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  1. Hi mate I got it from a trader but I knew this problem existed when I viewed it and just thought it would be a easy fix and I did get a discount for it even tho I did a trade. I have heard it’s a common problem so hoping someone has resolved this themselves to offer some advice
  2. Hi again people so just trying to work out why I ain’t getting any radio signal. I have had the car a month and it has never worked since I have had it. I have tried searching for station in different locations but still no luck. It’s a bit annoying as I do like to listen to a bit of LBC and different music channels now and again. Could it be a case of changing the antenna??
  3. Hi guys so I’m getting a clunk click sort of noise every time I press the brake pedal. I initially thought it was the disc or pads as the disc were very rusty and in bad shape but after replacing both disc and pads the sound still exist. Anyone had the same issue and what is the solution? thanks in advanced
  4. Never mind I will start a new thread on it and hopefully someone else can shed some light on it 👍🏼
  5. This happens every time I press the brake pedal no matter which direction I’m going in. It sounds a bit like it might be coming from the actual pedal. I am still yet to inspect the pedal for sticking or something of that nature so maybe a bit of wd40 will be a fix. I will do this when I have time before I move onto inspecting the parts you mentioned. It did have Toyota pads in before which I guess is oem and the pads I fitted are ferrodo but have made the sound on both pads so I think we can rule that out. Is the slide pin the metal bar that holds the bracket behind the pads that could be sticking? And where is the bushing pin located? I did change the brakes myself and all the parts were in place as they should be but I’m not sure about this bushing pin u mention.
  6. Thanks for that mate From what I can hear in your video mine sounds the same but it goes a bit quieter after a few seconds. Someone mentioned using some injector cleaner. Anyone else tried this and has it made any difference?? I’m getting a kind of click/clunk sound when I press the brake pedal too but not sure if this is the same as what everyone else is saying is due to the electric braking system. I initially thought it was the acoustic wear on the pads and the discs looked quite rusty around the outside edge and looked quite worn so I changed both disc and pads today but still getting the same click when pedal is pressed. are you guys getting this same click sound and will doing a few hard stops be a fix??
  7. Its not a issue that it’s a bit loud I just wanted to double check to make sure it’s normal. I will have peace of mind now. But the sound when I plant my foot is where it’s music to my ears 😂 thanks for your help mate really appreciate it
  8. It’s Just engine noise like on any other car but is it normal for it to be loud like it starts at a higher rpm then after a few seconds the revs drop and goes quieter. And am I right in thinking that it’s not supposed to ever just start on the battery and just be silent like on the Prius??
  9. Hi guys happy to be apart of the club. very proud owner of 2013 GS 450H quality with great performance and handling what more can I want. It’s such a underrated car. so I’m just hoping if someone can shed some light on the start up sound as mine is quite loud for the first few seconds after starting it then it goes a bit quieter but not completely quiet like when it’s running only on the battery. is this normal on this model?? other than this the car runs and drive nice and smooth EV mode works fine and feels great to glide along the road. the car is a pleasure to drive and the engineering in this is so advanced and clever it’s unbelievable that I don’t see more of these on the road