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  1. Just wanted to update you guys with the progress, I finally resolved the issue and the car is running back to normal, no water pump leaks, no rough idling from all the coolant crust on the belt and pulleys and heater comes on hot only after 4 mins and at 24c. I changed the thermostat along which resolved the issue, pretty easy job, got it done within 45mins. Thanks for all your help and advice and hopefully this will be of benefit to someone else. Many thanks
  2. I have had this car through 3 summers and have never had any issues so it's just a bit strange. I think I will change the thermostat anyway and give the burping another try and see what happens. Does anyone know if there is a valve or ***** plug, if so the location?
  3. Im pretty sure the thermostat still needs replacing because thinking back a couple weeks before i changed the water pump i noticed that when the heater was set to 24c it was coming out cold but i thought this was due to the water pump. The air lock could possibly be contributing to this also. As when i tried to do the burping process with both topped up to full and engine running, both res and inlet caps open, i found after holding the revs, coolant was rising in the res tank, overflowing and spilling. I have ordered a replacement thermostat and intend on replacing that this week.
  4. So just an update, i managed to successfully replace the water pump along with a new belt and coolant, doesn't seem to be any leak but now the heater doesn't work i suspect its probably the thermostat. i was considering replacing the thermostat and regret that i didn't, but Lexus couldn't get it until the next day and i wanted to get started on the job asap as the job took me a whole 9 hours to complete. Either that or it has something to do with that cylinder as i unscrewed the bolt and it started spraying out liquid kind of steaming, possibly something to do with the AC? can anyone confirm what this cylinder type part is??
  5. I will be changing the belt aswell. Everything else isnt too difficult to reach without too much interference so should be ok.
  6. That's perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I will be looking to purchase that manual for sure. I think our vehicle is difference as for 1 the belt is smaller and as far as I can see there is another piece in front of the idler pulley if you look in the picture attached. i need to know what the part with the question mark on connected to the round metal cylinder on the right is?
  7. Thanks for that buddy. I will hopefully tackle the water pump this week. any tips and tools i will need or could expect on this job? I've already watched some videos but they were on the IS350, it looks to be the same, but could be different....
  8. Pipes seem fine at the front, will need to confirm the back section upon further inspection. Where abouts is the thermostat?
  9. I won't take any chances when I'm next free I will have a go at replacing it. The last thing I want is the engine overheating. And coolant crust all over the engine.
  10. So i have had time to have a good look and I'm pretty sure it's coming from somewhere behind the water pump pulley, so I suspect it needs a new water pump?? If anyone could confirm before I embark on dismantling that would be great
  11. Sorry The server is buggin out
  12. Hi guys, so just a quick update, a couple weeks later the leak has got worse. It looks to be coolant, it has sprayed onto multiple parts and leaving a pink and white rustic look on the metal. I have attached some pictures. Does anyone know which pipes or parts uses coolant in this section. Many thanks
  13. Thanks for that I will certainly have a look. Hopefully ain't nothing too serious which I can just resolve myself.
  14. I usually service the car myself so I'm quite handy. If it only involves removing a couple parts then that's OK but removing half a engine would be too technical. It's due a service soon so I will remove what I can and have a proper look. Judging by the videos I've watched for the valve gasket It doesn't look easy thats for sure
  15. It doesn't yet but I'm sure if left unattended it probably will. Is this a easy fix, so can I tackle this myself? The rocker ain't the same as the valve gasket right?
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