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  1. No I put my ECU in the back(I thought was capacitor of ECU or limp mode). But can be only is a module of all sistem immobilizer? About Techstream-today or tomorrow I will put again and I will tell you(Wath I remember I. Go directly to Optionals)
  2. THE PROABLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED -I download the manual mechanic -I ceck fuse A2 -need below 1ohm/ -ceck connectors terminals-voltage off fuse -ceck wire harness “power source control ECU-J55” I arrive here/proablem solve.... before to go ahead. -I connect Techstream I found 1-Eror past and 3-Error now(look foto) -I reset ECU with flip paper 30” in OBD2 (4+13) Someone solve this Eror :B2785 , B2786 , B2789 ??? In past/history B2287
  3. someone knows about....ECU-"limp mode" engine protection software
  4. Hello.How I told fuses and relays they are ok.Today I reset ECM.I take off terminals from battery and I connect together +with - for 15”.😀 .I was stupid I don’t ceck computer in this time. I stop car .To see if start again.I have trust car start one more time but NOT I reset again 2 times but nothing Wath can be ???
  5. tomorrow I will ceck one more time hight fuse and olso relays
  6. I want to mention to be clear "switch button"...look foto it is 1)OFF mode...2)ACC mode...3)IG ON mode In one Lexus IS 220D when you go inside (on button start) in position 1.OFF mode it is light because you open door and after while light is off- I mention this because this is in my situation.Is only first mode "OFF".Itold is light because arrive volt mens no broken the switch No OBD2 no nothing.I dont know from where I start.And I am very sure many people had this problem even with other model cars
  7. iWell today I connect techstream but nothing because need start ignition(i dont tell start engine) I was to mechanic authorised lexus.I told my story...He told me ceck "down fuse"-"ceramic fuse"...but I dont see this type of fuse told me olso:your problem is a separate circuit. Someone know this fuse?
  8. Yes I disconnected.Nothing. I have but I don’t connect in obd2 because I know need to Be in position start ignition .Today someone told it is enough 5v to read the error of sensors tomorrow I will prove. Thank you🙏🏻
  9. Battery I have 6month Varta G8-95ah 850A...I don’t fix.I surrender
  10. I ceck switch look fine arrive voltage olso.Any case I checked battery current sensore-is ok
  11. Thank you for suggestions. Batery car and battery fob key I recently changed When I told I have light on button start ignition (is only when I open car) Tomorow I will look for switch-clutch pedal