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  1. So just an update after a 90 mile trip. Great news. I got it just over 40mpg on a 50 mile stretch of motorway which I set to 70-80 mph on cruise control. So short miles is definitely what’s causing the low mpg but I can deal with that considering I have a machine capable of leaving most cars for dust on the roads for far cheaper to run than something of this performance.
  2. I have the f sport model. I’m aware of the size I just wanted to know if I could get slotted version elsewhere if not looks like I will be going to the dealer. The only reason why I changed it was because the disc were real rusty around the outer edge and there was a clicking sound from my brakes. Lesson learnt the hard way. I need to get them replaced now 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Everywhere I have checked sell the same size one I purchased which is 334mm height. After measuring the original it comes out at about 360mm. They do function fine but further down the line It will not perform as well due to staggering.
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows of any aftermarket slotted brake disc that are the same size as the factory ones?? i brought and fitted some aftermarket ones but there smaller at 334mm because of this the bottom surface of the disc has no contact with the pads leaving the coating still on which just looks dodgy, not to mention over time when the top part wears down it will just be a mess
  5. I was looking into the techstream but I thought there might be another alternative as I heard it’s a bit hit and miss with these software copies and certain computer systems. I think it will be worth a try seeing as it has very good capabilities. There is so many on eBay how do I know which is the real deal and what’s the latest or best version?
  6. Hi guys so I’m looking to purchase a diagnostic tool to read and clear faults etc and was wondering if anyone has got one that they can recommend works well with Lexus. If there’s something that can tell me about the hybrid system then that would be perfect. thanks
  7. So it seems like short trips is maybe what’s causing the low mpg. Possibility because the engine is constantly restarting after stopping and pulling away in traffic. I will be going on a 90 mile drive in couple weeks so I will see what I get. Fingers crossed it’s 30 plus Otherwise I may have a issue on my hands but I have faith. will post a update shortly
  8. From my calculations I top up 30£ which last me 2 weeks and I’m doing 60 odd miles a week. So It is getting around the 20mpg mark. I will be going on a longer trip soon so I will see what happens but I’m sure there is something going on 🤔 it is due a service in 2000 miles according to the display but the oil level is at max. But seeing as I just bought the car not sure how accurate this is so I will be doing a oil, oil filter and air filter change just to make sure.
  9. It would make more sense That it gets better mpg on motorway but still should get more than 20’s for short trips surely seeing as I drive quite sensibly and let it run on battery when I can and slowing down ahead of time to charge it. When I check the mpg in the past few years it’s showing average of low 30’s with best mpg of 34mpg. I have checked my tyre pressure and they are as specified on the sticker inside my door. 34 psi on fronts and 35 psi on backs. Car drives fine and nothing is lit on the dash. What could be causing this??
  10. Just wondering what everyone is getting per gallon as my display is showing average mpg as 22mpg. It has about 78000 miles on the clock. I do short 10 min trips both back roads on mainly battery and dual carriage way doing 40/50 mph each way. Is there a issue somewhere or is this normal on a car this age and mileage?
  11. Right understood so I will just wrap it up then. Thanks for the heads up guys u literally saved my life 😅
  12. Hi again guys, so upon closer inspection I have noticed one of the orange hose that is connected to what I think is the battery is split. Does anyone know the purpose of this and is it as simple as pulling off and replacing?? i have attached a picture of the culprit u can see it squashed on the bottom clip thabks
  13. The fuses I haven’t checked yet as I wasn’t aware the antenna had any. I will have a look at my manual and see what I can find. Any other suggestions to check whilst I’m checking fuses will be much appreciated
  14. I wouldn’t say changing the antenna in this Gs is easy for a trader as they need to research into what the issue is to be sure that it is actually causing the issue then source the parts and for this Gs in the uk there are not many spare parts around on eBay etc then spend 1, 2 maybe 3 hours fitting it just to take the cost off all of that from a 500£ profit margin especially a trader that has big stock and just want to Make a quick turn around. But for someone like me that Has some tools and is quite handy it is definitely doable just time consuming. its just the standard system. I do plan on fitting the 12” screen in at some point though so I knew I can delve into this issue a bit further if needed.
  15. Hi mate I got it from a trader but I knew this problem existed when I viewed it and just thought it would be a easy fix and I did get a discount for it even tho I did a trade. I have heard it’s a common problem so hoping someone has resolved this themselves to offer some advice