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  1. As with everything in life, the latest trend in SUVs, is exactly that, it's just a trend/fad!! We have an IS and and NX, and the NX is only slightly more practical than the IS. NX is a lot less fun to drive and fuel economy is terrible compared to the IS. I can get up to 60mpg in the IS on long journeys, but barely 45mpg in the NX. We always end up using the IS for long journeys, so that says everything really! I have read a few articles now that saloons are starting to make a comeback as finally the general public realise that fuel economy, emmisions and cost of ownership are far better in saloon type cars. Like I said, it's just a fad guys and it will end. I fear that Lexus has come to market slightly too late with UX (seems to be a trend for them of late). And yes, boot space is an absolute joke in the UX, just not a practical SUV, only an economical fashion statement, which is also fine 🙂
  2. I love my IS, but now after a few years my biggest complaint is that bloody centre console and how badly it creaks and cracks when pressure or movement is applied to it. There is another post I made about this, but I recently took the two outer panels off and lubricated them with silicone spray and grease, and it did make a big difference. Basically, most of my creaks were coming from the bolstered knee pads and plastic silver trim. They both have an additional piece of plastic inside them for additional rigidly. However, over time as the plastics have expanded/contracted, there is now movement between them and it's what is causing all my creaks. On the next service I will also see what improvements the dealership can make. I agree this one aspect of the car is of very poor build quality, quite surprising for a Lexus. I imagine the refreshed 2021 IS will have a different console with these problems resolved. Dare I say it guys, but I don't think they make em like they used to...
  3. Old company, slow to change. Also, Japanese culture/companies have a bad habit of not being willing to admit mistakes and instead will prefer to carry on with something bad and continue on slightly improving it rather than shaming someone at the top (i.e a chief designer) who invented the crap. I have friends and family who work for Japanese companies and this is exactly how they all are I'm afraid, such a shame! For example, the female chief designer of the UX/CT is also the person responsible for the track pad (remote touch), she is very high up at Lexus and I imagine no wants to tell her how utterly rubbish her invention has been (you get where in going with this), or they are all in complete and utter denial about the problem. With all that said, it still utterly baffles me as Lexus I'm sure has lost thousands of potential sales due to poor infotainment, surely someone high up at Lexus sees this as serious problem for the company going forward. I'm mean, I love my IS, but when I see how advanced the new systems are from BMW, Mercedes and Tesla, unless things change it's highly unlikely I'll be buying another Lexus because of this crap, and don't get me started on the lack on engine/EV propulsion systems. If things don't dramatically improve with the next generation, Lexus sales could seriously start dropping off a cliff.
  4. Noticed on the Lexus used cars site that there are already about 100 used UXs for sale! This seems surprisingly high for a brand new car that only came out in April. What are the thoughts here, are people generally happy with their UX, or are lots of buyers disappointed/unhappy and the UX is not living up to expectations?
  5. I've got a very strange issue where sometimes the steering wheel power tilt auto-away feature will move the wheel to a much higher position than normal, and higher than what I can achieve with the control manually. Most of the time the auto away will move it back to the same maximum height that I can achieve with the control knob. On the rare occasion it does this, the motor even makes a slightly higher pitched noise, which brings it even more to my attention. My gut tells me something isn't quite right here. Anyone have any thoughts about this or experienced a similar issue?
  6. In sport mode (unless you're in EV mode) the default gear ratio is set higher than in eco and normal, so you will get more engine braking and hence feel the car is breaking more. There's a trick you can do to bypass this, by flicking from sport->eco->sport, and that should drop the rev counter to the bottom and give you less engine breaking feel. The kick down switch should definitely be there, and does give you max power very quickly and the car will seriously pull. However, you have to press down quite hard after hitting the floor, the button is quite firm. If you want to remove some of the lag in auto mode, try backing your foot off of the accelerator to reduce revs before accelerating again. This should give you a better torque response, which is lower down in the RPMs. Also, using the paddles in sport and S/Manaul mode will absolutely take some lag out of the gear box. S1 and S2 are you performance ranges, and the IS does respond well. I have the premium 10 speaker sound system and think it's superb, the dealership also told me in the IS there's isn't a big difference between the 10 speaker premium sound and the ML. They also told me that you have to really crank the ML to get the most out of it, but then it's quite harsh on the old ear drums. I've posted about IS fuel economy many times, but I average between 50-55mpg once the tank is dry, and that's all year around. The fuel economy and performance of the IS are quite impressive for a petrol saloon. I agree with a lot of people that the car should be faster given it can deliever 223HP. However, if you floor the car (even with kick down) it takes ages to reach 6000rpm. You can get to 5k rpm quite quickly, but it will then take quite some time to reach full power at 6k rpm. I believe this has something to do with the gear box and the battery being the limiting factor and the car needing to build the power slowly at high rpm to ensure it doesn't go flat, at least that my guessing based on what I've read/heard. I'm really hoping the updated 2021 IS will have more torque/HP and a slightly more responsive gear box (fuel eco will surely be better). Give me an IS300h with 0-60 at roughly 7 seconds and I'll be a very happy man. Hope that help!
  7. Yes was going to that and wanted to apply the grease to any contact points between the plastic dash trim, just to make sure. I find sprays just goed everywhere
  8. The only slight rattle I have is the driver side door mirror control buttons when playing loud bass music at certain frequencies, apart from that no other rattles, probably going to try and get that fixed at the next service... The plastic creaks from the centre console are really bad though, and this has been quite disappointing (heard it's better in RC, definitely better in NX). So I'm going to try and fix it myself using the great help from all of you here. Felt tape and silicone grease at the ready!
  9. I video of all this work would be awesome :)
  10. Good to know as my warranty is about to expire, I'll be hammering the dealership next week!
  11. Does seem like an obvious design flaw, given the amount of testing these cars go through, I'm kinda shocked they don't put measures in place to prevent this. It wouldn't really cost them anything. There does seem to be a few build quality issues with the latest IS. My partner's NX does seem to be better built inside this regard, very solid inside and no creaks. I'll take it back to the dealership first and see what they can do, and if no joy then I might do as you suggest. Thanks for the info.
  12. I'm starting to get quite a lot of creaks from the plastic around the centre dash. In particular the silver plastic at the sides, the plastic around the HVAC controls and leather padded leg/knee support. It's starting to really irritate as I can hear creaks every time I go over bumps and when cornering as my leg presses against the padded dash support. If I wobble it myself by hand it all creaks quite a lot, and is quite nasty, not really what you'd expect from a 2 year old Lexus 😞 Anyone else experienced this and any possible solutions? Thanks!
  13. Yes this is true, and it's exactly why I'm on my third Lexus. No one can argue build quality and reliability, and that's another reason Lexus cars cost what they do. I also understand that Lexus and Toyota have an aversion to lithium ion batteries, for the very reason of longevity and reliability issues, and I do kinda agree on this stance. Better to skip lithium ion altogether and hold tight for solid state. However, with all that said, some of my frustrations still stand. Lexus could offer more alternatives (more engine choices in the UK, even an NX plugin would be nice) and also listen to their critics/customers a bit more. Their infotainment systems are simply not good enough, and it irritates me that they're willing to pump loads of money into things like hover boards and yachts, yet can't make big improvements to their infotainment software/interface, very frustrating... No apple car play or Android auto yet in the UK, I mean seriously come on!!
  14. It's a bit unfair to compare a ICE hybrid to a pure EV as EVs right now do have serious draw backs with regards to range, charge times and infrastructure, they are very different class of car. What I meant to say was that for an ICE hybrid, the UX is quite advanced in terms of fuel economy and performance and has one of the most efficient naturally aspirated engines at 40% thermal efficiency. I do completely agree with you though on the topic of Lexus being way too late to market with an EV, this has been a huge mistake by Lexus, just too slow to change! I understand the Toyota/Lexus argument that they are doing more for emmisions by selling millions of hybrids over tens of thousands of pure EVs (simply not enough batteries to go around). However, they should by now at least provide the option of a few EVs, even if supply is limited. It would keep them current and competitive, and show they are still a market leader. If they keep up their stubborn stance on EVs, then Toyota/Lexus could be seriously left behind in a few years and hurting dearly as a brand...