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  1. Glad there are others sharing such a positive experience. I had to have my GS at a workshop as an UBER driver slightly hit the side of the front bumper when my car was parked on the main road (luckily I witnessed the incident) - so the driver admitted full liability and through the insurance I was given a replacement car for a week and it was Jaguar XF 2018 - The car looks great from outside but the moment I stepped inside, it was a reminder how much I wanted to be back with my Lexus and was missing it awfully. Quality interior of the Jaguar was disappointing - too much plastic around. The engine (2 Litre diesel) had a lot of punch (too much in my opinion) but too much for my liking as the rear tyres were spinning like crazy from standing at traffic lights and I was not racing and the engine sound was dreadful (diesel, what can you expect). So, again Lexus gives you the great power but in a much more control way, it is more linear power and gradual, which is exactly what you want for such a big car, not trying to skidd from still position like the Jaguar... Just goes to say how special Lexus is.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences driving your GS car. Mine is simply just awesome. I have been driving mine for over 6 months now and I am in love with it! I have been appreciating this car so much that I simply cannot wait to drive it again and again. After driven Mercedes cars and BMWs, Lexus is something else, way above the previous cars I have had. I love the way it drives in such comfort and luxurious way, so quiet at times when EV quicks in. The mileage consumption is very good for 3.5 V6 petrol engine, I get on average 29mpg driving in town (doing an average 20-30 mph) and on the motorway I can easily get 38mpg. The car is so composed and the suspension is soft enough to make the journey so enjoyable. They have done a remarkable job building this car. Driving on the motorway is so smooth and relaxing and yet the power is there when I need it. It really feels awesome. I feel like I am going to keep this car for years to come without a doubt. Now, I get to understand why Lexus drivers keep their cars for a long time. It feels really special to be part of this brand and the quality interior is by far the best I have seen from all previous cars I have had...
  3. Unfortunately, mine has not got this available on display... Very surprised to be honest... I am looking at various options to either have one fitted externally with Michelin Or have sensors fitted inside the tyres but I would like to know if Lexus would have them fitted and add the display between the speedo and rev counter. Has anyone had this installed with Lexus?
  4. Hi, well I tried to do a search with the VIN number but there are too many websites claiming they can give you xyz information but at a cost so I thought to simply call Lexus in Edgware Road and they confirm that there is a tyre pressure monitoring system in my vehicle but it is only a general one (not specific to which tyre), so I would need to look at all 4 tyres and judge which one might be affected... At least, I do have a basic monitoring system.
  5. Thanks. I was wondering if there was a way to read the air pressure in real time. but I do not have this on my dashboard screen. I would like to think that I have the direct or indirect tyre pressure monitoring system. I am now looking at my VIN number to see if there is any additional information about this...
  6. Hi everyone, I just noticed that I do not appear to have the tyre pressure monitor that I can check and view on screen (Dashboard or main screen). Is it not standard in all GS models for 4th Generation? Just curious...
  7. Fantastic, thank you for sharing this great video. It simply says it all - what a quality and underrated car this is!
  8. This is detailed safety stuffs you just posted. Nice. I must say that if we are going to carry on with all these new safety features and keep on adding whatever we may find in the near future to reach zero fatality, very soon, we are all going to rediscover to what it will be like seating in the back seat of any new intelligent cars - which would guarantee the zero fatality (providing all vehicles are fitted with the same common technology). I would not be surprised if this happens sooner than later, we will be driven from A to B with AI technology - we would just have to say where we want to go and seat in the back only with our seat belts on (of course) - The future could be: own a car that speaks the voice you wish to live with ie New BMW self driven car with the voice of 'J-LO' or Ferrari with the voice of Schumacher or Lexus with the voice of Kylie Minogue? Our grand kids would then want to hear stories about us 'what was it like driving a car before AI took over?'... Driving a vehicle for the cheer pleasure may only be allowed on tracks... This is perhaps a bit too far fetched but a possibility.
  9. It will lead to more automated driving so we will all end up being driven by our cars instead of driving for the cheer pleasure of it... It will progressively get worst in this direction. That is a very good question indeed. I think they would review how to keep collecting money by trying to catch drivers using their mobile phones, or drinking/eating whilst driving... The same would apply when a majority of cars become more and more eco friendly driving in Congestion Charge zone, how will ccLondon be able to continue finance their scheme?
  10. Thanks, it will be annoying though as it will be constantly interfering with your driving. The other issue is that some roads have got the wrong speed limit in my view, ie some roads have a 20mph limit instead of 30mph, but they are straight wide and long and doing 20, feels like you are not driving and everyone does 30mph, so the device would be constantly interfering - it would annoy me for sure. I also think that once this is fitted, there will be no going back and the next stage could be that car insurance would want to know what speed you do when driving ie are you exceeding the speed limit? if so, the insurance could take the liberty to increase your premium insurance... Sad day that would be and it could come...
  11. Hello, I am not sure if this is the right area to post this new topic but could not find a general discussion zone (if it is not created, perhaps one should be made?). I just read this article from BBC News about EU planning to impose clever devices inside cars that will impose limit speed automatically from 2022 (and even if Brexit ever takes place (from current mess) the EU will ask UK to do the same... see this article if you have not seen it: Personally, I do feel quite strongly about this, I know that there intentions may be about saving lives but fitting these devices in any cars from 2022 will mean we will lose control of our driving freedom and pleasure of relating with the car (especially if it is a car with a big engine). This device will be seen as a big brother watching over our shoulders all the time. This will affect the whole motor industry influencing consumers to buy smaller cars, which may sound alright but not if the industry will cease to make them due to poor demand... I would like to think that UK government will say no to this installation of the devices but it is too soon to know and first our Brexit needs sorting for sure.
  12. That is interesting. I never owned any iPhones before, but have you checked in your bluetooth setting from your phone if it is 'enabled' to access your email as well as messages? on my phone I have 4 x options: Call audio / Media Audio / Contact sharing / Message Access... I think you should have something similar with the iPhone.
  13. I don't know to be honest as I simply connect my Android phone (Samsung S7) to the car bluetooth and the emails and texts are automatically retrieved. Your cars should support it as it is 2015 model? What is your phone make and model?
  14. Congrats on your new car! it looks amazing! Glad you are very happy with it. I am loving mine more and more and truly appreciate how special this car truly is. It is also a great feeling to know that it is quite rare on the road so you will feel even more special driving it.
  15. Hi, I thought of sharing this new video from Car Wow by Mat Watson who is giving a fairly good review with the good and bad bits. Personally, I think Lexus have made this model a good car and it looks so different than any other vehicles of this segment. Mat keeps going on about how comfortable the seats are...