the motorway (ie it will hang onto 6th as you slow down to ~30mph, then you prod the throttle to get up to speed again and it has to shuffle 6th-5th-4th-3rd GO!!!!, it's AWFUL for trying to parallel park on a
  9. Dutchie - sounds like this might be for you then:
  10. The numbers speak for themselves. Lexus UK sales 2020 Jan-May (all 10 current models): 4612 ( Tesla UK model 3 sales in March 2020 alone: 4718. ( Although April and May were very bizarrely impacted months for car sales, model 3 was the best selling car in the UK for both months:
  11. Indeed. And a new model S gets you onto the Raven platform, which I think will improve significantly over time as the software matures. For those non-Teslarati, older model S like DJP's current car have air suspension supplied by continental. Since early 2019 the model S and model X moved to what is known as "Raven" - Tesla replaced the continental air suspension with their own designed and built system of air suspension and adaptive shocks. The reason they have done so is so that Tesla can own the entire software stack, and integrate the behaviour of the suspension with other elements o
  12. As a model 3 and Lexus GS owner, that all sounds fair and familiar. One thing to note though is that you can pay Tesla to upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 - it's $2500 in the USA, not sure on UK price. The point here is that Tesla are allowing owners of older car access to some of the hardware upgrades without buying a whole new car. No other car manufacturer offers upgrades to keep older cars relevant. A minor correction - MCU2/AP3 uses 4 of the 8 cameras for dashcam/sentry. It does not use two of 3 front facing cameras and doesn't use the B-pillar cameras - it uses one front, the rear and th
  13. It's entirely possible that they didn't. I have seen video of matrix on a facelift GS, and made the possibly incorrect connection that facelift full LED = matrix. It's nothing like as fancy in terms of the number of matrix elements as Audi or Mercedes use, but it is there. However, it's possible that it's a european spec and not UK spec thing. I do not know. All I do know is that even the full-LED setup on pre-facelift cars doesn't have matrix functionality.
  14. It seems to me that Lexus (and toyota) tend to apply rolling updates to vehicles as they go, rather than saving up a chunk of stuff for facelift time. I've been watching a lot of youtube stuff lately, and they've applied rolling updates to Supra and LC500 as they've been going. I've seen instances of that with the GS as well. Our GS is a 2015 pre-facelift Premier, with all options (Sunroof, LED headlamps, PCS/ACC/LKA). There are noticeable differences to 2012/2013 GS that we test drove: Ours has HUD. Ours has a newer nav system (identified by having the mSD card flap where the Ma
  15. Reason - aero. Door mirrors are now a very significant contributor to drag of modern cars.That said, the cars upon which they have so far been implemented (audi e-tron, honda e) are not particularly aerodynamic anyway, but many low-drag models (eg merc C-class, Tesla 3, Hyundai Ioniq, Toyota Prius) would have significant reductions to motorway by implementing camera mirrors. Cost? Cheaper than a door mirror to replace. Seriously, you can buy a smartphone with 3 cameras in it for £100. One camera on a stalk isn't terribly expensive, compared to a large multi-part plastic and metal housing
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