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  1. This was the average mpg just from the trip, not the average since filling up the tank. The average since refill obviously stayed more or less the same with just a slight increase from the last trip of 47mpg.
  2. And low and behold the 12v battery on our 2016 NX FSport is now dead and got it replaced by the AA today (£165). We thought it had just run low because of low usage of late, but turned out the thing was on its last legs and just wasn't holding charge and needed to be replaced. Quite surprising for a 4 year old vehicle...What was interesting is that the new 12v battery may have slightly improved fuel economy. I noticed immediately that the hybrid battery wasn't having to be topped up as much when low, as the hybrid battery is used to top up the 12v battery. The AA guy even said that when the car detects the 12v is low (when idle or in slow traffic), the car will top up the hybrid battery more often to keep the 12v topped up, and the manual even said something similar if I remember. I was sitting in the car stationary for about 20 minutes on lowest 2 bar charge and even then it didn't need to top up the hybrid system once. Managed to get 47mpg from a good mixed drive after 30 minutes with the new battery, which is definitely higher then what I usually get on that route. Could be a coincidence, I'll have to see what our average is like after a few more tanks of driving to be sure though. It does make sense that a dying 12v can put a drain on the hybrid system. Anyone else experienced this?
  3. Move the shift gear lever into the 'S' position for manual shift range, then you can shift either by pushing the lever up/down or using the paddle shifters on the steering wheel.
  4. We have exactly the same, a 2016NX FSport. The ride quality can definitely be improved. - Make sure you put the tyre pressure to the recommended 32PSI, that made quite a big improvement to the harder ride. - Secondly, and as stated many times in the forums, upgrade those rock hard Yokos to Michellin Cross Climates. We haven't done this yet, but we will at the next opportunity. Those two things combined should give a much better and smoother ride I reckon you'll be happy with. Sadly our NX didn't come with AVS, but I've heard very mixed things about it, sometimes even harder, sometimes too soft and can't make its mind up...
  5. Might be worth seeing how much the all electric UX will go for, as if the government's policy is anything to go by now, hybrids will be obsolete too very soon! The resale value on an all-eletric car will be much higher I predict than the hybrid, and running costs will be much much lower! Also, the boot is going to be bigger in the electric UX too, and quite a bit faster at 7.5sec 0-60.
  6. According to the latest news over on LexusEnthusiast, https://lexusenthusiast.com/2019/07/10/next-generation-lexus-is-is-f-sedans-coming-in-2021/ It's going to come out in 2021, but yes, Lexus do need to seriously up their game for the next IS. Even the latest RAV4 is faster than the current IS, 0-60 in 8.1secs. The next Hybrid IS must be faster than this if it's still to be taken seriously as a BMW 3 Series competitor, and compete with the other luxury brands. I'm personally not going to upgrade unless it's around the 7 second mark. I have heard from the dealership also that the next IS should also be launched with a plug-in version, so expect RAV4 plugin performance numbers I'm guessing. Not just the IS though, what about the ageing NX. The ICE engine in the current NX is seriously out of date, and the vehicle is way to heavy with poor performance and fuel economy. If these issues are not addressed in the next generation, then Lexus sales could start to take a serious hit, and don't get me started on infotainment... My partner and I are already thinking about changing brands for our next upgrades if things don't significantly improve.
  7. That's correct, they are only stating the power of the ICE engine. Combined with the electric motor, the IS300h has 223bhp.
  8. Absolutely take it to the dealership ASAP, and get them to fix it as that is not supposed to happen. We have an NX and the ABS system has never had to kick in yet and that's under lots of heavy braking scenarios. Sounds like a faulty ABS sensor.
  9. Just a general note on dealerships. They are **** at prepping and detailing used cars, even the Lexus dealerships are terrible at this, and they will never do a good job because doing it properly takes at least half/full day of a professionals time. That's why I'll never buy any type of bull**** sealant paint protection from a dealer as they simply won't detail the car properly before applying it, so what's the point! Also, I recommend to everyone that they don't get their car washed at the next service, unless you want it to come back caked in swirl marks! When buying a new car I generally just set aside a day for an intense detailing session.
  10. Not to my knowledge no, after turning the car off it all reset back to the default max height. Maybe those with memory seats may have more luck.
  11. Mystery has been solved. Took car into dealership to have a look at this and fix creaky centre console (which they did a great job, Lexus Cambridge are the best!) Anyway, turns out there is a hidden feature where if you click up 8 times, it will move the steering wheel rack to a higher position for those that need it. The dealership didn't even know this was a feature and it isn't documented, they discovered this by accident when trying to reproduce the problem. So guys, if you want the steering wheel higher than the max default, click up 8 times on the control knob, and it'll move up another inch. It will reset though once you turn the car off. The tech guy seems to think that the auto away does this sometimes just for its own maintenance to ensure the motors go through full range of motion
  12. The engine is always acting as a generator for the battery, so as long as you're moving you can deplete the battery and it won't affect overall mpg. What you're referring to will only negatively affect average/overall mpg if you're stationary and the engine needs to recharge the battery. If you're never depleting the battery, then you're just wasting free fuel from built up charge. Also, I believe it's good for the health of the battery to run through complete discharge/recharge cycles.
  13. The wheels alone should only make a minor difference, I average 50-55mpg year round on 17inch wheels in my luxury spec IS. Try the following: - Use eco mode around town to stay on the battery as much as possible. You should aim to fully deplete the battery when in town. If you've always got a full battery, then that's a good indicator you're doing something wrong! - Use pulse and glide for 40mph and below roads. Get to speed, lift off then gently back on the pedal with just enough juice from the battery to hold speed. - Aim to do all your stopping using just regen braking (i.e. try to always slow and/or come to a stop with the needle within charge, but never bottomed out). When the needle has hit the bottom of charge, you'll be using the real brakes as well to stop. - Try rolling as much as possible, and braking as gently as possible. - Use cruise control as much as possible - Get up to speed fairly briskly, and try to maintain speed, avoid slowing down and speeding up as much as possible. This is why Prius drives always keep their distance. Do all these things, and once they become habit, you should start to average in the mid to high 40s. Hope that helps 🙂
  14. Could you please post the link to the SD card you bought please. Also, any special instructions or did you literally just swap out the card? Cheers!