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  1. Sounds similar.... Good to know. Hopefully the more cars it is used across, the lower the parts cost will become!
  2. Might this be the same 356mm two-piece rotor and 4-pot setup as on the 4th gen GS450h Premier/F-Sport?
  3. Sounds annoying. I had something similar on our old Volvo (2011 V70) - if it needed servicing it would remind you when you started the car, and again when you turned it off - this seemed to me a very sensible way of doing the reminders. However, if you were driving along, used the windscreen washer and tripped it below the "low" level in the washer tank, it would then flash up a message, with the big orange warning triangle on the dash, reminding you to fill up the washer fluid. It would continue to do this, EVERY 5 MINUTES. I did have moments of ending up yelling at the car "YES! I KNOW! I'M DOING 70 DOWN THE M6, WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT THIS?!!!". The worse part of this was that the screenwash tank on the volvo was so big (over 5 litres) that what the car considered "low" was about the same amount of screenwash as was full to the brim in my Leaf. I've seen a few other instances of this kind of "helpful" approach by cars. I try my best to avoid driving manual cars these days, but when I do I am infuriated by gear change indicators. I do, in fact, know when to change gear if I'm driving a manual and you, mr car, do not know that I can see there's a hill or that i want to be ready to overtake or whatever.... Either shut up about what gear you think I should be in, or DO IT YOURSELF.
  4. I too am a fan of the Viofo models - I had an A119 in my Volvo (replaced a mini 0801 which failed), A119Sv2 in my Leaf, A129 Duo in our GS450h and have another A129 Duo waiting to go into the Tesla. As Nemesis said, find a different fitter. What a load of twaddle!!!
  5. Yup. Also the reason why Merc C-class now come with 41 litre fuel tanks (as the weight for testing is based on a 3/4 full tank - tiny tank saves them 10-20kg of fuel).
  6. Well, if you're looking at a year-old 540i then surely it's worth a look at a used facelift GS450h? We felt the Lexus was a far better car when we looked, because BMW's nickel-and-dime on the options list means you end up with stupid stuff like a 530i with a manual passenger seat. Our GS is returning nearly 40mpg - good luck seeing north of 30 from a 540i, and much nicer build etc. This one is a rather tasty option, in perfect specification: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905238253618
  7. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/build-threads/904640-2014-lexus-gs450h-europe-build.html
  8. Another option is to replace the standard "bar" grilles (upper and lower) with F-sport "spindle mesh" grilles - you don't need to replace the bumper, and it gets you most of the F-sport look, keeps your foglights, etc. There's a guy in denmark or somewhere who has done that and it looks great. I'll see if I can find a link for you later.
  9. Ganzoom beat me to it... My Model 3 SR+ arrives in a couple of weeks time. It will live alongside our GS450h. If you can find the extra up-front cost for the model 3 then the TCO will be way lower than any other car you're looking at. Having just paid nearly £800 to have our GS serviced, that's a significant chunk of change that simply doesn't need spending on a Model 3 (only maintenance required is brake fluid every 2 years, coolant every 5 years, and periodic replacement of cabin filter - all DIYable (and Tesla have published, FoC, details on how to do these jobs) or can be done by any garage. Tesla encourage people not to use Tesla for "servicing", and they do not make it a profit centre. It doesn't affect your warranty in any way). Fuelling works out about 3p/mile, which is about 15p/mile less than a 330i (in which you'll be lucky to get 30mpg) A few intriguing points - the Model 3 SR+ is significantly lighter than the LR AWD/P versions, and at 1611kg it's actually very similar weight to an IS300h (1620kg). Weight distribution is about 48:52 or 47:53 in the SR+ (the SR+ battery is all pushed to the back of the battery box with a "gap filler" at the front, which moves the weight distribution rearward, along with not having the weight of the front motor), with lower CoG and Polar Moment of Inertia than any mid-engined supercar. With my Nissan Leaf I discovered the real truth of electric car performance, which is that in an EV you can (and probably will - in the leaf had to, but from the lights (with the element of surprise!) it caused more than its fair share of upsets) regularly make use of ALL of the performance that the car has to offer. In a 330i, a Giulia Veloce or even the IS300h of course you will sometimes... but when it comes to the 6th roundabout of the day when you've got a bit of a headache and you just can't deal with the noise (and let's face it, the days of sonorous N/A i6 and V8s are gone, and a turbo 4 with synthesised noise is just noise), vibration and harsh shifts that come with driving a car hard you're simply not going to do it. With an EV there's never any turbo lag, no waiting for the car to "wake up" and no noise to put you off enjoying the actual drive. The other interesting thing that I found with the Model 3 is that when you sit in it it immediately makes everything else feel totally out of date. Even the G20 3 series (which launched on sale almost 2 years AFTER the Model 3) feels very cramped and old-skool by comparison. Pictures and videos simply do NOT convey what it's like to sit in the back seat of the model 3 with the sky open above you. How simple it is not having to search through 37 different menus with 5 different ways of doing something to change something - there's one place, one way. The ventilation system in the 3 is a masterpiece. Even if you don't think it's the car for you, at least go and have a sit in (and if you can, drive) one.
  10. Our GS has suffered the same fate - two patches of lacquer crazing on the bonnet. The damage occurred before we got the car, and when we noticed it I took it up with the dealer. They suggested that they could repair it (for a price!), and recommended Gen3 Glasscoat to prevent it happening again. That trigged our memory (from the various history documents we have) that the car was already treated with Gen3 Glasscoat - I enquired about claiming against the "warranty" on that, but was told that only applied to the original owner. It's clear that that product does not protect against this. I've also generally noticed that the GS paint (Crimson Red) is pretty soft and prone to marking easily.
  11. The problem is that its propulsion system isn't advanced enough. It's very much in a similar price bracket to the kia e-niro which is much more advanced, significantly faster, way more refined and is more practical in terms of cabin space and boot space. Yes, you'd hope and expect that the Lexus is better built and with higher quality materials, but given the warranty on the Kia it's not likely to prove problematic. The rumoured UX300e can not come fast enough.
  12. I was about to say welcome to a new fellow 4GS owner.... and then recognised your car from Facebook! Still, good to see you here. We could form a Red 4GS subgroup!
  13. That's not really a fair comparison - the Mustang starts at $26395 and the Corvette starts at $55900. The Camaro is the equivalent Chevy to the Mustang.
  14. But that's my point. We currently get E5 but there isn't a separate pump for it. E10 will replace E5 as standard fuel. There won't be a different pump for it - there'll continue to be regular and premium, but with increased ethanol content. Exactly the same as when E5 was introduced and no one knew. Regular 95RON in finland has been E10 since 2011. As to whether it results in lower CO2 I don't know - if it lead to a 10% drop in economy then it would indeed be a false economy, but does it? What are the actual figures? A study in finland suggested that there's a 0.7% drop in going from E5 to E10: https://ecomodder.com/forum/showthread.php/study-fuel-consumption-e10-vs-e5-7-difference-17769.html If it leads to deforestation to grow fuel crops (as has already happened in parts of the world) then I'd definitely agree that the net impact would be negative. However, if rapeseed oil can be used to do something useful (I'm allergic to it, and in its raw form it isn't fit for human consumption) then great. There's every possibility that E10 is just a bit of greenwash, that will have little real impact as petrol usage declines.
  15. Just had to make sure - they do still sell the J150 here in the UK: https://www.toyota.co.uk/new-cars/land-cruiser/