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  1. I got to admit I love my GS450h Sport F.. there ain't many cars on the road that can top it on style ,frontal features and performance ..The MPH is very good for the size of the engine..
  2. Pict


    So what do Tesla's use ? NiMH or Li-Ion .. As there acceleration is phenomenal..and anyone know if Lexus are going to bring out a saloon that is purely Electric..
  3. Pict


    Yes the traction sorry I should have been maybe a bit more specific , oh yes I have no problem . I am just curious about the lithium battery as the GS 450h came out in 2006 I believe and would be over the 10 year life span ,,
  4. Hello I have owned my GS450h Sport F for 3 years now, so my battery is 6 years old. I was wondering if any older cars have had any Battery issues ? mines fine and the engine has only done 40,000 , I have heard Tesla battery's are only guaranteed for 8 years.. Though a cell for ours is £100 ? Has anyone had any dealings ?