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  1. count yourself lucky, u got a absolute bargain. Yes definitely great all rounder. People underestimate the capability of this car and It really deserves more recognition. Best car I have owned by far. It’s just amazing bit of engineering so much more refined and advanced than these competitors
  2. It could be that you purchased from dealer so gave you a discount as a good will. I only realised it existed when I raced my mates S63 and whilst he was wheel spinning I was bye bye both on stand still and rolling start i was quite shocked lol
  3. Oh right ok. Was this long after purchasing the car? there must be others that have had this so some input would really help to clear things up. by the way has the premier model got the special button under the accelerator pedal which turns the car into a rocket 😎
  4. Only parts. Labour charge is £180 an hour and it’s a hour and a half job. I have just fitted it all today so there’s no going back now I just have to bite the bullet on this 1. It might be the case that as u had it done at the same time you got the alloys and paintwork sorted you got a discount
  5. I got the parts from the Edware road store but I have rung several other Lexus dealerships near and far including reading and they have all come back with the same price. Possibily because they have seen on there system that I have already purchased the parts so it’s a bit too late now. if anyone has the same car and can get a quote it would be very interesting to know the price you get
  6. So I have spoken to Lexus and it seems like prices vary depending on location. I will have to bite the bullet on this occasion and hope nothing else needs replacing. Lexus quoted me £870 odd quid to have it fitted which is a bit extreme as it’s not even a gsf so I dread to think what it would cost to maintain a gsf 😱
  7. It could possibly be that parts are more expensive in different parts of the country but I would be surprised if that’s the case. I think I need to contact Lexus to discuss this further as I don’t feel I got a fair price compared to what everyone is saying they have paid. I understand that it might be a bit more expensive than other brands considering they get shipped from Japan and that’s fair enough but based on the price others have paid compared to what I have just paid is overly excessive and am not happy. This is really making me reconsider owning such a car because even though Lexus might be a reliable car, it’s looking like there will be a hefty price to pay if something goes wrong. I think I need to actually experience how reliable this car will be before I can make a decision.
  8. Even That seems like a fair price considering you had them fitted aswell. For this price I wouldn’t even get the disc as they charged me nearly 500£. I think there’s definitely something fishy going on. I would have thought the 3 pieces that go being the pads came in a set but they charged me separately for each individual clip and pin. £27.60 just for the 2 little metal bars that slides into the back of the pads n calipers is a bit excessive. I’m sure there must be a error. I didn’t ask them for fitting price no as I wanted to do it myself having peace of mind knowing everything was definitely cleaned and changed properly.
  9. Just the front, basically all the pins, brackets and clips in the Caliper got changed. But this price is just for parts as I fitted it all myself. I will think it’s a bit hefty though since I have heard of people getting them changed by Lexus for cheaper
  10. I assume the price difference means they didn’t change your shims and pins etc but you had them fitted by Lexus aswell right?my brakes are making a clicking noise so I thought I should change the whole lot and hope that resolves it
  11. Sorry for the late reply just had lots going on. So it cost me £670 including discs, pads, shim kit, the part that holds the pads in place, the slide in pole and the clip. I personally feel it’s a bit much and feel extorted. Can anyone confirm this price is about right? I had the E350 before and that cost me around the 400£ which is reasonable. But on a positive note I probably won’t have to have them changed again for a while.
  12. So just an update after a 90 mile trip. Great news. I got it just over 40mpg on a 50 mile stretch of motorway which I set to 70-80 mph on cruise control. So short miles is definitely what’s causing the low mpg but I can deal with that considering I have a machine capable of leaving most cars for dust on the roads for far cheaper to run than something of this performance.
  13. I have the f sport model. I’m aware of the size I just wanted to know if I could get slotted version elsewhere if not looks like I will be going to the dealer. The only reason why I changed it was because the disc were real rusty around the outer edge and there was a clicking sound from my brakes. Lesson learnt the hard way. I need to get them replaced now 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. Everywhere I have checked sell the same size one I purchased which is 334mm height. After measuring the original it comes out at about 360mm. They do function fine but further down the line It will not perform as well due to staggering.
  15. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket slotted brake disc that are the same size as the factory ones?? i brought and fitted some aftermarket ones but there smaller at 334mm because of this the bottom surface of the disc has no contact with the pads leaving the coating still on which just looks dodgy, not to mention over time when the top part wears down it will just be a mess