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  1. Good to know as my warranty is about to expire, I'll be hammering the dealership next week!
  2. Does seem like an obvious design flaw, given the amount of testing these cars go through, I'm kinda shocked they don't put measures in place to prevent this. It wouldn't really cost them anything. There does seem to be a few build quality issues with the latest IS. My partner's NX does seem to be better built inside this regard, very solid inside and no creaks. I'll take it back to the dealership first and see what they can do, and if no joy then I might do as you suggest. Thanks for the info.
  3. I'm starting to get quite a lot of creaks from the plastic around the centre dash. In particular the silver plastic at the sides, the plastic around the HVAC controls and leather padded leg/knee support. It's starting to really irritate as I can hear creaks every time I go over bumps and when cornering as my leg presses against the padded dash support. If I wobble it myself by hand it all creaks quite a lot, and is quite nasty, not really what you'd expect from a 2 year old Lexus 😞 Anyone else experienced this and any possible solutions? Thanks!
  4. Yes this is true, and it's exactly why I'm on my third Lexus. No one can argue build quality and reliability, and that's another reason Lexus cars cost what they do. I also understand that Lexus and Toyota have an aversion to lithium ion batteries, for the very reason of longevity and reliability issues, and I do kinda agree on this stance. Better to skip lithium ion altogether and hold tight for solid state. However, with all that said, some of my frustrations still stand. Lexus could offer more alternatives (more engine choices in the UK, even an NX plugin would be nice) and also listen to their critics/customers a bit more. Their infotainment systems are simply not good enough, and it irritates me that they're willing to pump loads of money into things like hover boards and yachts, yet can't make big improvements to their infotainment software/interface, very frustrating... No apple car play or Android auto yet in the UK, I mean seriously come on!!
  5. It's a bit unfair to compare a ICE hybrid to a pure EV as EVs right now do have serious draw backs with regards to range, charge times and infrastructure, they are very different class of car. What I meant to say was that for an ICE hybrid, the UX is quite advanced in terms of fuel economy and performance and has one of the most efficient naturally aspirated engines at 40% thermal efficiency. I do completely agree with you though on the topic of Lexus being way too late to market with an EV, this has been a huge mistake by Lexus, just too slow to change! I understand the Toyota/Lexus argument that they are doing more for emmisions by selling millions of hybrids over tens of thousands of pure EVs (simply not enough batteries to go around). However, they should by now at least provide the option of a few EVs, even if supply is limited. It would keep them current and competitive, and show they are still a market leader. If they keep up their stubborn stance on EVs, then Toyota/Lexus could be seriously left behind in a few years and hurting dearly as a brand...
  6. After watching most of CarWow's Lexus reviews, I can confidently say he's very biased toward German brands and does not like CVT hybrids. I also saw the UX review and was equally irritated. He always focuses on the CVT drone when flooring the throttle, yet this is something you rarely ever do, and something he rarely does when reviewing non hybrids. It truly is irritating to see such blatant biased journalism. He also went on to say the UX was not fun to drive, yet most other reviews state that the driving experience is one of its best qualities, and one of the best CVTs around. Also, Mr.Watson clearly has no idea how to best drive a hybrid, as his quick and dirty fuel economy tests always fall short by about 10mpg average that I've been able to achieve in our Lexus hybrids. Rant aside, the UX definitely has problems, poor boot space and rear leg room, and the crappy infotainment system that God only knows why Lexus continue to pursue. However, despite all this I believe it's still a good car, very advanced propulsion system, great fuel economy and quite fun to drive.
  7. By putting the car into manual shift mode via the gear stick and combined with sport mode, I find you can pretty much eliminate any lag from the CVT.
  8. Really glad to see others are getting great mileage in their IS. I posted my recent fuel economy results in a previous post and in the warmer weather now I'm averaging over 55mpg after a full tank, which is extremely impressive. On some journeys, when the right conditions apply, I can often well over 60 too Sad to say I'm not seeing such dramatic fuel consumption improvements in our NX in warmer weather. I find it much more difficult in general to get over 40mpg in the NX, something I've ranted about in the NX forum, that vehicle is a big disappointment engine wise 😞
  9. The IS is a brilliant car, for all the reasons given here! As for the dealership experience, it varies greatly. My local lexus Cambridge are brilliant, and can't really fault their service, great every time and they always seem to try and do everything they can to make you happy. However, I've dealt with two other dealerships, Hatfield and Edgware Road. Hatfield were not friendly and seemed lacking in knowledge of the cars. Edgware Road are so so, but seemingly not very interested in post sale problems, felt like after the sale they just want to wash their hands with you, so I would avoid Edgware Road, Cambridge is the best by far from my experience.
  10. I've talked about this on other posts, but I can easily get between 50-55mpg (55mpg is in 15 degree + weather) combined mpg after using a full tank of petrol. The IS300h is a very fuel-efficient car if you master hybrid driving, and you can still have fun with the car driving it efficiently. Adjust your driving based on the following tips and your mpg will go up considerably. - To maximise regen braking, when you know you're going to stop or slow, take your foot off the pedal as early as possible and brake very gently. You should be aiming to never engage the wheel brakes and always break/slow using regen braking to stop and slow the car. It'll take a few weeks to master, but once you make it habit, expect big fuel economy gains. - Always use ECO mode around town, it'll ensure you stay on the battery as much as possible due to the dulled throttle response. Also, around town and in ECO mode, be gentle on the throttle to ensure the engine doesn't kicks in. - Use cruise control for 40+ speed roads (A roads and motorway) and stay at one speed as much as possible. - Get up to speed quickly and cruise on the battery at 40 below speed, by taking your foot off the pedal and easing back on it again to maintain speed on the battery, it's called pulse and glide. One should aim to try and have the battery fully depleted when leaving urban areas. Following this advice, you will be on the battery about 70% of the time in urban areas and you will be surprised at how fuel efficient the IS300h can be, it's a great car and the best Lexus IMO between fun and fuel economy.
  11. Indeed, I was told the same by the dealership that the version of the NX300h engine is an older version of the 2AR-FXE engine, 2 generations behind latest RAV4. It is a strange decision that they decided to put such an old version into the NX300h, even the IS300h has a more modern variant. Maybe they did it as a cost cutting measure, and this is where my issues lie. It is quite an expensive luxury vehicle, and luxury vehicles of this price range should guarantee a luxury drive, meaning adequate power at most road speeds. With the current NX engine, for me personally it doesn't feel like a luxury drive above 40mph, it feels like the car struggles quite a lot and the engine note is quite unpleasant, and this is not what one would expect from a ~36-45k car. To call a car luxury at this price point, it should at least be able to gracefully waft to top motorway speeds, something the IS/ES300h achieve quite well, the NX300h does not! The debate around whether a car or not is under-powered is somewhat subjective I admit, but the general consensus from journalists, some owners and dealerships I've spoken with are that the NX300h is under-powered for the type of vehicle it is, especially at its price point. You could put a better engine in it and get just as good, if not better fuel economy, and a better drive. I just hope that Lexus hurry up with either putting in the new RAV4 engine, or come out with a plug-in variant with a more powerful electric motor. Seems like the former though is more likely in the short term. I believe the NX does have massive potential, and overall I do like it, fantastic looking car, great handling and very comfortable, but the engine and economy are pain points that stop the vehicle from achieving its true potential.
  12. That's because the NX300h is hands down an under-powered vehicle, and the engine (although very similar to the IS300h) has to work harder at any given speed/acceleration due to increased vehicle weight and higher drag coefficient. The RX has a much better power/weight ratio, which is why it can get around the same fuel economy, and be much faster at the same time. IMO it was a big mistake releasing the NX hybrid with an older/weaker IS power train! The hybrid NX is crying out for a small V6 hybrid, or a plug-in 4-cylinder variant with a more powerful electric motor, that would be perfect (around ~250HP with more torque). If I could go back in time I'd probably go for the 2.0litre turbo variant, much more fun and fuel economy not much worse on the motorway I hear. I mean what were the engineers thinking putting a weaker engine in than the IS, when the NX is much heavier and has worse drag, completely stupid decision and made just for financial reasons I'm sure. I wish more people would speak up about this and put pressure on Lexus to improve upon this terrible decision with the next big refresh. People can disagree with me, but I have an IS, partner an NX and I'm telling you honestly it's an under-powered vehicle. Even at the dealership they say it's under-powered, and that's the main reason for the poor fuel economy. If you drive the NX like a regular vehicle, you'll get about the same fuel economy as a CX5 or Tiguan, so basically the hybrid system in the NX just doesn't work that well I'm afraid, very disappointed with the vehicle overall, and many share this view. The NX sells well because it looks great, let's be honest about it, and it does look great! I'm going to put good money on NX sales in the UK dropping off a cliff this year now that the new RAV4 has been released, which is not only faster, but has better fuel economy!!! Again, it all comes down to the physics, the RAV4 (although a similar engine) has a better power to weight ratio than the NX. This fact, combined with the embarrassing WLTP numbers that have now come out for the NX are the reasons why I predict NX sales will tank this year. Time for a big refresh Lexus...
  13. Thanks buddy! Oh, and as for fuel economy, I've been able to get close to 40mpg on most runs, but I hope to eek out 45 mpg in the warmer months, which is pretty good for this class of vehicle. If they could reduce the weight a bit and combined with the new RAV4 4th gen hybrid engine, then high 40's should be easily achievable on the next refresh. I've heard this should happen around 2021 for the NX. Keep an eye on that under body rust though, I reckon this is a bit of a problem for the NX as it seems to have a lot less aero panels underneath it than my IS. Happy motoring in your new NX, she should give you many years of pleasure.
  14. My partner just got a used 2016 NX FSport Sonic Titanium, mainly for her though. We went with an FSport model as she loved the styling over the standard one. The FSport is slightly more fun in the corners and holds the road better, but ride is a little on the hard side for me, but never uncomfortable, and not much harder than the standard. The hard ride isn't really noticeable in the back, which is a nice design from Lexus by tuning rear suspension more for comfort. I will definitely go for the Cross Climate tyres when it's time to replace the standard rock hard Yokohamas. She also insisted that we go with an older model that has the rotary controller for the infotainment system, as it is so much easier to use when on the move. Lexus please ditch the touch pad, it's just rubbish on the move. Also, tyre noise coming through the cabin is surprisingly loud, and for me it does feel under-powered compared to my IS300h. I've made another post about this, but the NX really needs 250 horsepower to be fun and unlock the potential of the chassis, it just makes no sense to me that a car heavier than the IS300h has less power. I was pondering a UX for a time, but slightly out of our price range new, and the boot is a joke, way too small. Also, leg room is crap too. It's essentially a CT replacement. The NX is the perfect size for a small family, UX is just for couples. One thing to look out for though. I recently took a look under the bottom rear of the car, and to my surprise found an alarming amount of corrosion/rust, so will call the dealership to see how much of a problem this is, I'm praying it's just benign surface rust. Seeing as yours is also new, I'd have a good look under the vehicle to inspect for rust.